Day Five : call me a Citizen again


The door slides open…"Come on, you have to meet with the council."

The guards enter; there are six in all

Intimidated by little me and the death I hold in my hands

"Am I having a trial?"

"Do I look like I know? I was told to escort you. "

Shackles again, wrists at my sides they lead me out

I shuffle along like an old man led through the prison complex.

Six guards in all,

A macabre parade

They fear me, they know what I can do

But I would never hurt them

They are not my enemies.

But if I attack

They will push the button and the energy will pulse through me

And if it's enough, my heart will stop

Aha! Maybe that was the secret, get blasted enough and die.



Zeth is dead

I am a murderer

I am free

The Republic will release me to Master Skywalker

It is his choice to decide my fate

Han says it is not Luke's way to seek vengeance

How do I face the man I nearly killed?

Han says he thinks I am still a great Jedi

Why does he still believe in me?

I return to Yavin

I return to Master Skywalker's


If he chooses to kill me, I will die honorably with my head held high

I remember

Too long ago



You're just as good as everyone else

Dad? I'm really sorry… know that.


The Last Dream

Zeth stands on the platform

Dauron hits him in the head

Zeth falls

Precious minutes pass

I try





I fail

I close the portal

Empty I watch

The heat


My brother

I tumble




From my eyes


Zeth Durron

He was my brother

He liked to swim and fish

And spend countless patient hours

Just playing with me

He laughed easy

Was popular with the girls

Top of his class

He had dreams


The empire took his future

I took his life

And even though I will always

Be the one

Who stopped his life at twenty-two

I am still

His baby brother

And I still love him

I hope he will forgive me

I hope he liked being a stormtrooper

Took pride in his job

Found friends

Had dreams

Maybe even a girlfriend

I hope he knows I tried

I tried so hard

To save him

I'm sorry big brother



If I am allowed to live, my life will be spent

Chasing evil

Fighting oppression

Saving children

Why should anyone live as I did?



Yavin's heat greets me as I step from the Falcon

Skywalker's gaze is like the twin suns of his home planet

But there is no hate in his eyes

Only concentration

The Prodigal son returning


Deyer a place from a long time ago where a boy


That boy died somewhere in space above Carida

This platform

Maybe this time

The one standing here

Can be saved.