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Miles away, in Little Hangleton, Lucius Malfoy had just finished telling his master what Harry had said when a bright flash filled the room and 16 people fell into the large hall. Just as everyone regained their bearings, they heard a retching noise and turned to find a pale and shaking Harry Potter loosing the contents of his stomach, concerned Draco and Sirius stepped forward to help him but were beaten to it by a handsome man, looking no older than 25 who had dark brown – almost black – hair and deep blue eyes. None of the company from Grimmauld place recognised him except for Ginevra Weasley who let out a strangled gasp. When everyone turned to look at her she merely shook her head and continued to look at Harry.

The mysterious man was holding a potions vial in his hand, he gave the vial to Harry who downed it without hesitation then gave a sigh of relief when his shivers and retching stopped and colour returned to his cheeks, "God I hate portkeys. Stupid Dumbledore."

"Harry, how many times have I told you to either apparate or floo here?" Harry's answer was cut off with a slap to his head.

"Ouch! What was that for Tom?"

"You let your guard down the second you landed Harry; you didn't even check your surroundings. God, Harry! If I was Dumbledore you'd be dead by now idiot."

"Yes, well you're not Dumbledore are you so hush. You know if I hadn't perceived that we were safe I wouldn't have let my guard down, I think I can tell the difference between your magical signature and Old The-Greater-Good-My-Arse's don't you?"

"HARRY JAMES POTTER! Language!" Molly Weasley admonished.

Harry and Tom jumped looking at the others as if previously unaware of their presence, "Sorry, Molly." Harry mumbled accepting Toms hand up.

Molly's outburst seemed to shock the others out of their stunned astonishment and everyone began to talk at once. Only Harry raising his hand startled them into silence. Harry opened his mouth, about to speak but was interrupted by a female voice crying out, "Crucio!"

The air was split a second later by the hoarse cries of Sirius, who had stepped out into the curse thoughtlessly in order to protect the curses actual intended victim, Severus.

"PROTEGO!" Harry and Severus cried out simultaneously before Severus fell to his knees in front of the still twitching form of Sirius, and began muttering harshly at him as his trembling hands produced a potion from the inside of his robes.

"Foolish Mutt! Whatever in the name of Merlin possessed you to step in front of the curse that, I might remind you, I have taken countless times in the past with little to no harmful affects upon my person?"

"Couldn't… Let… You… Get hurt… If I could… Prevent it!" Sirius gasped smiling up at Severus' amazed face.

"Is there something you two haven't been telling me?" Harry asked the both of them whilst watching as Severus fed the potion that would numb the Cruciatus Curse's affects to Sirius.

"'Ry, I'm with Sev, I'm sorry if you don't like it but even though I love you I'm not going to give him up for you!"

"Oh, Siri, I would never ask you to do that, I'm happy for the both of you."

"You are? You mean it?"

Harry smiled at Sirius' insecurity and nodded. Sirius beamed at him then turned to face Severus and pulled his face down to kiss him as if his life depended upon it. When he pulled back Sirius looked smug and Severus appeared to be more than a little dazed.

"As much as I hate to interrupt this moment, Harry would you mind telling me what, exactly, Dumbledore's man is doing in my Headquarters?"

Harry smiled sweetly at Tom, a smile which made every male in the room shiver in fear, and replied, "Only if you tell me why Dumbledore's whore is dirtying your inner circle with her presence. And why was she even allowed to attempt, let along manage, a curse on Severus?"

"What do you mean Dumbledore's whore? Every one of my followers here are loyal to me and only me Harry, except for you dear potions master over there."

"See that is where you're wrong Tom." Everyone gaped at Harry; the group from Grimmauld were staring in confusion, whilst the others in the room wondered at the audacity Harry had to proclaim their Lord wrong at anything.

"Severus may be more loyal to me then he is to you but he is still far more loyal that the woman, and I use the term very, very lightly, that is spreading her skirts for Dumbledore and the rest of the Order every night. I believe Moody, especially enjoys the perks of being on the side of the 'light' doesn't he Bellatrix?"

As there was no response Harry grinned maliciously and turned to one of the masked members instead, "come out and play, Bitchatrix."

Cackling insanely Bellatrix LeStrange stepped calmly to the centre of the room removing her mask as she did so. "Aww, ickle bitty baby Hawee, come to exact revenge for his Godmutt!"

Pain flashed across Harry's face at the mention of Sirius' near-death experience before it became a mask of amusement and politeness, "Don't play with me 'Trixie! I have neither the time nor the patience for your games today!"

"Oops. Is the baby missing his babies?" Bellatrix cooed.

"I told you not to mess with me Whore!" Harry spun back around, a curse on his lips and his eyes flashing when he was interrupted by a children's cry.

Harry paled further and he let out a harsh breath, "Where are they Bellatrix? Please, they are just children; they've done nothing at all they are not even two yet. Please!"

"Bella what have you done to them! What did you do to Raymond, he was the one sent for Teddy, you were not even to go near them!" Tom narrowed his eyes at his once faithful follower. When the only response that gathered was the insane laughter of Bellatrix, Sirius clenched his fists and drew comfort from Sevs hand on his shoulder. The Weasleys all drew in a sharp breath, sickened by what Bella was doing to Harry and Hermione, Molly and Tonks all had tears running down their faces. Remus' lips were curled in a snarl as he saw the pain his pup was going through. Everyone watched astonished as Ginny, with a smirk on her face walked up to Bellatrix and stood next to her, her head tilted proudly as she stared at her 'family' with disdain.

"Ginny, what are you doing with that vile thing, come back over here at once!" Molly begged.

Ginny merely shook her head at her mother and turned to look at Harry, "Don't look at me like that, who do you think stole your 'precious' little brat right from under your nose and handed her to Albus?"

Harry shook his head violently, "No it wasn't you, I trusted you, I told you my secret! Traitor!"

"I would have stolen the other one too, but when I came back you wouldn't even tell me where you had placed him, it wasn't until too late that I discovered that you had placed him with a werewolf of all things! And I am not the traitor you are turning to the Dark Lord, I had thought as much but I wasn't sure until just now. Mother, before you continue squalling at me you should know that Trix and I do so love those after meeting sessions, don't we love?"

Molly turned to her husband disgusted, he wrapped his arm around her and declared, "Ginevra, you are no longer any daughter of mine, you shall no longer be allowed to carry and tarnish the Weasley name any longer. I now declare you Disowned. So I as the head of the Weasley name have declared it, so mote it be!" A flash of light surrounded both Ginny and Arthur before it faded and Arthur closed his eyes in pain.

"Oh, Arthur, I haven't held or cared for the Weasley name for a long time, I am Ginevra Dumbledore and have been since last July." Ginny gasped out in between spouts of laughter.

Bellatrix laughed evilly and, throwing an arm around Ginny's waist, replied to Toms earlier questions, "Me? I have done nothing, Ginny, my husband and his brother however, well those two I just cannot be held accountable for." Her smile widened as she saw the pain in Harry's eyes.

"Aunt Bella! Give me back my children!" Draco's voice resounded strong and clear in the room.

"Certainly Draco. Now come and join me and leave these fools!" Bellatrix made a sharp movement with her wand hand and both Rabastan and Roldolphus stepped monotonously out of the shadows, each holding a squirming child and pressing their wands to the Childs temple.

"Now Draco, join me and you shall receive them back."

Everyone turned to look at Draco, who turned to his father, "Thank you for releasing me from that cursed memory spell." He then glanced about at everyone before finally catching the eyes of Harry. Draco looked into those green eyes filled with so much hope and encouragement and knew that he would have to crush that hope. Sighing, with his eyes reflecting an immense love at Harry he spoke, "Harry, I love you but as much as I want our children I cannot betray you, I am so, so sorry." Draco felt tears trickle down his cheeks as he realised he may have ruined Harry's love for him forever.

Harry drew in a sharp breath as Bellatrix waved her wand once more and the tips of the brothers' wands lit the luminous green of the killing curse even as the first syllable left their lips, "Avada…"

"NO!" Harry yelled as he squeezed his eyes shut. Surprised Bellatrix held up her hands and stared at Harry, who stood there with his fists clenched and his face turned to the floor.

"Mama!" Teddy sobbed throwing his arms towards Harry, who whimpered. Both Sirius and Remus snarled and stepped forward, intent on killing the thing that had hurt their cub/pup so badly.

"Sit little puppies, or I'll finish what I've started!" Bellatrix immediately shouted, Harry sent them both pleading glances and they both stilled completely.

"Look, Bellatrix just… just give my family my children and I'll… I'll make a deal with you alright?"

Bella narrowed her eyes, "What kind of deal?"

Harry yelled over the protests that instantly filled the hall, "Well Dumbledore, wants me yeah? He wants me either within his clutches or dead."

"Of course," Bellatrix nodded suspiciously, "But what has that got to do with anything?"

"Well, you can have me, unarmed and unresisting. But! Only if you give my children to my family and then leave everyone of them alone."

More protests rose above the constant cries of Amy-Rose and Teddy. Tom strode towards Harry, grabbing him by the shoulders and looking deep into his eyes, "Do you have a plan?"


"I cannot just let you…"

"Yes you can, you have to. It's either that or I hold you solely responsible for the deaths of my children as the one stopping me from doing all I can to save them!"

"Damn it Harry. You know I would do anything for you and those kids. I love you. You can't place their deaths on my shoulders. It would destroy me to loose all three of you."

"I won't and you won't have to because you're going to let me do this my way."

Tom closed his eyes as if in pain and when he opened them again he pulled Harry close to him placing a kiss on his forehead he muttered, "Very well. Hang tight, it will just be a little while, a few hours at most and them we'll come get you. I promise. I love you."

Harry laughed at him hollowly, "Don't make promises you cannot keep tom. I love you too, keep them safe for me."

Bellatrix watched with a smirk on her face as Tom backed off and Harry gave him his wand. He then turned to Roldolphus and took Amy-Rose off of him, carrying her to Sirius even as he held her tightly, "Mama's got you baby. I'll be right back and then I'll hold you for the longest time and you will be the best loved baby in the world along with Teddy, bye baby I love you."

Harry took one last look at Amy-Rose in Sirius' arms before turning to Rabastan and taking Teddy from him.

"Mama! Uv oo!" Teddy gurgled as he grabbed onto Harry's robe.

"Oh, honey, Mama Loves you too, promise. Now you're a very big boy and you're going to be good for Daddy aren't you. You're gonna make sure that him and your sister are okay for me whilst I'm gone. Can you do that for Mama?" Harry asked placing a kiss on Teddy's button nose.

"Me big boy!" Teddy giggled.

"That's right." Harry gave a watery chuckle as he handed his son to Tom. Draco was about to protests when Harry ran to him, burying his face in Draco's shoulder sobbing. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry and comforted him, finally bringing Harrys face to his and kissing him so passionately you could hardly tell when one ended and the other began.

"Come on baby potter or you know what'll happen."

Harry sighed and pulled back, resting his forehead on Draco's.

"I can't believe I just got you back and now I'm loosing you all over again." Draco whispered.

"I love you." Was Harry's only reply before he walked over to Bellatrix, "Oh by the way Bella, its Potter-Malfoy so shove it!"

Harry looked like he was about to say more but Bellatrix grabbed his arm and once again cuddled Ginny to her as all of them portkeyed away.

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