Dempsey and Makepeace do not belong to me. This story follows on from Truth?

Silent Night?

Harry couldn't help but smile as she sat in her car watching the entrance to one of the most well known shops on Oxford Street. It was three weeks to Christmas and the place had been alive with shoppers most of the day. Now that night had fallen the shops were lit up by fairy lights and decorations and she loved it. She rested her head back against the car seat as Dempsey joined her in the car.


"Nothing. You?"

"Nothing. You know sumthin? I don't think they are going to show." He folded his arms against the cold as Harry rolled her eyes.

"You have been saying that for the last hour."

"And I'm telling ya Princess, I'm right."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah." He nodded, completely certain that the armed robbers the team had been chasing since he middle of November were not going to put in an appearance. Harry yawned. She hated to admit it but she thought he may have a point.

"Spikings wants us to give it another hour."

"And what Spikings wants." Dempsey huffed.

"Oh come on. Spending another hour with me can't be that bad." Harry teased as he rolled his eyes. He knew she was teasing but just sometimes it felt as if their relationship was in a permament state of flux. He knew how he felt about her. He knew how she felt about him but neither had been able to move things along. It frustrated him beyond belief.

"You know something Makepeace?" She turned to him as his eyes bore into her. "I'd like to spend more than an hour with you. And not in a white Renault Clio. I was thinking about your place. Put a tape on and lay in front of the fire. You know?" Harry blushed. She knew. She bit her bottom lip and returned her gaze to the shop opposite her car.


"Yeah, Princess."

"Radio Chas. You were wrong." She opened the car door as he picked up the radio. Dempsey swore under his breath as he threw the radio on the front seat of the car and ran after her. He knew the gang were armed and dangerous but he also knew Harry still felt she had something to prove after her run in with the Thriller Killer. He reached the door of the shop as he realised she had stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh you cannot be serious." Dempsey muttered as he stared past her at the thin man holding the gun on his partner.

"Who are you? A bleeding tennis player?" The man laughed as Dempsey realised he had paraphrased a famous sportsman's catchphrase.

"No, but the point still stands."

"Let us go and I wont shoot your girlfriend."

"I am not his girlfriend." Harry spat as Dempsey felt as if he had been stabbed in the gut. "I'm also a police officer." Harry continued as Dempsey realised what she had said.

"Yeah." Dempsey answered. "You know it ain't just us 'ere. Place is surrounded with armed officers." It was the last thing he heard before Harry screamed and his world turned black.


A/N This is going to be a Christmas fic. Set circa 1984 ish. Please let me know if it is worth contiuing. Follows on from Truth?