Timon Max Bialystock was a meerkat who lived in New York City. He lived with Simba Leo Bloom, and the two often watched the parade every year. But this year, Timon Bialystock would expect something different.


"Oh gee, you mean THIS blue blankie? Sure, man; whatever you say.. Just STOP with all that screaming, first!" Timon said at the apartment they lived in. "Nobody does love me! I want an owner who LOVES MEERKATS! Except YOU,Simba."

"But nobody has adopted you, Timon, and you can't be adopted!" Simba said.

"That's it! I'm going to...THE Marriot Marquis!" Timon said.

Timon followed a family to their hotel room. She talked to one of the girls in the group.

"Hi..." Timon said.

"Hi...Oh! It's a Timon wearing a red tuxedo!" said the girl.

"What's your name?" Timon said.

"I am Eri Asari." the girl said. "You look so cute!"

"So, you'll adopt me?" Timon asked, hoping that this would be the day he would be adopted.

"Of course!" Eri said.

"I'll make you a deal. I wanted to see the Thanksgiving parade. So can I see it with you before I go with you?" Timon said.

"OK" Eri said.