Happy Thanksgiving

I laugh as I watch Sesshoumaru putting the turkey in the oven; he holds it like a baby which makes it very funny. This is the first time we will be having both my family and his family over for a meal together and to top it all off its thanksgiving.

I shake my head and continue trying to make the meal perfect and Sesshoumaru comes to my side to help me. Our 7 year old daughter Rin is upstairs currently getting ready cause her cousin Shippo will be coming so she wants to get all of her games ready for them to play.

2 hours later

2 hours fly by faster than expected and soon the door bell is going off and I leave the hot kitchen to get it, I walk across our giant living room and over to the front door. I open it and there stands my Mother, My grandfather and my little brother Souta. I smile.

"Come on in guys, we are just finishing up." I say in a pleasant tone.

Amongst all the chaos I have not even had time to change and my Mom realizes that cause as soon and she walks through the door she shoes me off to go get ready while she takes my place in the kitchen.

I smile a thankful smile and head up stairs to our room, I head straight into the bathroom where I quickly wash my face and com my hair out. I apply some make up but not a lot then leave the bathroom, I walk into my giant walk in closet. I grab a nice brown skirt that falls just above my knees and a white v neck blouse and put them on along with a pair of brown flats.

I hear the doorbell go off again and I quickly head down stairs to get it, I open the door once again and there is Sesshoumaru's family, his dad Touga, his step mother Izayoi, his half-brother Inuyasha, his wife Kikyou and his son Shippo.

"Hi everyone please come in." I say again in a pleasant tone.


Finally we are all gathered around our giant oak table for a wonderful thanksgiving meal, we say grace quickly before starting to eat. It was hard to believe how quickly thanksgiving has come this year; time has flown by in a good way. I smile as I look around the table at my family, I could not have asked for anything else this year at thanks giving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know its short and not that good buts its all i could come up with sadly! Please review!