Mr Young

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However, Adam's departure did turn out bad in lot of ways. Students who love to prank him, play tricks on him had to find a new student/teacher to prank. There turn out to be a new substitute teacher, but end up whacking them with a ruler.

Derby and Echo one day went to Adam's house to see what he's up to, in Derby's case for him to come back, because right now he lost his best friend and Echo just want to see what he's up to.

Surprisingly, when they arrived, Adam wasn't at home. They saw her mom and asks "Hey Mrs. Young do you know where Adam is?" Echo asks.

"Nope, he j-just left. H-He hasn't come back for th-three days. H-He left a note saying that he's l-lea-leaving" Mrs Young sniffles.

"Oh, okay then," Echo said, suddenly feeling really guilty.

"Well, I guess we should go," Derby said.

They both walk out of his house.

"I can't believe he's gone," Echo whispers.

"Not gone, just suddenly leaving to start the life of a homeless man, because he now doesn't have a job," Derby explains.

Echo look at him weirdly.

"Adam lectures me," Derby explains again.

Echo just nodded.

"I guess I should go," Echo said.

Echo walks back home and she can't help feeling that she miss his scientific genius a lot.