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Chapter 1: The Dilemma

Twisting my engagement ring, I try hard not to glare at the love of my life even though he just dropped one hell of a bomb on me.

"I'm sorry, baby; they called earlier while you were at yoga," he apologizes for the fifth time for telling me that his parents, whom I've yet to meet, are showing up at our house for Thanksgiving in three days.

"Edward, I thought you said they were spending the holiday in New York with your sister Rose?"

"Uhh… yeah, about that…umm… yeah, Rose is kinda gonna be here too," he stutters out, while assaulting the shit out of his hair with his hands. A sure sign that my usually self-confidant honey man was feeling self-conscious and was worried I was going to be mad.

"So, not only do we have your parents, my Dad, my brother and his new girlfriend; we also have you sister?" I think about the small turkey that I had already purchased; and try to remember if I still had the receipt, so I can trade it in for a much larger bird. 'Cause we really can't afford to just buy another one—both of us being students with part time jobs, doesn't afford for a lot of extras.

When we first started dating, I asked Edward about his family and he told me his father was a doctor and his mother was a housewife for the most part. I told him about Dad being the Chief of police in our small hometown and how tight the budget was and I was so happy to get the scholarship to U-Dubb, so I could go to college. He told me his family believes that the way to teach their kids responsibility, with money, is to have them make their own way and live on budgets. They pay his tuition and give him a small stipend at the beginning of the semester—equivalent to the price of living a semester in the dorms—and he has to work for everything else.

When we first met two years ago, I would have never had guessed he was a doctor's kid, I remember the ones in Forks were really stuck up and wanted nothing to do with the local kids because they thought they were too good for them. Not Edward, he was just this really cute guy that worked at the campus tutoring center with me. While I was helping those with English, he was handling math and chemistry. We bonded by scoffing at people who bought Starbucks coffee instead of making it at home—a hell of a lot cheaper, and filling a travel mug, or two in Edward's case.

"My brother is going to be here too," he almost whispers.

"Your hippy brother… the one who believes marijuana should be legalized? He's gonna be here… with Dad? The chief of police? This ought to be interesting." I groan.

"Makes for one hell of a party," he jokes back.

"Ok, so umm… wow, I hope they'll all fit in here." I take a quick look around our small apartment.

"We'll need a larger table and some chairs. Mom and Dad are really big on tradition. We always sit at the table for Thanksgiving." He looks at our two chair bistro set and groans; clearly seeing the space concern that I was just thinking about.

"Edward, we can't really afford another table. And even if we could; where would we put it?"

"We can make it work, baby, I promise. If you'll handle the feeding part, I'll handle getting us the table and chairs." Since Edward's cooking is never a good thing, I quickly agree.

"I just want our first official Thanksgiving dinner living together to be perfect. And I really want your family to like me." I pout.

"Don't worry, love, everything is going to be fine. And they will all love you as much as I do… though, hopefully without the whole wanting to see you naked part," he tells me, before kissing me soundly on the lips.

For both our sakes, I hope he is right. I mean, cooking a huge traditional Thanksgiving meal can't be that hard. I know Mom always just bought one from the grocery store because she couldn't cook; and Dad just carried on that tradition, since the one time he'd tried to cook Thanksgiving, we all ended up with food poisoning. But I'm not too bad a cook myself. So, hopefully, no one will end up in the ER. Maybe

Aww, hell! Who can think about cooking when Edward Cullen is kissing the ever 'loving' shit out of them?

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