This is set a few weeks after I'll be Seeing you. It completly disregards Season 4.5

Eureka and it's characters do not belong to me in any way shape or form. That's too bad though because if I did we wouldn't have so much relationship angst from a comedy.

I'm probably not going to update this one until early next week, hopefully will have it completed before the Christmas episode.

Zane Donovan strode purposefully down the hallway. Every since that night in the Sheriff's office Zane hadn't been able to think about much other then Ms. Jo Lupo and her secret. Much to his chagrin the group of five and Grace had all shut him out. Fine, if they wouldn't give him answers he'd get them himself. He pressed his thumb to the pad by the door and entered the lab and pasted a smile on his face.

"Hey Dr. Monroe I think I figured out that glitch in your software." He crossed to where Grace was standing. "If you can spare your system for five minutes I think I can fix it." Of course I can fix it, Zane thought, I caused it to begin with.

Grace smiled back. "Sure I can spare it for a little while. I'm going to meet Henry for lunch so take your time." She moved to give him access to her station. "Thanks for taking the time to fix this. I'm moving past preliminary trials in few weeks and I want everything to be working perfectly."

Zane watched her walk out. If there was one thing that he had messed with Grace's PTSD device, but when he finished here everything with the device would be back to normal. No harm, no foul and now was not the time to start feeling guilty. Besides she was in on the secret, a secret that made him feel like there was a hole in his brain.

Shaking off the gnawing voice of the conscience that had begun to take root in his brain, a voice that annoyingly sounded like Jo. After he inserted the flash drive it only took a few keystrokes to download the information that he needed and to delete any evidence of what he had done. A smirk played on his lips as he carefully placed the drive into his pockets. All the answers to his questions were now in the palm of his hand. No more running JoJo, no more secrets, no more games.

The next morning Jo found herself at the counter at Café Diem pretty much mainlining caffeine. Zoë had kept her up until 2 am complaining about Zane. Apparently in the past few weeks, coincidently since the night he kissed Jo in the Sheriff's office, he had been distant. Two days ago he had told her that they weren't anything more then friends and he was sorry if Zoë had gotten the wrong impression. Zoë had figured Jo would just love any excuse to rip on her arch nemesis.

As much as Jo loved Zoë and thought of her as a sister, she just couldn't talk to her about Zane anymore. That wouldn't be a problem for a while since Carter was taking her to the airport later this morning. Jo could easily avoid phone calls for a few days maybe even a few weeks. The only solace she had out of the entire situation was that she didn't have to watch her little sister date her ex-boyfriend.

The door to the café opened and in walked the cause of her heartbreak.

"Morning Zane. What can I get you this morning?" Vincent asked pleasantly.

"Just coffee to go, please, busy day at work." Zane slid onto the stool next to Jo. "Good morning beautiful. I missed you last night."

"Zane what are you talking about?" Jo was utterly confused, mostly horrified and slightly scared. Had Zane just insinuated in front of Vincent that they had slept together previously?

He flashed her that cocky half grin. "This" He leaned in and before Jo could stop him, his lips captured hers. It wasn't that passionate, frenzied kiss they shared a few weeks ago, It still had all their normal sparks but this was much more like the hello kisses they shared before 1947.

The breaking of glass as Vincent dropped a tray broke Jo out of the trance she had been in. She pulled back quickly, speechless.

Zane recovered much sooner. "Oh you left this at my place." He pulled out the engagement ring and slid it on her left hand. Kissing her cheek he picked up the coffee cup Vincent had just shakily place in front of him. "Love the power suit by the way, very sexy. See you later?"

He was out the door before Jo could stop him. Feeling every eye in the place on her, Jo stood and quickly followed Zane out the door. The patrons didn't even wait until she was fully outside before the gossip and speculation began.

"Donovan, what the hell was that about?" Jo hissed as she caught Zane climbing on his bike.

"Well Lupo I thought I was just telling my fiancé hello." He furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Zane we are not engaged, were not even dating." God that hurt just to say out load.

He stepped off his bike and wrapped his arms around her, his face full of concern. "Babe are you sure you're ok? We've been dating for over two years and I remember you saying yes to my proposal in the Sheriff's office."

Jo felt like the wind had just been knocked out of her, she felt her knees buckle underneath her. Zane's strong arms caught her. "Yeah, I'm taking you to the infirmary. No arguing, give me your keys. I'll drive."

Automatically Jo handed over her keys and let Zane help her to the passenger side of her car. One of them was loosing their mind. Silently Jo hoped she was waking up from the nightmare of the last few months. She pulled out her phone and sent a quick text message to Carter, Allison, Henry and Fargo asking them to meet her in the infirmary.

Zane reached over and took Jo's hand. Jo studied Zane on the drive to GD. There were no discernable differences between the man beside her and the man from her timeline. How did he remember events before the timeline. Was he messing with her to get them to spill the secret? He already suspected something fishy was going on with the five of them.

The question was to what lengths would he go to get what he wanted. Jo sighed already knowing that what Zane Donovan wanted he usually got. By any means necessary.