The room blurred and Jo found herself once again sitting on the couch next to present day Zane. Pulling off the glasses she handed them back to him.

"Um wow that was enlightening." Jo said slowly feeling like she was coming out of a dream.

"I told you it would be."

"So when I came in saying that yes I would marry you…" Jo started but trailed off.

"I thought you we're just being a bitch to me since I had just finally asked you out." Zane nodded. "So I made up having a date to hurt you. Sorry to say that it worked."

"And the Enforcer was pretty much just a hard ass to you?" Jo was a little quieter.

Zane grinned "oh she was a hard ass. Probably not as much as I made her out to be, some where closer to this you. Since I started remembering things I started seeing things differently. Having two sets of memories gives me a unique understanding of past events."

"You mean like understanding the fact that she wanted to jump you?" Jo blushed deep red. "I have never thrown myself at anyone like that before."

Zane chuckled. "I seem to remember both of you throwing yourself at me at some point."

"Ok at least not in public and never with anyone but you." Her blush deepened.

Shrugging his shoulder Zane said "We were a little dysfunctional. But those sparks were always there."

"So why did you want to show me these memories?" She turned to face him.

Zane cupped her face in his hand. "No more secrets, no more lies or half truths and no more thinking that the Enforcer was half as bad as I made her out to be." His lips captured hers and he nibbled on her bottom lip begging for entrance. Jo sighed as she repositioned to allow him better access.

Reluctantly he pulled back. "I have one more memory to show you."

"Ok" Jo nodded and slipped the glasses back on.

She opened her eyes and found herself in the brig at GD. She noticed Zane pacing the interior of the circular cell. This had to be after he crashed the sky cruiser.

"You're wasting your time Lupo."

"Then go…" She watched herself go over and unlock the cell door, open it and step back. "Or stay here and help me prove your innocence."

Zane walked carefully past her and out the door not bothering to look back once he cleared the doorway.

Jo almost had to run to keep up with Zane's memory. His long legs and quick strides carried him to the GD parking lot in no time. Throwing one leg over his bike, he shoved the helmet onto his head. Jo scrambled to hop on the back, not sure what would happen if Zane's memory left her behind. She heard him kick the engine to life. Grabbing onto the memories waist she prepared for him to take off. She knew he wasn't going to go too far because in about twenty minutes he was going to be meeting her at her car.

Nothing happened. Zane just sat there. After a few minutes he turned off the engine and ripped off his helmet. Jo let go and scooted back not sure what was going to happen next.

"Stay and help prove your innocence? What the hell kind of game are you playing Jo?" He asked as he yanked the helmet off his head. "You've never just let me go before. Even when you knew I didn't do anything."

He got off the bike and now was striding back in forth, talking to himself. "Something is going on with her. This isn't the game we play. Push her till she breaks, get thrown in jail, flirt mercilessly, eventually she lets me out, silent truce for a few days sometimes weeks, repeat. That's what we do, I get that. But this I just don't get. She's acting like she trusts me. It's so unlike her."

Running his fingers through his short hair he kicked at something imaginary on the ground. "Hell she's gonna loose her damn job for this. That job is the most important thing in her life. How many times has she told me that? Why would she put everything on the line for me? Something has changed and not just with her. Fargo backed her up. Fargo, the dictator, didn't just hand me over to Mansfield."

Jo could almost hear the gears turning in Zane's head as he tried to put the pieces together. A smile formed on her lips, there was something comforting in the fact that his facial expressions when he was lost in some problem didn't change In fact she knew the exact moment he had drawn a conclusion to his problem just by the way his brow furrowed and his left eyebrow twitched.

His eyes quickly scanned the parking lot before he took off on foot to where her car was parked. "Sorry Lupo can't let you take the fall for this one. Your ass is way to nice to go to prison, although I wouldn't mind spending some time locked in a cell alone with you."

Instinctively her eyes rolled at his comments. She saw Zane's shoulders relax when he turned the corner and spotted her car. "At least I caught you before you left Jo. " He leaned against her car. "Guess it's time I help you prove my innocence and keep my ass from going back to prison for something I didn't do." He shuddered at the word prison.

"Andy you're a robot how are you unavailable..."

The images blurred and once again Jo was back on the couch. Zane was taking the sensors off his temples, replacing them and the glasses in the case. He slid closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. "That is the moment when my life, in this reality changed. You altered my perspective. No one outside my mom and grandma ever believed in me, in either timeline, until you did."

Zane ran a free hand through her hair. "It was you that made me want to be a better person. Even if we were at odds I couldn't let you risk everything for me. So when you trusted me to do the right thing, I felt like I couldn't let you down."

Taking his hand that was on her face she moved it over to her mouth and kissed his palm. "I will always risk everything for you. And from now on I will fight tooth and nail for you, regardless of the consequences. No more secrets."

He grinned back at her. "Even if you get kicked into an alternate universe or alternate timeline and I can't remember us anymore?"

"I promise that I will never let you go again. And if you lose your memories again I will share mine with you." She sealed her promise with a kiss.

"Excellent." He said grabbing his data pad off the end table and opening it to his calendar. "Now let's set a date for the beginning of our happily ever after."

Jo felt her body relax and let go of tension she didn't even know she had. "Funny I thought we already were living it."

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