I needed to get over yesterday like now, so I decided to go clubbing that night with one of my very dear high school friends. I was gonna meet myself a boy.

When we got to the club I knew I had made a mistake. What was I thinking? I hate clubs but Jeanie my friend was really into it. So I danced and made the best of it. I started dancing with a really cute guy who seemed familiar; we had lived in the town as kids but never really spoke.

After a couple of minute the music turned slow. He wrapped his arms around my waist. It felt wrong but I let him do it, his face was resting in my neck, chills went through my body. I knew there was only one person who'd this would ever feel right with.

As I was about to excuse myself I saw Hunter walk in with his girlfriend, pain shot through my heart. He saw me dancing with Matt (the cute boy) and I swear I saw jealousy in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed his girl real good, and that's when I knew that there was nothing real between them. He wanted me, he just wanted to torture me a bit first. Its okay I thought, two can play at this game.

I looked at Matt and kissed him, I could feel Hunter's gaze stabbing into my back, and I didn't even have to turn around to know. To my surprise I enjoyed kissing Matt, it gave me a new perspective, I didn't need to chase after Hunter, and for once he needed to chase me.

Matt and I really hit it off that night, and it led to a movie date and then too a dinner date until finally we had gone every where in town. I really liked Matt, and I could almost see a future with him, if not for Hunter. I really tried not to think about him around Matt but it just wasn't possible.

I was thinking over everything when Hunter came up behind me. "So I hear things with you and boyfriend is getting serious."

"So what if they are," I said, "It's none of you business"

"I beg to differ," he replied.

"How so?" I continued.

"Well, I've know for like ever so I think I have the right to care about you and your drama."

"Wait did you just say care? Hunter, don't kid yourself, you don't care."

"Of course I do, how can you say that?"

"How can you be dating her," I basically screamed at him.

"I moved on because I cared too much."

"Well that's just great Hunter, thanks for breaking my heart again."

"Oh like you ever cared about me." He said.

I was confused ad even a bit thrown off, so he continued "You never wanted to be with me. You just wanted to prove that you could get me and that you were better than me."

"Your psycho thoughts in my brain, never was that ever my intentions to portray, I guess you don't know me as well as you thought."

"Your story, just after things were going so well, you tell everyone you lost your virginity to that dirt bag; you did it intentionally to hurt me."

"That's the thing Hunter, it shouldn't have hurt you."

"Why? Because we weren't together when you slept with him? Trust me it hurts just the same."

"No, because the story isn't true," I spit at him.

"What?" He choked out after about 5 minutes of silence.

"It was fiction Hunter, I gave you my virginity. I loved you, no I love you." I didn't look at him as I said this, I was a little embarrassed.

I didn't know what was going to happen but the truth was out and so were my feelings.