Mr Young

Disclaimer- I do not own Mr Young.

Adam's POV

I can do this…I can confess to Echo that I love her. Should I? Yes. Yes! Yes I should!

Then I hear the bell ring.

"Echo, I need to talk to you," I say.

"What is it Adam?" she asks me.

I can do this.

"I love you Echo," I say.

Then there is a silence. It last for a couple seconds, but my heart is pounding so fast.

"I'm sorry, I don't love you," she said.

My heart is shattered.

"It's okay," I manage to say but to be honest, I'm not okay!

I turn around and left. I know that if I can't have her, then I can't stay here any longer.

So, I went through the doors waiting for whatever is coming next.