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Teachers and Pokétopia

Zoe had read through the contracts and signed them. She had received and filled out her schedule rather quickly since she already knew what she wanted to take and had thought about it years ago as a child.

The dorms were open to be assigned to the students and all students were required to be assigned their dorms when they woke up. All luggage were guaranteed to have reached their rooms by then.

She needed a science, math, English, history, and a choice of a class that would specialize in Pokémon Battling, Coordinating, being a Pokéathlete, etcetera. She had an elective of her choice and there is also the option of a seventh period. There were a few teachers in each category. Apparently most individual teachers taught different levels of the subject they taught. Sometimes a student would have to go to different classes on certain days because of the schedule of the teachers themselves. Somehow, the teachers stay organized with so many classes.

She had finished all her paperwork and turned it in to one of the volunteers. The volunteer took and filed all her paperwork except for her schedule. The volunteer input her schedule into a machine and in a few seconds another paper emerged in its place.

"Please look over your schedule to see if it's correct." The volunteer said.

Zoe skimmed her schedule and nodded.

"Alright, now you can meet your teachers that you'll be with in this school year of Pokétopia Academy." The volunteer student skimmed over her paperwork, "Zoe Taya, correct?"


The volunteer typed a few keys and after looking at the results she asked Zoe to wait where she was. The volunteer returned with a key, two cards, and a map. "Here is your dorm room key and card, Pokétopia Academy Student Discount Card, and the map of your dorm, the female dorm map of course. And don't forget to get your ID which also allows you free admission into Pokétopia and allows the usage of the Pokétopia Academy Student Discount Card."

"Excuse me?" Zoe turned around to face a young man. He had red shoulder length hair and his dark onyx eyes stared in a slightly irritated patience at his friend who had suddenly disappeared, but Zoe did not notice. He wore a red hoodie with an orange tint and baggy blue jeans. "I was wondering if you could direct me to Room 420? My name is Leo by the way."

"Zoe Taya. I was just heading there myself."

Using the map they were each provided with they walked up the stairs of a building and in the hall they quickly spotted Room 420.

They opened the door only to flinch back as they did so.


"Kimmy..." Leo whispered under his breath.

The large classroom was neatly organized with five rows of desks and chairs; seven in each row. A large white board covered the wall in front of the desks. A projector in the opposite wall connected to a computer was dusted clean. The teacher's desk was located on the far right of the room and sitting next to the desk was the furious teacher. On the desk, hanging in plastic after a proper dry cleaning, was a white kimono with a half black and half white dragon with cherry blossoms on the back.


Leo ran over to Kimmy and clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Sorry, Mr. Yugami, Kimmy here can ask some rather... inane questions in the morning."

The teacher had messy black hair and beady black eyes. He wore casual clothing; a simple blue shirt and cargo shorts. He massaged his temple.

"It's alright." He looked up at the students. "I am Mr. Yugami and I teach Pokémon History. What period do I have you?"


"Same here." Zoe replied.

"I have you first too!" Kimmy exclaimed.

Mr. Yugami groaned. "Same grade?"

"I'm a Sophomore." Zoe said.

"Yup. Same grade." Leo said.

"So..." Mr. Yugami looked at his schedule of his classes, "Regular Pokémon World History?"

The students nodded.

Mr. Yugami opened the first cabinet to his right and reached up to the first drawer and pulled out three large yellow envelopes. "A syllabus for each of you. Return these signed by you on the first day of class. It will cover all we will learn throughout the year, how I grade, etcetera."

They thanked their teacher and left the classroom. They compared their schedules and looked for any other classes they had together. History first period and Advanced Pokémon Biology sixth period were their common classes together.

"I guess we can go to our Biology class and meet our teacher then we can separate?" Zoe proposed.

"Sounds good to me." Leo said.

"Okay!" Kimmy said.

They were walking across the large campus to Room 634.

"You did a good job last night with that battle, Kimmy." Zoe complimented.


On the way to Room 634, they saw two teens. One had dark blue hair and the other was blonde.

"I still can't believe we woke up first," The boy with blue hair said, "I expected Kyou or Tomoyo to wake us up or something."

"There's also filling out all our paperwork before everyone else." The blonde added.

"There it is. Room 634." The blue haired boy stated as he checked the school map. They opened the door.

The woman in the room had long silky blue hair and blue eyes. She wore a black kimono with the yin and yang sign; a white dragon making a half circle on one side and a black dragon making a half circle on the other.

The classroom had rectangular black desks that four students could sit in a row from left to right. There were two rows of four of these desks with chairs. To the sides of the room were sinks. The teacher's desk was beside the white board. Next to the board was a shower and the eye cleaner in case of any chemical accidents.

"Mrs. Yugami?"

"That would be me." The woman responded.

Leo, Kimmy, and Zoe entered the room.

"Five students. Grade?"

"Tenth." They all responded.


"Sixth." They said simultaneously. The two groups looked at each other in the surprising coincidence.

Mrs. Yugami opened a cabinet and took out five yellow envelopes. "Return this paperwork signed and read by the first day of class. You are all in Advanced Pokémon Biology and we will be studying some tools like Potions and a little bit of technology like Poké Balls. We will also cover, of course, the biological structures of Pokémon. That is the basics you should know for now. Any questions?"

Kimmy opened her mouth to ask a question, but Leo quickly slapped his hand gently over her mouth.

"Nah. We're good I guess." Youhei said. As they exited the classroom Youhei suddenly jumped in realization. "You!" He pointed his finger at Kimmy.


"You're that girl who battled that guy last night. That was cool!"

"Thanks!" She sweatdropped but she was still happy.

"Oh, hey did you guys hear about the Double Schedule?" Tomoya asked out of the blue.

"So we have to have two sets of classes?"

"Sort of. We'll have more than six classes depending on what we filled out. For example, I picked the Trainer route and there's battling classes and stuff. People who picked multiple routes will have one hell of a schedule."

"Misae did that didn't she?" Youhei asked.

"Yeah. Our friend, Misae, who is in the college campus, signed up to do studying as a Trainer, Pokéathlete, and Coordinator."

"Damn..." Zoe commented.

"Do you know how this Double Schedule thing will be organized?" Leo asked.

"No, sorry all I know is that it's going to happen to the majority of the students depending on their schedule and what they put on their paperwork. We get it on the first day of our classes and we have time on the weekend to meet those teachers. I heard the most someone ever had at this campus was a Quinto Schedule."

"That means a rotating schedule of five kinds of stuff right?" Kimmy asked.

"Yup. I don't know how someone could handle that though. I recommend getting a good planner or something." Tomoya said. "Maybe a back up in case it gets lost. After I meet all my teachers I'm heading to Pokétopia with Youhei here," He gestured to his blonde friend, "to get a planner or two."

"Oh!" Kimmy raised her hand. "Let's all compare schedules! We're going to be classmates in that class anyway so we should get along."


"Sounds good I guess." Youhei seconded.

The five students compared their schedules. Zoe, Youhei, and Tomoya shared the same English class. Kimmy, Leo, and Tomoya shared the same math class while Kimmy and Youhei shared the same math class.

"Look like we have the same type of Pokémon History class and same teacher. Kimmy, Leo, and I are in his first period." Zoe said.

"He can be a bit grumpy." Leo added.

"I'm heading over to my English teacher. Youhei, Zoe, want to come?"

They nodded.

"We'll head over to our math teacher then. Let's go, Kimmy."

"See ya around!" Kimmy exclaimed before following Leo.

It was the late afternoon and Misae, Nagisa, Yu, and Yusuke rested at an umbrella shaded table waiting for their order of pizza. Skitty was asleep in Misae's lap. They were in the bustling section of Pokétopia, Main Street City.

Main Street City was always filled with crowds of people from tourists buying souvenirs from one of the many shops to Trainers looking for a battle and trying to find the arenas for it. The 'street' was a large and urban area filled with many Pokémon floats and balloons. The Main Street Colosseum was easily highlighted by the enormous Pachirisu, the Colosseum Leader's favorite Pokémon, which always accompanied the large arena.

Nagisa had woken up earlier than most of her friends and wanted to explore her options at Pokétopia first before filling out her paperwork to study at the academy. Misae decided to go with Nagisa after she told her she would go to Pokétopia first to decide other courses of study and would finish her paperwork later. After they returned she planned to finish her paperwork and decide if she wanted to do all three of her choices, drop one or two, or add more to her studies. Yu had been told by Yukine earlier in the morning that she would look through her paperwork first and could go with Nagisa and Misae if he wanted to. Kouko was weighing her options of either becoming a student or work for the academy in some way since her letter gave her the choice. She decided to talk to Dean Jack to help her decide. Since Yusuke could not join her he decided to go to Pokétopia to weigh his options and joined Misae, Yu, and Nagisa on the way.

Yusuke suddenly started chuckling to himself.

His friends noticed his strange behavior and Misae spoke up, "What's up, Yusuke?"

"I just noticed we were the only ones in our group to get our IDs and Pokétopia passes first and here we are together. Isn't that quite a coincidence?"

Yu gave a small smile, "Heh, I guess."

"After we eat our pizza you guys want to go shopping for our school supplies?" Nagisa asked, "Well... it's not really shopping since our IDs give us this whole week of free school supplies we need. Did anyone bring the list?"

The other three students agreed with Nagisa to get their supplies after their lunch.

"I have the list." Misae said. "I brought it just in case." She unfolded the paper.

"That's a rather large list." Yusuke commented.


The group of four looked for the owner of the voice who was waving his arms at them down by the entrance to the food building.

"It's Youhei and Tomoya." Yusuke identified. Youhei was waving and Tomoya looked up and casually waved a peace sign when the four students noticed them.

Youhei and Tomoya were carrying some bags which were filled with their school needs. "Wait there we're coming to join you guys!" Youhei yelled.

After a few minutes, the pair arrived and greeted their friends. "I see you two already got your school supplies. I'm pretty surprised. Especially at you, Youhei." Misae commented.

"Tha- Hey!" The group laughed and Youhei stood up straight to try to look responsible. "Well, we used a lot of our money getting our stuff we need for the academy."

"Really?" Tomoya looked at his friend in surprise. "I got this for free. For this week we have free school supplies as long as we show our proof as a Pokétopia Academy student."

"What?" The blonde boy's mouth was gaping in surprise.

"You never knew that, Youhei?" Nagisa asked looking a little concerned.

"Ahem, well..."

"Wow..." Yu said.

"Of course..." Misae facepalmed.

"You kept all your receipts right?" Tomoya asked.

"Um..." Youhei fumbled through his pockets and pulled out four receipts. Tomoya pulled out four of his receipts. "Yeah."

"Okay since we went to the same places we'll just go back and see if we can get your money back."

"I'll help you out after we eat." Yusuke said.

"Me too." Nagisa chimed.

"I'll help." Yu volunteered.

"Alright." Misae accepted.

Youhei was comically on the verge of tears, "Thanks everyone..."

Tomoya hit the back of the blonde's head, "Hey, we're going to eat too. Come on. We went all over the place and we're going back again."

After about ten minutes, Youhei and Tomoya returned with a large order of fries, a small cup of ketchup, and a corn dog on their trays. Misae, Yu, and Yusuke's king sized pizza had finally arrived. They finished their meals while a chatting a bit. Misae, Yu, Yusuke, and Nagisa commented on how their lunch was worth the wait and Youhei and Tomoya complimented the food they ate as well. After discussing their food they went to discussing their plan.

Tomoya spread his map of Pokétopia on a large and clear table. His friends gathered around him. "Okay, so we went to Courtyard Castle, Crystal Caves, Magma Island Beach Port, and here at Main Street City." He said as he pointed to each area they went to. "There are five of us and four locations. I'm going to run back to my dorm room and drop my stuff off. The boat ride doesn't take long and I wanted to get a few more stuff at Magma Island Beach Port anyway, so I'll head over there."

"I'll go to the store here at Main Street." Nagisa volunteered.

"Can I go with you, Sis?" Yu asked.


"Okay, Group One. Here's the bag and receipt." Tomoya said as he gave the items.

"I wanted to check out Courtyard Castle." Misae said.

Skitty mewed.

"Group Two." He handed her the bag and receipt.

"Then I suppose that means I'll go to Crystal Caves." Yusuke said.

"I'll go there too." Youhei said. "I think I'll get a few more things there. Are you okay with going alone, Tomoya?"

"It's fine I'm making a trip back to the dorm rooms anyway." He said as he handed the receipt and bag to Yusuke and Youhei. "Alright, where should we meet back and rest?"

"Sunny Park?" Yu suggested. "Or maybe Sunset Sights? In front of the Colosseum?"

"The sun should be about to set by the approximate time we should be done. I don't have a problem with it."

"That sounds nice." Nagisa said.

"Alright." Misae shrugged.

"I like the sunset." Yusuke commented.

"Sure." Youhei said.

"Okay! Break!" Tomoya exclaimed and clapped once after he said break.

"This isn't football."

"Shut up."

"Let's see..." Nagisa murmured. "Main Street Master Store? That's convenient, a store with all the items you can buy in Main Street items available in one place."

"It's over there, Sis." Yu announced. He was pointing a one mile radius building seven stories high. "It's huge. Do we have to go to the exact counter Youhei bought the stuff?"

Nagisa sighed, "Yeah it says so on the back of the receipt..." she smiled. "Don't worry we can find it. The receipt even says where it is. Floor Three... Section Twelve Counter Three?"

"Let's try to find it."

The Dango-loving girl nodded.

The third floor was full of tourists, Trainers, Coordinators, and the likes. Shelves were constantly emptied and refilled.

But there was one question going on through Nagisa and Yu's head, 'Where is Section Twelve?'

"It's not labeled?"

"It might be that way so refunds will be hard to do." Nagisa guessed.

"Attention shoppers! Guests!" An elderly woman was standing on a platform with a megaphone. "We have a special event for those without a Pokémon! You'll be using Rental Pokémon and a list of their moves will be given to you! The prize will be 100,000 Poké each! That's right! A double battle! But not just any type of battle! A Pokémon contest battle! A double contest battle! This event is sponsored by the Main Street Colosseum Leader herself, Taylor Dextrine!"

"Since we won't be finding Section Twelve for awhile can we enter, Sis? There are not a lot of people doing it."

Nagisa nodded, "Sure, there are only five other pairs signing up now anyway."

After signing up, Nagisa and Yu were given their rental Pokémon and have a few hours to test their abilities. Luckily, Nagisa asked where Section Twelve Counter Three was and after waiting in line the duo retrieved Youhei's money.

"Let's get our own school supplies now and we can test out our abilities as Coordinators after." Yu suggested.

"Sounds good!"

They had until seven at night to prepare and head over to Main Street Colosseum.

"Courtyard Castle is really nice, huh?"


Courtyard Castle had the appearance of a haunted castle, yet still friendly looking to kids, but still creepy. Several arenas located outside the castle and like every Colosseum housing area, several battlefields were used especially for the uses of the Courtyard Colosseum, the main Colosseum was located in the main courtyard of the castle and, of course, the main Colosseum is very open and clear to the public.

"Okay, so the place Youhei got his stuff is located outside the castle. It's called Shieldon Shops." Misae looked at her map and pointed to the small label, "There it is!" Misae walked into the shop. She checked the receipt. "Rock Tomb Counter Seven."

"Alright! Alright! Counter Seven is closed! No more refunds to get your free stuff! If you stupid students can't pay attention to whatever instructions you were given then too bad!" An angry man bellowed. "Beat me in my special Pokémon challenge game and I'll do it!" The man had long and dark hair, a refined mustache, and impatient eyes.

Groans and moans of disappointment of students filled the room. Some kids were crying, either scared or because of what the man said. Other students were angry and shouting, but could do nothing. No one had the guts to challenge the angry cashier at his own game; some of them did not have a Pokémon.



"We'll challenge you! Right, Skitty!"


"Alright. I win and I give you the money for your refund you want and get your free stuff because you're a student and didn't have to pay. That is what you came for, right?"

Misae sweatdropped, "Er- uh... yeah..." she shook her head and her determined face came back. "Yeah, so what?"

"So, you agree? What's your end of the deal for winning? You lose and you give me the amount of money for what your refund would be. And if you win? Refund, am I correct?"

"Not only that. A refund for everyone here!" The students around her cheered and clapped.

"Okay. I'll change my terms a bit. I win and not only do you pay me the money for what your refund would be, but you pay me for everyone here as well. You win and I'll give everyone their refund and I'll even throw in an extra 50,000 Poké for you as a cash prize. Deal?" He held his hand out. He was very confident in winning.

Misae approached him and shook his hand. "Deal."

"So, this is how it's going to work, it will be a Pokéathlon, Contest, and battle all in one. We will have one Pokémon as our partner and I will pick the Pokéathlon events. We will battle and make our attacks look appealing along the way of the battle. There will be no five minute battle time limit. Three in one. Get it?"


"Stay here I'll make a phone call." The man walked away and a crowd gathered around Misae.

"Who are you, miss?"

"My name is Misae Sagara. And this is my partner, Skitty."


"You're my hero!"

"Please beat him, Miss Sagara!"

"Thank you so much!"

"Thank you!"

"You can do it!"

Misae smiled, "Thank you. I will beat him. I promise!" The crowd cheered and the man came back.

"Aright. Sunset Sights at Sunset Colosseum. Dusty has no battles today and has allowed the use of his Colosseum. Be there at a quarter to six."

Misae nodded and the man walked away.

The crowd of students gathered around her again and praised her. They all guaranteed that each one of them would be at Sunset Colosseum at the according time to cheer her on.

She made a promise and there is no going back on a promise.

"Come, Skitty. We should go train. We don't really know what I got us into…"

"Nya!" Skitty nodded.

'We've never been in a Pokéathlon, Contest, or a Pokémon battle. But we've watched all of them on television. Oh boy...'

Tomoya was waiting in a long line and his phone started to ring. "Hello? Youhei? Yusuke? What's up? Two checks for 30,000 Poké? How did you two get that? Your winnings after a Pokéathlon event with rental Pokémon and Yusuke filled in for a sick electrician and did a really good job so much that they're sending him an application for a part-time job? Yeah, sorry I'm repeating you, but this is just amazing. Yeah, I'm in line I'll be done soon. Alright. Bye."

The group the group of seven met in front of the Sunset Colosseum. All of Youhei's money had been returned and he was thanking everyone. Nagisa, Yu, and Misae explained their situations.

"Where will your tag team Contest battle be?" Misae asked.

"Seven tonight." Nagisa answered.

"Did you two work on some Contest techniques for battle and appeal?"


"It's almost a quarter to six, Misae." Youhei said.

Skitty looked up to his caretaker as she took a deep breath. She picked him up and made eye contact. "Alright. Let's do this, Katsuki-" She stopped suddenly as her eyes grew wide.

"Is that your name for him?"

"Well... I-" She paused. 'That was strange. What made me say Katsuki? He's-'

"Nyaa!" Skitty purred. He seemed pleased with the name Misae called him.

"Do you want to be called Katsuki from now on?"

Skitty nodded and purred.

"Okay then, Katsuki, let's do this!"

The group stepped into the Colosseum and the five others wished Misae luck and they sat up in the seats along with the other students who were cheering her on. The Colosseum was set up by some of the Sunset Colosseum trainers. Sunset Colosseum was simple; battles took place on a round platform surrounded by water. There were arch-like structures encircling it, as well as an exquisite view of the sunset if there was a sunset present.

Two sets of hurdles were set up around the Colosseum with some Staraptor flying above the arena. Two machines faced opposite to the entrance of Sunset Colosseum and were loaded with Frisbees. A Machamp held a large white ball and a gold ball beside him in the seats. The area in front of the machines with Frisbees was marked with a drawn square with four sections each section half the size of the one before it. The sections were labeled from top, the largest, to bottom, the smallest, as '1 Point', '2 Points', '4 Points', and '5 Points'. In the very center of the Colosseum was a box that was thirty yards by length and width was drawn with two metal goals on opposite sides of the box; one goal was green and the other was yellow. Three men stood at the Colosseum seats above the entrance with a clipboard and pencil in each other their hands.

The man who issued the challenge to Misae walked up to her, "So, here's how it's going to go down, in order we will have a Hurdle Dash, Goal Roll, Disk Catch, Pennant Capture, Relay Run, and a battle. Normally, Pokéathlon events have three Pokémon partners, but for this we will only use one.

"In the Hurdle Dash we will, of course, jump hurdles, but our Pokémon will jump the hurdles as run beside them. If a hurdle is knocked over by the Pokémon then that will affect the overall score of that event. After the Hurdle Dash the Staraptor will take the hurdles away.

"In the Goal Roll the Machamp will toss the large white ball in the center of the Colosseum and our Pokémon will basically play a game of soccer and try to score a goal. If the Pokémon hits the ball in the opponent's goal the scorer gains a point and the opponent will lose a point and vice versa. You will lose a point if you score in your own goal. The golden ball is worth two points and will be carried away after the goal is scored and can be thrown in at any time during the game. After a goal, whoever's goal is scored in will push the ball in the center of the field.

"The Disk Catch is pretty simple by its looks. Our Pokémon will catch saucers launched by the machines. Whichever section they catch the saucer in will determine their number of points. If one the Pokémon pushes the other out of the box then the pushed Pokémon receives a five second removal from the game. Also, when we start the Disk Catch the platform will rise up in the air a few feet.

"In the Pennant Capture the platform will lower and flags will be scattered around the Colosseum. We will stand on opposite sides of the Colosseum and our Pokémon will deliver to us the flags they have collected. They may attack each other, but this time only by their own command. When attacked, the opposing Pokémon can take the other's flags if dropped.

"In the Relay Run we will run with our Pokémon for three laps around this Colosseum. There will be obstacles and there will be a ten minute break before the Run.

"Finally we will have a battle. Keep in mind that attacking is allowed on all events except the Hurdle Dash. The judges will grade us on how we execute each event and how appealing the attacks are for the last round. For the events that usually have multiple rounds they will have only one round. Got it?

"Wow that's a lot to remember..." Nagisa groaned as she held her head.

"Yeah, you know this stuff don't you, Youhei?" Tomoya asked.

"Yes, but the rules were a bit altered to fit the challenge." Youhei responded.

"Go Misae!" A random student yelled.

"Kick his butt!" Another shouted.

"Are you two ready?" A judge asked.

"Yes." The two competitors answered.

"Show your Pokémon."


"Nya!" The Skitty stepped in front of Misae.

"Come out, Treecko."

The green Pokémon jumped up on the man's shoulder and jumped down to the ground to meet his opponent, Katsuki.

"Misae and Ricky take your positions with your Pokémon by the Sunset Colosseum entrance." The two competitors stood at their respective starting lines. "This competition will have no breaks except for the ten minute break before the Relay Run."






The Colosseum was silent with tension.


Misae and Ricky tensed as did their Pokémon as they held their ready stance to run.


The two Pokémon dashed forward and their owners ran beside them as the two Pokémon jumped over hurdles.

Katsuki was ahead of Treecko, but he knocked a hurdle over causing him to decelerate and allowing Treecko to pass. Katsuki fell to the ground, but he rolled over and continued running.

"You okay, Katsuki?" Misae asked in concern as she ran with her Pokémon.

Katsuki nodded and continued to jump over hurdles and try to catch up to Treecko.

In front of the two competing Pokémon were very large hurdles. Treecko leapt and just barely made it over. Katsuki did the same and almost had a nasty fall, but he quickly recovered in the air.

Two Staraptor dropped two particularly large hurdles in front of the Skitty and Treecko.

"Jump now, Katsuki!"

He acted immediately and barely made it over the ridiculous hurdle. Ricky and Treecko were taken by surprise and the Wood Gecko Pokémon ran straight into the hurdle, tripped over it, and fell face first into the dirt.

Oh's and Ouch's came from the judges and spectators.

"Are you alright, Treecko?" A worried Ricky asked.

Treecko nodded and dashed to try to catch up with Katsuki.

He caught up and they were head and head the spectators were at the edge of their seats, Misae and Ricky ran closer by the Pokémon, and just when everyone could see the results, a camera flash exploded and a Staraptor flapped his wings and blew the two Pokémon over to the Goal Roll box with a Gust. Misae and Ricky ran over to the box.

A judge called out, "Katsuki the Skitty's goal is Green and Treecko's goal is yellow. The Pokémon are now allowed to attack."

A white ball was tossed on the field by the Machamp and Misae started in a flash, "Katsuki, Fake Out!" The Kitten Pokémon lunged at the Grass-type and he flinched as he was knocked in the air. "Follow it up with a Doubleslap to hit him back further!"

"Try a Bullet Seed, Treecko!" Ricky called.

Treecko could not respond fast enough as Katsuki slapped him with his tail. The Normal-type gave a final swat of his tail and sent the Wood Gecko Pokémon down to the ground. As he landed, Katsuki used Shadow Ball on the large white ball and ran up to the ball to give one final push into Treecko's goal. A buzzer resonated on Treecko's side as the goal was scored. Ricky rolled the ball back into the center of the field and Treecko ran up to have a stare down with Katsuki.

Ricky left the field and the game started immediately. Treecko tried to knock Katsuki over with a whip of his tail, but Katsuki blocked it with his own. Tails still together, Treecko used that force to hop up and kick the ball towards Katsuki's goal.
"Hit that Skitty away with a Bullet Seed, Treecko!" Ricky commanded.

Treecko kicked the ball forward and turned around to exhale a quick Bullet Seed. An assault of small glowing orbs left Treecko's mouth and Katsuki tried to dodge it, but his reaction was too late. The attack hit him straight in the head and stunned him for a few seconds. Treecko was a few feet away from scoring the goal.

Misae reacted right away, "Shadow Ball!"

The Skitty fired a dark ball of energy at Treecko and it was angled just right to knock the Grass-type off course and leave the ball open. Katsuki stole the ball and proceeded to the opposite side of the field. Treecko picked himself up and fired another round of Bullet Seed. The Kitten Pokémon acted on his reflex and dove to the side. The Bullet Seed missed Katsuki, but pushed the ball towards Treecko's goal.

Ricky's eyes widened and he tried thinking of a counter as Katsuki ran towards the ball. "Bullet Seed! Lock onto that Skitty!" Katsuki ran away from the assault and ran towards the ball. "Sto-" It was too late, Treecko had accidentally scored in his own goal. A buzzer sounded on Treecko's goal once again.

Ricky rolled the ball into the center once again and left the field quickly.

Katsuki jumped at the ball, but Treecko knocked him away with his tail. Charging a brilliant green ball in his tiny hands, he threw it at the Skitty, but a Shadow Ball countered the Energy Ball and caused a small explosion. Katsuki then dove into the cloud of dust and knocked Treecko aside aggressively and stole the ball away. The Kitten Pokémon slapped the ball towards the opposite goal and tackled the Wood Gecko Pokémon as he got up. The Normal-type ran towards the ball and gave a push. The ball almost scored a goal, but no buzzer sounded. The ball was still game. Treecko was running toward Katsuki.

Suddenly, a golden ball landed on the field. Treecko stopped running. Everyone in the Colosseum was silent. The golden ball had landed.

"Push the white ball in the goal, Katsuki, and then go after the golden one!" Misae called. Katsuki kicked the ball in the goal with his hind legs and a buzzer sounded off. "Shadow Ball!"

"Treecko, use Slam and Quick Attack on the golden ball!"

Treecko used his tail to hit the gold ball and dashed forward with a Quick Attack. The Shadow Ball Katsuki had fired crashed into Treecko.

The impact of the Shadow Ball pushed Treecko forward, hitting the ball, and scored in Katsuki's goal. The buzzer went off.

Misae sweatdropped, "Oops..." she muttered.

Youhei facepalmed. The other spectators stared in confusion.

The Colosseum was silent and motionless in awkwardness.

The Staraptor picked up the golden ball and Misae rolled the ball in the center.

Ricky coughed, "Okay… works for me I guess…"

Katsuki moved first, but Treecko knocked him aside with an Energy Ball. Treecko proceeded with a Quick Attack and Bullet Seed on the ball scoring a quick goal.

Katsuki was exhausted. Treecko was panting, but could still keep on moving.

'I'll have to rely on distance and defense for now.' Misae thought as she rolled the ball to the center of the field.

"Katsuki, we're going to keep our distance and rely on defense for now." Misae called.

Katsuki nodded.

"This is going to be difficult." Youhei observed. "This event is pretty physical. Keeping distance will be hard. They're both exhausted though. This will be the last round of the Goal Roll even if the time limit doesn't run out."

"Quick Attack!" Ricky ordered.

"Protect!" Misae countered. Treecko dashed forward, but collided with the shield. "Doubleslap!" Treecko was slapped by Katsuki's tail.

"Energy Ball!"

"Sucker Punch!" Katsuki evaded the Energy Ball as he jumped in the air and slashed at the Grass-type with his claws powered by Dark-type energy. "Now push yourself away using your tail!" The Kitten Pokémon used his tail and pushed himself away. Treecko landed roughly, but stood up.

"Quick Attack!"

"Shadow Ball!"

Treecko dodged the attack and continued onward to Katsuki.

"We only have one chance, Katsuki, Double-edge!"

Katsuki took on a bright white aura and tackled Treecko with pure force. As planned, the Wood Gecko Pokémon flew back and hit the ball which caused the ball to score in the goal. The buzzer sounded.

"Time!" A judge announced.

Two Staraptor took a hold of Treecko and Katsuki and dropped them off to their next area and event, the Disk Catch. Once Misae and Ricky arrived the machines launched the saucers.

"To your left, Treecko!" Ricky called.

Treecko looked over to his left and jumped for the incoming disk.

"Intercept it!" Misae commanded.

Katsuki ran and jumped to the disk as quick as he could.

"Gotcha! Knock him out of the arena with a Pound."


Treecko batted his tail and smacked Katsuki midair and out of the arena. Right as the Normal-type hit the ground the sides of the Disk Catch field lit up with a penalizing red and a loud buzzer signifying the five second penalty. Treecko quickly took advantage of the penalty and used Quick Attack to catch as many disks as he could in Section Five.

The light died and the five seconds were up. Katsuki jumped right back into the field with a Shadow Ball launched straight into an off guard Grass-type. He tackled Treecko out of the way and stole a few disks that were launched.

"Bullet Seed!"

"Jump now!" The Kitten Pokémon reacted straight away. "Turn your head right and catch that disk!" He turned his head and caught the saucer in his mouth and tossed it into his disk catching pile.

The Bullet Seed assault continued and hit a few disks off course. Ricky reacted to this, "Energy Ball and catch those saucers with Quick Attack!"

Treecko jumped and threw an Energy Ball right into Katsuki. The Wood Gecko Pokémon used Quick Attack towards Katsuki and jumped off of him and caught seven disks.

A buzzer and a green light signified the end of the Disk Catch and the field lowered and the machines lowered down into the ground. Several boulders rose up suddenly and the Staraptor dropped off some flags.

The Pennant Capture had begun.

"They can only advise their Pokémon for this round, but no attacking commands can be given." Youhei informed.

Katsuki fired a Shadow Ball at Treecko to knock him away. The Kitten Pokémon dashed away to collect flags. The Treecko got up and used Quick Attack to catch up.

Katsuki gathered three flags and headed towards Misae to give her the flags. Treecko hit him with a Bullet Seed. A flag escaped Katsuki mouth and Treecko swiped it away then proceeded to search for more flags in the area.

Katsuki rolled over and gave the two flags to Misae before running back to retrieve more flags. Treecko had given Ricky four flags.

The two Pokémon were exhausted and took a few seconds to rest before glaring at each other in the mutual spirit of competition before running off.

Treecko retrieved five flags and ran towards Ricky, but his feline opponent tackled him and he fell dropping a few flags. Katsuki took the flags and ran to Misae. A flag was dropped very conveniently in front of Katsuki and as he went to get it he was hit by a barrage of Bullet Seed and a rough hit from a Slam attack. Treecko took the flag and handed the rest in his possession to Ricky. All the flags were cleared from the field and only one dropped from the skies. The last flag.

Treecko ran towards the flag, but Katsuki blew a gust of chilled air.

"Did- did you just learn a new move?" Misae asked in awe.

"Icy Wind..." Ricky muttered.

"It's up to you, Katsuki!"

Katsuki blew another gust of chilly wind, Icy Wind, at Treecko and the Wood Gecko Pokémon slowed down. Katsuki took advantage of the slowing movement and ran past Treecko and snatched the flag away.

Treecko scattered colorful leaves which headed straight for Katsuki. The Normal-type ducked, but the curious leaves just circled around him and went down for another strike. Katsuki used Protect at the last second, defending him against Treecko's Magical Leaf. The leaves struck the green barrier and dissipated.

Treecko used one last attempt with a Quick Attack. The Grass-type's tail was also glowing. He was attempting to strike with a Quick Attack and strike with an Iron Tail for a knockout.

Acting on his instincts, Katsuki's claw charged with Dark-type energy. The Normal-type turned around and slashed the incoming attacker. Treecko skidded back about sixteen feet before coming to a halt.

Katsuki turned the last flag in to Misae and the judges blew their whistles alerting the ten minute break. Misae's supporters came running down to see her.

"Good job, Katsuki." Misae commended as she pet the exhausted and battered Katsuki, "You put up an incredible effort out there. Rest up. We'll get you some water and food immediately."

"Here you go!" A little girl was holding out two bowls and was filling one with water. The boy beside her was filling the other bowl with Pokémon food.

"Thank you very much!" Misae bowed in gratitude.

"No problem, Miss Sagara!" The boy exclaimed as he gave a mock salute.

Misae placed the two bowls in front of Katsuki who immediately got up and drained the water bowl before devouring the food in the other bowl. The little girl giggled and refilled the water bowl.

Misae and, of course, Katsuki received many compliments and words of encouragement.

"You're almost done. Good luck and keep going strong." Yusuke said.

"You can do this!" Nagisa cheered.

"You should get some rest too, Misae," Youhei advised, "three laps around this place," he gestured to the Sunset Colosseum arena. The colosseum was quickly undergoing obstacle placement and cleaning for the final two events, "is going to be tough. Heh, I don't think even I could do this!"

Misae nodded and sat down beside Katsuki. She drank a bottle of water and was given a small supper by her supporters from the store.

"Did any of you eat yet?" Misae asked. "I mean I appreciate you all helping me, but-"

"We ate already. While we were watching we were eating too. I guess you didn't notice since you were really concentrating out there." Yu said.

Misae sprayed some Super Potion on Katsuki and gave him a Poffin from one of her supporters. They were both freshened up and ready for the last two challenges.

A whistle sounded, "Spectators, off the arena. Competitors, meet at the starting line!"

With her and Katsuki's supporters wishing her good luck. They walked to the starting line of the Relay Run. Ricky and Treecko looked just as refreshed and ready as they were.

Sunset Colosseum had several obstacles placed going around the main battlefield in the center; some sand, large boulders, and quite possibly a few hidden traps too.

The head judge cleared his throat, "Ahem, these last two events are the Relay Run and Contest Battle. In the run, you must run three laps around and then get straight into the battle. Attacking is allowed during the Run and there are a few hidden traps along the way so be careful. The Contest battle will be graded on how appealing your moves are, by attacking the opponent, countering an attack, anything. When a Pokémon is knocked out, the results will be judged and calculated. Good luck to you both." He sat back down and the referee raised his hand and held his whistle in the other.

"So a knockout doesn't affect the score?" Tomoya wondered aloud.

"Not by much I assume." Yusuke said.


The Colosseum fell dead silent.


The Misae gave Katsuki a reassuring nod. Ricky did the same for Treecko. The spectators were also tense and they held their breath. Nobody moved.

The whistle sounded.

The four participants dashed.

"Okay, Treecko, let's win this race so we'll have time to rest for the battle!" Ricky said confidently, "Quick Attack!"

Misae countered this quickly, "Make it quick, Katsuki, and use Icy Wind!"

Treecko was about ready to speed ahead, but Katsuki blew a quick huff of chilled air at the Wood Gecko Pokémon and lowered his speed. Misae smirked as Ricky gritted his teeth. He needed a different approach to get ahead.

The two pairs ran and avoided many obstacles and several hidden traps. They ran around large boulders, jumped over sand boxes, and narrowly escaped some pitfall traps.

The Pokémon landed and dodged many attacks from each other. The two humans avoided their crossfire as they thought of and shouted their orders to their Pokémon.

It was the final lap.

Despite their exhaustion and injuries the four participants were still at full speed and were neck and neck.

"Icy Wind and keep at it!" The Normal-type exhaled chilled air from his mouth. His Grass-type opponent slowed down and tripped. Ricky was concerned and went back to help his Pokémon get up. "Jump, turn around, and fire a powerful Shadow Ball downwards all in midair!" Katsuki leaped forward and twisted his body around as he charged a powerful and ghostly ball of energy and fired.

Misae increased her running speed as she kept up with her Kitten Pokémon flying through the air from the blast of the Shadow Ball. Meanwhile, Treecko and Ricky were catching up. Ricky ran as fast as he could go to keep up with Treecko using Quick Attack.

"Almost there. Turn around in midair again and fire one more powerful Shadow Ball to your left to change course."

Katsuki flipped upside down and fired a large Shadow Ball downwards to his left. Misae once again increased her running speed and leapt up to catch Katsuki as they flew through the finish line. She caught him and Misae skidded to a stop on the ground after making a fancy landing with a flip in midair. Ricky and Treecko finished right after Misae and Katsuki. Misae put Katsuki down and the four participants ran to the center of the colosseum to do the finale of the event.

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