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They were married for 3 years and now living in New York.

Kurt landed on the fashion industry and currently a fashion magazine E.I.C.

While Blaine is in business industry, taking over his dad's position as the C.E.O.

Things are great in the first 2 years but in the 3rd year of marriage, their relationship starts to change especially when Blaine need to stay in the office most of the time and even when he's at home he was working, Going out of town for business trips leaving his husband alone for a whole week.

Kurt tried to understand, he knows Blaine is trying to prove his self to his dad until now. So that's why he's working so hard like this, but they had talked and promised that both of them should find time for each other despite the busy and toxic schedules. They've been distant to each other and Kurt tried to talk this with Blaine, but he didn't get the chance to. Every time they were just going to cuddle or even chat for a while, his husband's phone start ringing or if that's not the case he'll find him snoring already because of exhaustion.

So that's why Kurt ended in this situation. He was having an affair for half a year now. His name is Brian. Kurt met him in a restaurant where he is the musician and he makes Kurt happy. He didn't want to do this to his husband but can you blame him? If he find another guy because he was taken for granted and neglected.

Kurt's POV

I don't know why I did this. I know this is wrong but I've never been this happy since Blaine changed to a workaholic husband.

"You're going home?" Brian asked me as he nuzzled into my neck.

"I have to. Blaine is always at home now." I told him as I hold his hand and give it a squeeze.

"Well, that's a surprise."

"Yeah, when I look to him he's not the workaholic man that I knew. Something's different". I replied as I remembered what happened a week ago.

7 days ago, Kurt came home around 7. He was surprise when he saw his husband's car. And when he went inside he found Blaine in the kitchen who prepared a romantic dinner for them.

"You're early" Kurt said as he looked around.

"Yeah, I want to surprise you" Blaine replied as he gave Kurt a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I am"

"Can we start?" Blaine asked as he pulled a chair for kurt.

"You know, you don't' have to do this"

"I want to."

(Back to present day)

"I told you, you can leave him already." Brian told me as I get up and looked in to the mirror.

"Bri, we talked about this. Not now" I replied as I faced him again. "Now, I have to go. You take care of yourself." I continued

"See you on Monday." Brian, answered back as he gave me a kiss.

Blaine's POV

I am going home now, and I know it's too early but I just needed to spend time with my husband.

I arrived at home and notice that Kurt was still probably at work. I change clothes then headed downstairs to cook for dinner.

After I finished our dinner, I took a shower. I want to be still good looking infront of my husband. Then I received a text from him.

"Can't make it to dinner, Need to finish and edit a lot of articles." – Kurt

This has been the 3rd time he didn't come home for dinner. I look around the table, noticing that everything is ready but the reason why I made dinner is not coming home.

I lose my appetite because of Kurt cancelling our dinner. I can't blame him I know how his job works.

After clearing the table, I just slumped on the couch waiting for my husband until I fell asleep.

Then I heard the door creaking, most of the time I am a heavy sleeper but I can't sleep if my partner isn't still at home. I look at clock saying it is 2 in the morning. Then he appeared in the doorway.

"You're still awake?" Kurt asked as he stared at me.

"I am waiting for you." I answered.

"I texted you, you don't have to wait for me, you have work tomorrow."

I didn't reply anymore because something strikes inside of me. It looks like he's pushing me away with what he said.

"I'll go upstairs to sleep now." He told me coldly.

"Yeah, I'll stay here for a while."

Then he's gone. Kurt has been cold to me these past months. And I know I am the one who's at fault for his coldness. I admit I've been workaholic and neglected him but I want to make it up to him. That's why I am trying. If I didn't pushed myself too hard this will not happened. I look around the living room, and saw our wedding picture above the fireplace. We looked so happy and satisfied. I remembered that day, I cried while saying our vows and he did also.

Then I looked at us now, it's not us. It's not Kurt and Blaine. As I see it we were just two different people trying to live together. I don't want to think about it but it keeps bugging me. What if Kurt's having an affair because I can't satisfy him anymore? I don't know what I will do if it's right. But I trust him enough, so I need to erase this idea.

One night, I remember I told him I love you but he didn't answer back.


Blaine, just finished reading reports in his office at home and he decided it's time to sleep.

When he got to the room he found kurt asleep or pretending to be asleep with his back to him.

He snuggles behind him. But Kurt didn't respond. He knows he's still awake because he just saw him few minutes ago from the bathroom.

He didn't want to force his husband to be intimate with him. So he just gives him a kiss on the temple and whispered I love you. But as he expected no response from his partner.

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