Sorry for the long wait. This is rewritten Prologue. I am still rewriting the rest of the story so some things may not make sense. The changes in this chapter in comparison to the original are: Harry's daughter name is changed from Hikari Potter to Lucy Potter, the ritual is expended on, a bit more background information, extended scenes, a different ending.

Harry Potter – this time we do it right


unplottable location, 2004

Sitting on a couch side by side were two black-haired adults. Both of them looked nervous for what they had planned, but the look of determination was clearly seen in the blue eyes of the woman. The man however still seemed uncertain. The reason for their nervousness was in front of them. Carved on the ground in front of the couch was a array of runes that would be necessary to start a dangerous ritual.

"Are you sure we are doing the right thing?" The nervous man asked.

The woman was quiet for a moment, losing her look of determination for a second, but that moment past fast and her look of determination returned.

''Harry, We basically have already lost the war, after the International Confederation of Wizards put Great Britain under quarantine, things went downhill fast. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his people already killed off 40% of the muggle population and the rest of them are put in work camps where they slowly are worked to dead.'' She took a long breath and continued her argument ''The wizard population isn't doing much better. If You-Know-Who's people capture you, it will most likely end in with your death or if you are lucky, a Loyalty Oath sworn on your life and magic. There are just not enough people left on our side to fight''

''I know that'' The man now known as Harry replied, ''But what right do we have to change the past? Who says we don't make it worse? We aren't even sure when or where the ritual will bring us.''

''How can we make any worse than how it is now ?'' the woman asked rhetorically, ''According to the book we obtained, if the ritual is done correctly, the casters will replace their past bodies with their current ones and everything that is in contact with us when we change, will go back with us. So we can take Lucy with us. As for when and where, according to the book we need to be specific during the ritual as for what we want to change and magic will transport us to the time when we have the best change to do this as long it is in the time we lived before the ritual is done. ''

''So we will arrive somewhere between 1980 and 2004. I highly doubt we will be able to do much good in the later years so we will probably arrive in the eighties or the early nineties. What do you think?''

''We have no way to counter that wraith so we will probably not arrive between Halloween 1981 and June 1995. And we will probably do more harm than good if we arrive before you defeated him the first time around, they weren't exactly trustful in those days, who knows what they will do with us if we tell them we are time travellers.''

Harry couldn't fault her logic there. Betrayal and deception were common things during the war, it become impossible to completely trust anyone.

''We have to decide now, our supplies are limited and it will only be a matter of time before they find us even with the current wards.''

When he still didn't look completely convinced she continued the argument. If we go back now, we can save so many people, prevent so many people death. We can make sure that my sister isn't placed under the Imperius curse and killed as traitor, we can save your friend Grangers parents from being tortured to death, so that she won't go on some insane revenge driven seaside mission, we can save your godfathers, your godson and all those who gave their live for the war.''

With every name mentioned Harry's uncertainty seemed to disappear and he too got a determined glint in his green eyes.

Seeing her argument were working she continued. '' With our knowledge and skill we can end the war before it ever begins, before Dumbledore ruined the war with his Second Chance Philosophy. But most importantly we can give Lucy a chance at a peaceful future. On the other hand if we decide to stay, nothing will change, things will only get worse. Every day, there is a huge chance that we die. Do you want Lucy to grow up as a orphan in this word?

That last argument did it for Harry.

''you are right, as always'' he admitted ''Living in this world as a orphan will be even worse than my time at the Dursleys.'' He knew without a doubt what would happen if the death eaters ever found out that he had a daughter, some things are worse than dead.

He got up and said, "Get the trunks and check if everything important is packed. I will get Lucy and give her some sleeping draught so that she won't interfere in the ritual by accident.''

The woman nodded in agreement and left the room via the door that leads to the main bedroom. Harry meanwhile entered the room next to it.

When he entered the dark room he walked over to the bed and sat down on the side of it. He took a short moment to look at the young girl who was sleeping in her bed, blissfully unaware what was about to happen.

Harry took out his trusty holy wand from his right wand holster and silently summoned a vile of green looking potion.

He gently shook the young girl, ''Lucy it is time to get up.'' He whispered.

After a couple of moments, the young girl looked up while rubbing her eyes. ''Daddy?''She asked questioningly. ''Is it already time for breakfast?''

Harry chuckled at her question and replied with a smile. ''No, sweetie it isn't time for breakfast yet. Mommy and daddy are going to try something and we need you to drink this before we do it, okay?''

Lucy in her still sleepy state only needed a moment to look at the vile her father held out for her, before deciding to listen and took it and drunk it one gulp.

She shuddered, ''That wasn't yummy, daddy.'' She muttered before letting out a long yawn.

Harry took the vial back before she dropped it and lifted her up from her bed. ''Don't worry about it sweetie, go back to sleep and when you wake up again then we will eat something better.'' He wasn't sure if she had even heard him since her breath had evened out again.

He walked back in the living room, just on time to see the woman shrink several trunks and put them in her pockets.

''You got everything?'' Harry asked.

The woman nodded, ''Clothes, finished potions, books, brooms, your map and invisibility cloak, toys for Lucy and the picture books.'' She summed up. ''How is Lucy?''

''She found the potion 'not yummy''' Harry replied with a slight smile.

The woman couldn't help but smile at her daughters description of the taste of the potion. ''It couldn't be helped.'' She said. ''If she was awake during the ritual and panicked than her she might interfere due her rather strong accidental magic.''

Harry nodded and stood in the middle of the rune array, still holding his daughter in his arms. The woman joined him hugged Harry carefully, so not to hurt the child in-between them.

''Harry, if this fails, and we won't make it, then I want you to know I love you and Lucy more than anything else in this world and I never regret my action in our sixth year.'' She followed this statement by a gentle kiss on Harry's lip.

Harry returned the kiss and when they broke apart, Harry replied. ''I know Daph, and I love you too so much, I don't even know what would have happened if you hadn't approach me that year.''

They broke apart from their hug, but their hand remained connected.

After a moment they nodded to each other that they were ready and began chanting.

'' Patefacio sursum porta of vicis. Accerso nos ut locus qua is totus coepi. locus qua nos can subsisto atrum senior notus ut Voldermort. Qua nos can servo quantus quantus populus ex suus reign ut positus. Patefacio sursum porta of vicis.''

The chant was repeated several times and every time the Runes started glowing more and more until eventually they were glowing gold. They stopped chanting and Harry said. ''It seems it is about time, are you ready to go?''

''I think I am, it will be difficult to see all those that died in the war alive again, but it is for a better future. We know what needs to be done and we will do it and if Fudge or Dumbledore tries to interfere THEN I WILL PERSONALLY ...''

At that point the runes flashed gold, there was a blinding flash and Harry Potter, Daphne Potter and Lucy Potter disappeared.

Great hall, Hogwarts,30th October 1994

The people in the Great Hall were having a quiet breakfast. When there suddenly was a blinding flash that blinded everyone. When the people started to regain their sight they quickly noticed one things; at the Gryffindor table Harry Potter, who was sitting in-between his two best friends suddenly disappeared Of course with all things Harry Potter –related, this got everyone's attention.

Albus Dumbledore was having a good morning . Today was a important day, it was the day that the students of Durmstrangand Beauxbatons would arrive for the start of the Tri-wizard Tournament. A tournament where he could test how strong his little weapon had become.

'If he proves to be too strong. I'll need to find a way to stunt his growth' The old man thought, 'He needs to die at the hand of Tom for the Horcrux in the boys head to be destroyed. After all. It is for the greater good.'

While he was thinking that, the jump happened and Dumbledore along with the rest of the Great Hall was blinded temporally . When he regained his sight, he looked at the Gryffindor thinking that this was some kind of prank from the Weasley -twins. When his gaze swept over the table, he noticed one thing that made him stop looking for the Twins, and that was the gaping hole between Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley, previously occupied by Harry Potter, where half the Gryffindor table was staring at.

Suddenly he heard a scream from the Slytherin table. Everyone turned to watch Tracey Davis as she was staring at the empty seat next to her.

Staff and students didn't have much time to guess what was wrong with the young girl because there was another blinding flash and suddenly the great hall had three more occupants. Standing in between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were a men and a woman holding hands, while the man was holding a small child.

Dumbledore who was already on edge because the disappearing of Harry Potter, had jumped up when he noticed the new additions to the great hall, pulled out his wand and aimed it at the intruders and cried out.'' Halt! Who are you and what are you doing here?''

''I am hurt old man, you don't even recognise two of your students.'' Harry replied in a loud voice.

A/N 2:

The Latin chanting is a literal translation via a online translator so the chance is big that there are some mistakes there. My apologies for that.