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The Most Befuddling Thing

He sighed to himself. Why couldn't he get her out of his mind? He had only met her a few days ago. AND, she was a squirrel. He couldn't believe it! He was so confused. How could he have feelings for a squirrel? It didn't make any sense.

Her kisses kept knocking at his brain. They had been unwanted but he couldn't deny they weren't sweet. Oh, but she had the most beautiful green eyes he had ever beheld.

He agreed with Merlin. It was a most befuddling thing all right.

But, then again, she had saved his life, didn't she? Oh, and her crying…he could practically feel the heartbreak when he heard it.

It was enough to drive him mad.

He shook his head as if he could clear all of the unnecessary thoughts out of it. Concentrate on your studies. He chanted.

She had waited for someone new to come along, but no one ever seemed to be as handsome, or funny, or even as charming as he was.

She sighed. If only he wasn't a boy, or if only she wasn't a squirrel, then she could have him.

Her aunt was so set on humans being nasty and deceiving just because her blue knight in shining armor turned out to be human too, only older and much more grouchy. He was handsome either way, she could tell. When he grew up, he certainly would have splendid features.

Maybe she could convince that older one she wanted to be human too. That's it! She thought. I can just ask him to make me a girl! She sped off in search of the older blue one.

Merlin had had quite enough of Archimedes's teasing about his airplane when he heard a quiet chatter by his door. Oh by George! It had better not be that lady squirrel. He opened the door to find another slimmer lady squirrel, but none the less a squirrel.

"And just how am I supposed to talk to you?" He said, lifting his eyebrow.

Oh great, I forgot all about talking to him. Her face became one of distress and determination.

"I believe I can help." Archimedes said flying over to her. She looked timid if not majorly relieved.

"Now, what do you want?" He asked, in perfect Squirrel. "I want to become a human, like my beloved." "Good Heavens, Good Heavens,"

"What is it, Archimedes?" She watched as the owl told the Blue older one what she had said. She saw his eyes widen and he began to babble. "Sh..sh..she wants me to turn her into a..a..girl?" "Precisely." Archimedes chuckled. "I know you can do it, Merlin. You're intelligent when you want to be."

"Well, thank you. Let's see now. How do I go about this?" The blue older one who she now knew as Merlin went around the room grabbing books hurriedly. He grabbed a few springs of something that she couldn't name. He then put them all down in an unceremonious heap and sighed.

"Now, then, come here unless you've changed mind about being a human…?" She scampered over there as quick as she possibly could and shook her head no firmly.

"Fine, then. Alla-sicambra-switcheroo-azoo-guabino-dio!"

She was about to think that she had come to a complete quack but then her bones began to tingle and her eyes blurred, then it all went dark.


Where am I?

She obviously was not in her tree. She blinked open her eyes to find two pairs of eyes staring at her. She screamed, and grabbed the closest thing to her to throw at them.

"Hold on! Hold on! I just helped you and you're going to hit me?" Merlin shouted.

Wait. What? Her eyes widened in comprehension. "I'm so sorry," she said, "I didn't mean to…I…" She paused as she recognized that she was talking English, "I…can talk."

"Why, yes, my dear. I thought it might be helpful to you and to us for that matter." He said, wiping his glasses clean of some miniscule dirt.

"Must be different, huh, squirrelly squirrel?" laughed Archimedes.

"Yes, I must say it is. Can I meet my beloved now?" She questioned, tilting her head to the side in question.

While Archimedes meddled with her, Merlin overlooked his success with pride. She was lovely. He examined her to make sure nothing was out of its proper place. She had no ears, just fine auburn hair. No tail, just a nice and slim figure that fit her quite nicely. Fair skin replaced the red fur, thank Heavens. Yes, yes, he had done a smashingly good job. Great even. He mused.

"Well, now child, who is your beloved?" He asked, wondering what fine lad had captured her heart as to take such high measures to see him again and give up her life.

"You should know, Sir Merlin, he was the boy who traveled with." She smiled.

"ARTHUR? Arthur is your beloved?" Archimedes and Merlin shouted. Merlin did a double take. He didn't know squirrels could be so tenacious!

"Well, now, we can't tell her no. She has done all of this just to be with the boy, Merlin." Archimedes whispered, prodding a wing into Merlin's side. "I know, I know." He said, batting the wing back. He turned around to meet her innocent gaze. He sighed.

"Very well, my dear, follow me." She smiled brilliantly and fell into step with him. Archimedes watched as she tried to mirror his steps. "Follow dear, not copy." She looked up and nodded. She soon just walked leisurely behind him.


Arthur was finally beginning to concentrate on the work before him. He had gotten about an hour or two in before he heard a knock. He had gotten so used to Merlin's insistent knock that he just grunted. "Arthur, I want you to meet someone." Merlin said.

Arthur felt his cheeks burn in humiliation. He was supposed to be a king! That was not how a king was supposed to act. He just hoped it didn't hurt their opinion of him too badly. The nest thing he knew, he was staring into deep green eyes.

She felt her heart race as he stood up and turned to her. His mouth was hanging open at her. She giggled at his reaction, not the one she had been wanting but humorous none the less. Then, his face hardened. She stopped giggling.

"Is this a new maid?" He said, not knowing who this was but the way she was dressed and the way she had laughed at him, the King, showed her to be simple and ignorant.

When she started to tear up, his heart clenched painfully. "Arthur! That is not the way we address ladies." Merlin said. "It-It's fine, Sir Merlin. I am obviously bothering the King. I am very sorry to have disturbed you." She said, but her voice cracked into a sob as she fled the study. "Fine job, King. Well done." Merlin said as he watched her leave.


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