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The ice had already began to form on the cars and rooftops as Harry closed her front door. She was exhausted. The team had all returned to the station following her escape. Bobby B finally in the cells awaiting a decision on whether or not he would be extradited to the US. She knew that Spikings was keen to get the man back on American soil rather than have to push him through the UK legal system. Sighing heavily she rested her head against the wooden front door. She closed her eyes as she felt Dempsey wrap his arms around her waist.


"I'm fine." She smiled slightly as she felt him nod against her neck before kissing her.

"Is that right, Sargeant?"

"Yes." She rested her head back against him as she spoke. "Now I'm home."

"God Harry." Dempsey sighed as she turned in his arms. "Bobby B almost killed me a few years ago. When I knew he had you."

"He didn't." She paused. "I'm fine. He didn't really touch me."

"Then why were you shaking? Why have you got a bruise on your face? Your arms?"

"Dempsey." She touched his face as his eyes closed. "I am fine."

"Yeah." He whispered as he kissed her gently. "Yeah. I know."


"Chas? You ok?" Dave pulled his denim jacket on as he watched the older detective pour another coffee. Chas nodded as he glanced towards Spikings' office.

"One Hell of a week, Dave." He yawned as Dave nodded.

"They always like this?"

"Who?" Chas knew exactly who the newest member of the team was talking about. He watched as Dave stared at him wide eyed. "Yeah, they've always been a magnet for trouble. Not normally on this scale."


"It's just them." Chas shrugged.

"It's just that bloody Yank." Spikings stated as he walked out of his office. He narrowed his eyes as Chas and Dave smiled slightly. They both knew that both Dempsey and Makepeace were as bad as each other when it came to causing trouble.

"Sir." Chas started in defence of his friend.

"I know, I know." Spikings folded his arms. "That girl doesn't need much help to find trouble. But he is a bloody magnet for it." Chas nodded as he walked towards the door. Spikings shook his head as he watched the two younger men go. It had been a week from Hell and he wasn't keen to repeat it. The only saving grace as far as he was concerned was that he had been able to avoid telling Harry's father that she was in hospital or worse. He stepped back into his office as the phone on his desk began springing into life. Chas paused in the doorway as he watched his boss sit at his desk.

"Goodnight Chas." He waved as Chas raised a hand.

"Sir. Merry Christmas."

Spikings nodded and smiled as he glanced at the character. He had a feeling now his team were all in one piece and accounted for it would be a much better Christmas than he had expected. He turned his attention back to the phone call as his teenage daughter repeated what he had just missed. He smiled as he listened to her. For once he thought it was going to be a good Christmas in the Spikings household, he just wished the same for his team.


Harry lay on her side staring out of the bedroom window as the stars lit up the night sky. She was glad she had kept the curtains open as she tried to fight the sleep she knew was about to claim her. A warm arm rested across her abdomen as if to anchor her to the hear and now.

"Hey." Dempsey kissed her shoulder as she sighed. "You ok, Princess?"

"Dempsey." She sighed as he started drawing imaginary circles on her bare abdomen.

"You want me to close the curtains?" He moved to sit up as Harry tugged on his hand.

"No." She paused. Dempsey nodded as he laid back down beside her. "I just, I need to see the outside world."

"I get it." He sighed as he pulled her so she laid flush against him. "I get it." Harry sighed as she covered his hand with her own.


"Yeah?" He tried not to yawn.

"Merry Christmas." Harry closed her eyes as she felt him kiss her bare shoulder.

"You know what Princess? I think it might just be."


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