Title: Anger Management
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Bonnie/ Damon
Disclaimer: This story is based on the The Vampire Diaries series, with which I am not affiliated in any way.
Summary: Bonnie works through her anger.
Warnings: Sexual Situations, Bloodplay, Swearing

Bonnie's magic has always been connected to her emotions, but lately it seemed the bond had tightened. There was this one time Elena tried to talk to her about Jeremy, she got so mad she ended up knocking all the pictures off her bedroom wall. When Damon called her Sabrina again outside of the Gilbert's home, it resulted in an uprooted tree that would've totaled his car if she hadn't caught herself. The week after that, she and Caroline went shopping and the rude saleswoman ignored them; Bonnie ended up blowing the screen out of the monitor of the register. Those were the bigger incidents, not including setting stuff on fire and occasionally causing birds to crash into windshields (which she felt really bad about). Considering the fact that she couldn't get them under control, it seemed better for every one if she just took some personal time.

Bonnie has three mini breakdowns, accidentally sets Damon on fire (it's not like she cares), and breaks up with Jeremy all in the same month. Not ideal, but no biggie. She's having mini breakdown number four when she shatters the perfume bottles on her dresser. It's not a big deal until she's cleaning up the mess; she finds the bottle of the expensive perfume her Grams used to wear tilted on it's side and it's remnants spilled on the floor. She has plenty of thing to remember Sheila by, but smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, and she's so pissed she can hardly see straight.

Fuck this.

Bonnie never understood how being alone was supposed to cool you off. You're upset. You take time to reflect. You get even more upset. Spending time alone just made her recall all the reasons she was angry in great detail.

Her Grams was dead. Even though she'd gotten to see her one last time, she can't remember what it's like to have someone always have your back. Family. She had felt that with Lucy but didn't know how to contact her. She used to have it with Elena and Caroline but things change.

That's how she winds up in the woods; uprooting trees in a secluded area was way more safe and less attention grabbing than shattering windows as she walked down the street.

She ends up on a rock in the middle of a clearing making the trees sway. Not enough to pull them out of the ground, but enough to make it look like their dancing in a Disney movie kind of way. It's therapeutic she thinks.

She feels him before she sees him. This fucking creep. "What do you want?"

Damon comes from behind a tree and slinks over to her. "Just checking up on you Bon Bon. Haven't seen you in a while. My car's fine, if you wanted to know." Insert stupid smirk.

"I didn't. Don't you have anything else to do besides bothering me? "

"I'm looking out for you my little Bonfire." Mini migraine coming up.

He's on all fours by the time she stops the aneurysms. Maybe not so mini. She feels a little better.

"What the hell was that? Can't you play nice?"

"That was me playing nice. I have a name, it'd be in your best interest to use it." She sees him stumbling trying to stand and gives him a hand. He better not ever say she hasn't done anything for him.

"Hate to sound repetitive, but what do you want?"

"Elena's worried about you. She wanted me to come check on you."

"So she sent you?" Bonnie's automatically suspicious.

"She wants some alone time with Stefan and she needed an excuse, I suppose." He sounds a little bitter. Good. Trying to steal your brothers girlfriend is super trifling. She refrains from saying something spiteful just because she can. Something along the lines about how it must feel to be second best all the time. It won't make her feel any better. Well she doesn't think it will. Bonnie doesn't want to be that person. She doesn't want to be Damon.

Bonnie goes back to sit on her rock and leaves a spot for Damon. Cautiously he walks over and sits down. She focuses on a tree about ten feet away and starts breaking branches one by one, starting at the top. "How do you do it? How can you be so angry all the time?"

Damon waits a beat like he's going over the words in his head. "Practice. You spend enough time not getting what you want, it becomes easy." How can someone so old be so childish? Get over yourself. Geez.

"It's not so much getting what you want, but being disappointed all the time. At first you feel sad about it, but once you start expecting it..." She nods her head and squeezes his hand in an oddly comforting manner. God she's sympathizing with Damon. There's no more branches on that tree. She moves to the next.

"I get that."

Two weeks later she's still breaking glasses, making tables shake, and teleporting stuff but she doesn't feel that bad about it. She can't really help it and she doesn't really try.

They're having a meeting at the boarding house when Elena comes up with the dumbest ideas of dumb ideas to defeat Klaus. Their combined success rate for plans is almost non-existent but this is definitely stupid.

"No. Elena, most if not all of us are going to die. Those are not the odds I want to be up against." Damon's not yelling, yet, but his eyes are big and wild and Bonnie wants to laugh.

"I agree with Damon." Bonnie who's be quiet the entire time finally speaks up. Bonnie is used to the thought of every plan ending with her death, but she likes to minimize the odds. With this plan there's a ninety nine percent chance she'll bite the dust. I'll take, keep my ass at home for one thousand, Alex.

You could have sworn she said that Earth was flat. Caroline's mouth drops open dramatically. Stefan's silent. Jeremy's just there. She doesn't care about his response and wonders who invited him but figures it's not worth the trouble of mentioning.

"Bonnnnie." The way she draws out her name makes Bonnie cringe.

"Elennnnna. This isn't going to have a good outcome. Besides the fact that I have a bad feeling about this, logically it sucks. I'm not doing it." Shrug. She's not getting killed. Not right now.

Elena's flabbergasted and offended, which makes Bonnie want to laugh so hard it hurts. Caroline decides it's her job to comfort Elena. Bonnie could care less. It's still a stupid idea. Stefan is saying something she really doesn't care about, it's probably in support of the his girlfriend, i.e. the dumb idea. Whatever.

Damon's has another strategy that Bonnie has decided she won't be in on, despite the fact that it makes more sense than Elena's. But it's Damon's strategy which mean somebody human will probably get hurt, and she's almost human, so no. She's not making any plans, which she should considering that she's the witch, but she kinda doesn't know how to kill Klaus, there's nothing they can do but research. Bonnie wants to say that they should ask that lady that worked with Alaric's wife, but that's common sense. It'll probably get vetoed.

When Klaus figured out that Elena's blood would help make his hybrids, and he needed to keep her alive, everyone was ecstatic. Well, they were until that meant that he would never leave them. But when Elena bartered a few pints of her blood in exchange for his to help save Damon, Klaus said he'd had better things to do and would be in touch. Bonnie hoped he'd send a postcard, but now he's back and more annoying than ever. He just pops up places they're at and watches them. What kind of villain stalks teenagers? Seriously? Bonnie kind of wondered why he didn't just take Elena with him, but she thinks he's kind of dim.

She doesn't underestimate him though. She knows that he is psychotic, but really he comes off as such a loser . She's not saying he's not evil, that she knows first hand, but diabolical genius he is not. He wants an army of hybrids for what? None of his reasons make sense. A woobie who doesn't want to be alone. Damon and Klaus should be besties.

He is attractive though, she'll give him that. Having a lover with a thousand years experience under his belt must be nice. Add that to the fact that said lover has some of the most luscious lips she's ever seen. Lips plus skill set equals reasons to go bad. Bonnie thinks that had to be a great incentive for Greta work with him. Probably the deciding factor. It has to be. Maybe he's accepting applications for a new witch.

She could be probably be evil. Bonnie Bennett the Brute. Lame. Bonnie Bennett the Brazen Bitch. Lame. Bad! Bonnie. Also lame, but she likes alliterations so whatever. She could start wearing all black and leather, work on her smirks. That's like the number one thing all villains do right? Evil doers are always snarky too, she's snarky. In fact, her snark is worse than her bite. It's actually about even, but she also likes plays on words. Her anger issues are like the whip cream on top of a villian sundae. She's knows she got them. She doesn't care.

We could've had it all Klaus, if you weren't so crazy and tried to kill me and my friends. We could've taken over the world. We could've been orgasm buddies, more importantly.

Bonnie could be evil, she could be Klaus' right hand woman. But she hates him more than she hates Damon and the likelyhood of that is slim. It would be nice to be the winning side though.

Bonnie can't believe this meeting is still going when she's done fantasizing about Klaus. Town hall meetings are shorter than this. "Guys." She's ignored, no surprise. "Guyssss." Ignored again. Over it. It isn't until books start falling on the floor that she has everyone's attention, and she doesn't know why.

"Bonnie." Jeremy steps over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder, and instead of calming her down it makes her sofuckingfurious she sees red. He lost the right to touch her when he kissed Anna. She's bitter. So what? She has the right to be.

Then there's exploding light bulbs and tumblers, all at once. Like a firework of glass, shards flying everywhere. Everybody's shielding their face except Bonnie. She's got these magical sunglasses on or something. Despite how her magic keeps malfunctioning, it's still pretty cool. When it stops raining glass, Bonnie takes a look at herself .

She's covered in blood, which she thinks is her own for two seconds, but realizes it must have been in a glass. Cool. Nothing like someone else's blood on you to lighten up your day. "Sorry?" No one knows what to say. Bonnie starts hysterically laughing when she realizes this is all it takes to get some quiet. Nobody else finds it funny. Bonnie thinks Klaus would have. Over her laughter she notices Stefan leaves the room to get a broom and Caroline's telling her she needs to sit down. She heads to her car.

She's opening her car door when it's slammed shut. Before she thinks she has an invisible hand around Damon's throat. She lets go slowly and waits for him to say something that makes her wish she hadn't. He doesn't.

"Are you alright?" He sounds concerned. Fuck his concern. She opens the door and climbs in.

"I just pulled a Carrie. I'm super peachy. Go back in the house."

"You're not okay. Are you okay to drive in your condition?"

"One: I'm not going into labor. Two: We're not about to have another heart to heart okay? One was enough." He stands there looking at her with those crazy eyes. Creepy.

"Look if you need to talk...I'm no Stefan but...I'm here." He says it like he means it. You know you're in a bad state when Damon wants to help you and your name's not Elena.

"I'm fine Damon...thanks for your concern." He squeezes her hand and smiles, she blinks and he's gone.

Her history class is in the library until Friday which means a whole week of borderline silence. Bonnie's never been more excited for this, she's still on edge and this is perfect timing. This only last until the class clown sits next to her and proceeds to talk her ear off.

"Tracy. Look...I'm trying to work. Please leave me alone." That works for ten minutes until he starts trying to make her laugh and gets her yelled at by the librarian.

He continues to sit by her and on the third day she's been yelled at too many times to count. Now her only response is a polite nod and eye roll when the librarian turns her back. She's bent over looking for a book when Tracy takes the liberty to smack her butt. She has him on the ground with her foot on his chest when the librarian catches them. She makes with the stupid questions that she already knows the answer to. "What's going on here?" I'm using his heart as a foot rest. She digs her boot heel in a little harder, then she backs away. Over it.

The entire class is staring and Alaric can't come to her defense. Whatever, she's a big girl. Bonnie knows she's getting suspended, so when she kicks a bookshelf using her magic to knock it over she feels avenged.

No one is brave enough to say anything.

"You touch me again and I'll put my foot so far up your ass you'll have toes for teeth. That's not that original but it's the truth. Try me." She has to be escorted to the principal's office. Bonnie can't lie and say that she does not feel like a complete bad ass.

Bonnie has the biggest smile on her face when she's told she's sentenced to a week off and warned about threats. Her dad may be a little mad, but it's not like she's ever been in trouble. He'll get over it. She needs a vacation and if they don't want a homicide on their hands, it's the best punishment. She checks her phone on the way to the car and sees she has two messages from the usual suspects. Ignore for now. She heads to the Salvatore house.

Damon's vacuuming when she gets there. She's never wondered what he's does when he's not fraternizing with teenagers, but clearly he's a vampire housewife.

"Witchy. Watch your feet, don't get any dirt on the rug." Eyeroll. An anal retentive vampire housewife. "What brings you to my humble abode?" He does a wide sweeping motion with his hand.

"You said if I needed to talk..." This is a new low, she's sure of it.

"So talk. I just want you to stay away from my books." It takes her a while for this to register.

"How do you know?"

"I follow Caroline on Twitter."

She ends up telling Damon the story as he pours them both a glass of some amber liquid, scotch maybe. Definitely scotch. He's chuckles, tells her that he would've just kicked Tracy in the nuts, and Bonnie realizes that this is nice.

She mentally reassures herself that she is not starting to like Damon. She just does not hate him as much as she used to. He can be funny. Sometimes. This is good for both parties. It's not good to keep all the hate in your heart.

"Sorry about your glasses." She lifts her glass and tilts it awkwardly. He shrugs it off. "You know Bonnie, you're not that bad." It's weird to hear her name on his tongue. She didn't think he was capable of saying it.

"You talk to Baby Gilbert?" Way to ruin the mood Salvatore. She stops the sofa from shaking mere seconds after it starts. If Damon sees it, he says nothing. She hasn't talked about this with anyone and the fact that she's talking to him about it is surreal.

"Jeremy and I— I don't want to talk to him. I'm still mad. It's like—I brought you back from the dead despite my ancestors telling me not to— I did that for you and you don't even have the decency not to cheat on me. WITH A GHOST. I cannot figure out if that makes him more pathetic or me. " Bonnie's voice has raised a little and she's got glassy eyes that look just about ready to spill. Her hands are shaking when Damon takes them in his. He rubs his thumbs over fingers gently back and forth. "I'm supposed to be strong. I need to be strong." Tears run freely down her face and when she tries to wipe them his hand is already there.

If this was a movie they'd look into each other eye's kiss, but it's not. He's Damon and she just stopped imagining using his body to kindle a bonfire and it would be completely weird. That's what being lonely does to a person. Then he pulls her into a hug. She knows Damon's not good with words, clearly, but there's nothing he could've said that could make her feel better than she does right now. So Bonnie cries harder and he just holds her. It's tentative at first, like he's more uncomfortable with the gesture than she is, but the longer they embrace the more sure he becomes. It's not like he's used to comforting crying women. It's not like he's Stefan.

Her eyes are red and puffy when she pats him on his back and detaches herself. "Thanks." He nods. Bonnie excuses herself to the bathroom, she knows how she looks when cries. It's not pretty.

When she's on her way out, she's bombarded with questions from Elena. School's out already? Time flies when you're crying in the arms of your ex-arch nemeses. Arch nemesis, ha. "Are you alright? What was that Bonnie? How long are you suspended? Why are you here? Were you crying? What did Damon say to you?" They're easy enough to answer, but the only things she wants to do is go home.

"I'm fine. I'm just really tired. I'll call you later and tell you everything, alright?" Stefan and Damon are talking quietly when she returns to get her bag. She feels like she interrupted some weird moment where they both say brother fifty times and talk about their pesky humanity. Which, for the record, Bonnie thinks is completely weird and extra. Maybe that happens when you've been alive more than a century. Thank God she'll probably die young.


"Bonnie. I heard what happened, are you okay?" She smiles. "I'm fine." She's a smart girl. She knows he doesn't believe her.

Bonnie exchanges no words with Damon as she passes him on her way out. She just ghost her fingers down his forearm when he grabs her wrist for few seconds. He lets go and she smiles.

She doesn't hate Damon anymore. She's over it.

That still doesn't mean that she likes him.