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Chapter 15: Is It Over Yet?

"Are they?" Edward—my sweet innocent Edward… how he stayed so innocent with his sex crazed siblings around, I have no idea—asks me and I nod in disbelief. The telltale thumping has gotten louder.

"Your sister is defiling my brother on our bed," I tell him not happy about this at all. His brother just defiled our parking lot and now his sister had to do the same to the temple of love that is our bedroom. I'm trying to remember where I hid that illegal taser Dad hooked me up with, because those bitches were on my Egyptian-cotton sheets that I worked damn hard for. Sheets I loved and was now going to have to burn.

"Well, from the grunting and mumbled 'oh, fuck yes' we are hearing, I don't think he minds," Edward shoots back.

"It's that damn wacky weed," Dad slurs.

"Actually, Charlie, most of the time pot dulls the sexual impulses. The drug is meant to mellow one out. It's more likely to make you hungry then horny," Esme tells Dad; and poor Edward's face is now as red as his ears after hearing his Mom say the word horny.

"Who cares about the weed, Daddy, those are my sheets!" I yell, "they ruined my babies!" I think the stress of the day—or the three hundred large I blew on those sheets—were getting to me. Edward grabs me up in his strong manly arms and holds me close. The same manly arms that are gonna whack it in the bathroom 'cause he's not getting any, because we are not sleeping on those sheets—and rather gonna have to share the blow up mattress with Dad tonight. While this calms me some, I'm still upset. I cooked and cleaned my butt off, sacrificed my living room and had my first really big fight with my love muffin for this Thanksgiving dinner… and what do I get in return?

My Dad thinks the Cullens are all weed-loving, horn-dogs. And he also thinks Jasper has something wrong with his head. Carlisle and Esme are probably plotting ways to get some socialite as their daughter-in-law—you know, someone who can throw a party without cowboy-sex in their parking lot and having the master bedroom taken over by loud sexual deviants who are, at this point, yelling 'who owns you bitch?' at each other. Edward, my sweet man, was probably going to go bald after this party, with all the hair pulling he's done. And that would suck because I really love his hair.

Carlisle and my Dad start watching ESPN on loud volume while Edward keeps rocking me. Esme is sitting beside us patting him on the back, saying 'it's going to be ok'. I don't know if she is talking to me, him or herself. Twenty minutes of this later and the thumping has stopped and the rumpled-pair come out adjusting their clothing.

"Hey, I'm uh… going to take Rosie back to her hotel. Thanks for dinner, sis. Happy Thanksgiving everyone." They wave and head out the door. I whimper because I know he's taking his truck. Same truck that I'd planned to start a bonfire in its bed to burn my beautiful sheets. He ruins my favorite thing, so I'll burn his.

"Bella, it's going to be ok. We'll just get a new set of sheets, baby." Edward promises. "Hell, when we pick out the new house we'll buy a whole new bed."

"Sweetheart, trust me, it could have been worse. Carlisle and I came home from a vacation once to find his parents having sex in our pool. I had to have the thing drained and bleached; and even then I couldn't swim in it, so we ended up selling that house and moving. Extreme, I know. But I was just plain traumatized. Then there was Rose's sweet sixteen party, when we found Jasper in the master bedroom watching pornos and pleasuring himself. I did six months in therapy after that one." She sighs. "You'll get used to it, hun, our family loves hard… but they are a horny bunch." I hid my giggle in Edward's shirt.

"Es, hun, I think we should head out, Charlie is sleeping and the kids have had a rough day. Plus, I think we need to plan on opening back up the house. I have this feeling Jasper and Rose will want to be Seattle-based now." She smiles at him.

"Me too, dear." She hugs Edward and me before Carlisle hugs us as well.

"We'll meet up tomorrow to get started on finding a realtor for you kids. I know you're ready to find someplace a little bigger, a guestroom would probably help a lot," Carlisle says, looking with a fond smile at my snoring father. "Happy Thanksgiving, kids." More hugs and they leave.

Edward helps me get Charlie down for the night before we go into our room and stop. It is completely demolished like a sex bomb had gone off in it. He groans and strips my precious sheets from our bed. He runs into the bathroom emerging with some Lysol that he sprays the bed down with, before grabbing the cheap spare sheets out and laying them on the bed. Curled up together in our PJs, he holds me—knowing I am so not in the mood. He starts talking about lists for what we have to have in the new place—and I try to pay attention—but the day has worn me out.

"We survived," he says suddenly.

"What?" I look at him, my foggy brain not picking up on his meaning.

"Our first Thanksgiving as a couple—having family mix and all that... We survived." I laugh and nod.

"That we did, baby."

"Happy Thanksgiving, love."

"Happy Thanksgiving, Edward." I kiss his smexy jawline.

"I think a fireplace is a must," he mutters and I hide a groan. Now, I just hope we can survive finding our first house.

~The End~

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