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It Started with a Kiss

Their first kiss was over the Christmas Holidays, standing underneath the mistletoe. Lita had thrown a Christmas party for all her friends with Christmas decorations everywhere and the aromas of her delicious cooking were wafting around the room. Darien had been going in one direction and Serena in the other when they bumped into each other in the doorway.

"Watch where you're going, Meatball head!" Darien teased her.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?" Serena yelled back, starting to get angry, but Mina casually interrupted them and said, "You guys do know that you're standing under mistletoe, right?" Both Darien and Serena looked up and blushed.

"I –I don't want to kiss him!" Serena stuttered.

Mina shook her head and smiled, "Too bad Serena, you have to! It's a Christmas tradition, right girls?" She asked the other girls who had gathered around them. Lita, Amy, and Rae all nodded, "Of course!" they chorused.

"But –but –but…" Serena stuttered.

Darien pulled on one of her ponytails which had been adorned with beautiful Christmas flowers for the party, "Shush, Meatball head, it's tradition, it's no big deal!"

Serena sighed and gave in, "This is going to be horrible!" She complained, turning to Darien and looking at him with nervous eyes.

He leaned in slowly and whispered, "Merry Christmas Serena," before kissing her softly on the lips. All the girls sighed in unison at the picture perfect moment presented before them. A few seconds later, Darien pulled back from the kiss and just stared at Serena with a slightly shell-shocked look in his eyes. He was not expecting his heart to start racing or his body to get tingles from the warmth of her soft lips. This was Serena he had just kissed after all! Gathering himself together mentally, he tugged on a ponytail again and said, "See you around, Meatball head!" Then he headed off in his original direction to the other room. The girls all rushed in around Serena, giggling and asking her what it was like. Serena, returning quickly from dreamland just replied, "It was Darien, of course it was terrible!" before walking off in a huff.

That was their first kiss. Their second? Only about an hour later under a different doorway covered in mistletoe. And despite the show of groaning they put on, the second kiss may not have been quite as accidental.