Chapter 3


"Sam I made a mistake... I need your help with it..." Cole said

"What do you need?" I asked him

Grace Isabele and Joseph joined me in the kitchen

"Umm Hey Joseph lets go play blocks upstairs..." Isabele suggested

"Yay! C'mon!" he said pulling her arms toward his room.

"What the crap did you do?" I asked

"Sam I made a really big mistake!" he cried

"What did you do? Cole were your friends we'll always help you." Grace said

"I don't need help... but Isabele does." he said my face dropped I looked at Grace. She was smiling!

Cole locked eyes with her "Grace this isn't good! Stop smiling..." she kept smiling

"I understand you won't be there all the time for her but-" she started

"Grace this is my last year..." he said her smile dropped within a millisecond

"Cole! How could you do this? She'll be alone!" I yelled

"I'm gonna go find Isabele!" She said and left


I found my son and pregneant bestfriend in the play room. Joseph was teaching her to build a tower I locked eyes with her and tried to smiled... but failed. She looked back at me with sad eyes. I walked over to her and sat down by her.

"Hey." she said

"Isabele why didn't you tell me?" I asked "You know i'll always be there for you... no matter what Cole says."

"Hey Grace?" she asked "would you mind if I stayed here for... a bit."

"No not at all! Do you want Cole's room? We could redecorate it and-" I started

"Grace I want like he left it... if he never vists again... I guess I just want my kid to remember him..." she said and looked down sad.

"It's forever isn't it... You don't want your parents to find out?" I asked she nodded

"I'm twenty six but they don't know..." she trailed off

"Isabele don't worry... Sam and I will protect you..." I said she grinned

"Thanks Grace." she said and grinned

Sam and Cole came in the door... They both looked sad.

"Hey Joseph!" Cole said

"Hi Cole..." he said "Want to play blocks?"

"Sorry kiddo but I have to leave..." he said Isabele's eyes snapped up.

"What?" she asked

"I have to leave. It's too early for me to be a wolf..." he walked over to her she started crying... "bye Isabele." he said and gave her a quick kiss "tell her I said 'hi'"

"Her?" she asked

"Just a feeling..." he said and grinned then left.

We all stared at Isabele two tears escaped from her eyes.

"Um... I'm going to go to bed..." she said

"I'll go with you." I said and followed her down the stairs to Cole's old room.