Pearl restrained an urge to drop to her knees and kiss the ground. Air travel just didn't agree with children of Poseidon. The high celestial bronze sides of the Argo II reared reassuringly solid at her back as she looked around at a vista of pillars and statues with a whole lot of people of all ages, not just kids, looking warily back at her from a safe distance. Red tiled roofs and white and golden domes crowded the hills behind them. Annabeth had nearly fallen overboard in excitement at her first sight of New Rome. And were those ghosts? Then Tyson pushed his way through a crowd of kids and adults in togas and Pearl braced herself for one of his bone crushing hugs.

"Sister! You are alive – and so am I!"

"Yeah, thank Dad," Pearl wheezed. "We've missed you Big Brother. Did you find Percy?"

"Yes!" Tyson beamed all over his broad, one eyed face. "Percy is alive too. Everybody is alive, that's good."

"It sure is," Pearl agreed. "So where is he?"

Not far away as it turned out with Annabeth wrapped around him. All Pearl could see of her famous big brother was a head of black hair and a pair of arms. Two kids in purple t-shirts and jeans stood by looking embarrassed. Pearl stuck out a hand. "Hi, I'm Percy's sister Pearl van Bruyn."

"Uh, Frank Zhang," the boy answered taking it. "And this is Hazel Levesque. We're Percy's friends."

"So he did alright here. We were a little worried."

"He did great," Hazel Levesque answered. "He saved Rome. We've made him praetor -" she broke off suddenly uncertain.

Pearl understood; that had been Jason's job - awkward. Annabeth and Percy finally surfaced for air.

"Guess you remember me, Seaweed Brain," she grinned.

"Like I could forget, Wise Girl!" he answered. Pearl took a long look at her famous brother. Wow, he really did look like her.

"Percy," Tyson said, "Percy, say hello to our sister."

"Huh?" So, not the sharpest pencil in the box just like Annabeth had said. "We don't have a sister?" his tone made it a question then he saw Pearl and apparently the resemblance struck him speechless.

"Actually you have three," she told him.

"They are pretty," Tyson put in proudly.

"Thanks, Big Brother. And you've got two more brothers as well."

"They are strong," said Tyson.

Percy looked like somebody had socked him in the stomach; stunned and breathless.

"Dad said he told you about us," said Pearl.

"He – he did. I thought he was joking," Percy managed.

"He wasn't."