Noah's heart crumbled to dust as he watched her leave for the second time in his life. He had told her that he couldn't bear to lose her twice...but it didn't seem to have made much of a difference. All fleeting hopes of reconciliation with Allie that had lasted the past couple of days vanished as her car left his sight. The very thought of never seeing the love of his life again hit him as the headlights disappeared, and the forceful pain knocked him to his knees. He clutched the grass in his hands until his knuckles were white, desperate to hold onto the dream he once had as it slipped into a nightmarish reality.

Allie pulled out of Noah's driveway, forcing herself to not look back. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and the image in her rearview mirror of her first love blurred and finally disappeared from view as she turned on to the narrow, paved road. She had no thoughts, no feeling, no emotion... All she could do was cry as Noah's last words replayed in her mind: "What do you want?" She knew what she wanted, and it was what empowered her to make the decision to leave. A blaring horn jostled Allie from her thoughts, and she wiped her eyes just in time to see her car collide with a tractor on the opposite side of the road head on. The ringing sound was muffled, and then everything went black.