Ch. 10 Telling the Truth

Jayden was wondering what his mother and all the other parents were doing calling them all into the living room. "What's going on?" Jayden asked.

"We have something to talk to you all about." Janet said.

"What is it Mrs. Shiba?" Mia asked.

"Jayden, I overheard you and Emily talking last week."


"When you were talking about moogers and Master Xandred."

"You did?"

"Yes, the dreams, the attacks,"

"What does that have to do with why we're here?"

"Your dreams are signs Jayden."

"How do you know about my dreams?" Jayden asked. "Have you been snooping through my writings?" He accused.

"You left a comic book sitting out once at the old house. That's when I called the others and told them to come here."

"Hold on, are you saying we all had to move here because Jayden had dreams?" Mike asked wanting to understand.

"It's more complicated son," Frank said.

"Please explain,"

Jayden, Emily and Mia's mothers pulled small devices out of their pockets as did Antonio, Kevin and Mike's fathers. "What are those things?" Kevin asked.

"They're folding zords and samuraizers from my dreams," Jayden said examining the devices. "How do you have them?"

"Your dreams are warnings Jayden," Jose answered. "Your mother showed us the comic you did and the story you wrote about Rangers sealing away Master Xandred."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"The five of us and your father were the Rangers then."

"What?" All the kids said at the same time.

"We thought the seal your father did the night he died was permanent but when we found out about your dreams we knew it wasn't. He had dreams too just before the attacks started and we were chosen to fight off Master Xandred." Mia's mother Courtney explained.

"How were you chosen?" Katie asked.

"Zordon chose us," Kevin's father, Trevor answered.

"He said it was in our blood," Emily's mother, Valerie added. "He also said that it would be in our children's blood."

"Now since your father isn't here to lead us Jayden, and the rest of us aren't exactly in our prime, it's up you six to stop Master Xandred." Jose said.

"Hold on," Jayden stood up. "Are you saying the Red Ranger I saw die in my dream was my father?"


Jayden and Katie looked at their mother. "You told us he died in a car accident."

"I know, but we thought Xandred was sealed away forever so I thought you'd never find out the truth. I'm sorry for lying but it was to protect you."

Jayden grabbed the red zord and samuraizer from his mother. "So it's up to me to finish where dad left off?"

"As the Red Samurai Ranger," Janet answered.

"I won't let him down," Jayden said determined.

"Emily, since Serena is away at college it's up to you to follow my footsteps as the Yellow Samurai Ranger."

Emily grabbed her new zord and samuraizer. "I'll do my best."

"Mia, you are now the Pink Samurai Ranger," Courtney handed her the pink zord and samuraizer.

"This is unbelievable."

Trevor handed his zord and samuraizer to Kevin. "You're now the Blue Samurai Ranger, Kevin."

"Amazing," Kevin said still in disbelief.

"Michael, you're now the Green Samurai Ranger." Frank said handing over his folding zord and samuraizer.

"This is awesome! I can't wait to kick some butt!"

Jose stood in front of his son and handed him his folding zord and samuraizer. "You are now the Gold Samurai Ranger, Antonio."

"Wow, thanks dad."

"You must remember that you can't tell anyone who you are." Jose said to the kids.

"Why not? This is totally going to help me score some babes," Mike said excitedly.

"Because we'd put whoever knows us in danger." Jayden said.

"As soon as you morph," Frank started. "you'll have all the knowledge on your powers including symbol power."

"But the symbol power takes practice to fully master." Trevor added.

"What does the symbol power do anyway?" Mia asked.

"Anything you want, but some symbols require more power, hence the practice." Jose answered.

"Like when my dad used the last of his energy to seal Master Xandred?"

"Yes, it drained him of what he had left but it wasn't enough."

"I can't believe this is actually happening." Jayden said still trying to retain everything.

"Believe it, because it looks like it won't be much longer before the nighlok begin attacking alongside the moogers."

"You kids can do it. It's in your blood."

"They're right guys," Emily said. "Rangers together," Emily set her hand out in front of everyone palm down.

Jayden smiled & placed his hand on top of hers. "Samurai forever,"

Kevin, Antonio, Mike and Mia set their hands on top of Jayden and Emily's. "Forever," The four said together.

They have their morphers and are ready to save the world, however, this is where my story comes to an end.

Hope you've enjoyed what I think would be their lives if they weren't raised in the samurai life, I find it a little sad and unfair they didn't really get a typical childhood (especially Jayden) because of the powers being passed down by generation which is what initially inspired this story.