This is my first ever fanfiction, so I'm gonna start with the character review if you think this is gonna be a good story.

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Character Profiles

Darren Shan-is twelve years old, has black hair, mood changing eyes, Steve's best friend, can somehow control and talk animals and sometimes people, dubbed ''Pup'' by Steve and people you''ll meet later in the story, and can control shadows at will, has piercings Steve dared him to get some when they were ten

Steve Leonard(Leopard)-is twelve years old, has blond hair, blue eyes, Darren's best friend, doesn't have any powers(except for making people mad at him), dubbed''Kitten''by Darren, got piercings willingly

Larten Crepsley-three hundred and something year old vampire, has a crop of orange hair on his head, green eyes, Gavner's best friend, Seba's former assistant, no powers

Gavner Purl-three hundred and something year old vampire, brown hair, dark brown eyes,Larten's best friend

Seba Nile-five hundred and something year old vampire, white hair(duh, he's old), kind blue eyes, Larten's former mentor, is always the voice of reason when there's a fight going on,

Charlie Walls-new vampire in the mountain, blond hair, brown eyes, is kind of on the always speaking his mind side(especially when Mika's invoved)

Arra Sails-two hundred and something(I think)year old vampiress, brown hair, sharp brown eyes, doesn't take kindly to people who are always saying girls aren't fighters(I totally agree)

Paris Skyle-oldest vampire in Vampire mountain, one of the four Vampire Princes, appears old and frail but can sill kick major ass, white hair(duh), kind blue eyes, accepts to take Darren and Steve in until they get better

Arrow(don't know his last name)-bald, sharp blue eyes, has arrows tattooed on his body, is feared by even the toughest vampaneze, appears mean but is really nice, has a soft spot for kids, one of the four Vampire Princes

Mika Ver Leth-has black hair, cold black and beady eyes, one of the four Vampire Princes, doesn't like kids at all, isn't liked by many vampires in the Mountain

Vancha March-has green hair, brown eyes,one of the four Vampire Princes, wears animal hides, smells like he hasn't ever had a decent bath before, Larten's friend, loves to tease people

And many others will be shown later in the story

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