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Thank goodness I'm finally home Artemis thought. She walked through the door to the same apartment she calls home. "Mom I'm hooommmeee and HAPPY BIRTHDAY" she calls. She turns to see the cracked old walls covered in red. She sees her mom on the floor. She drops the cake she has been saving up for, for three weeks and screams "MOM!" as she hyperventilates she runs over. Her mom is for sure dead. Artemis couldn't help but stare at the vacant hole in her mom's chest. Someone had cut her heart out. Artemis knows she's train not to show emotion but she can help it, she is silently crying, clinging to her mom like she did when she was little. She glances up at the walls. Her mother's blood is all over it spelling out words that will haunt her forever. Who's Daddy's Little Girl? It's written in the horrible red dripping down the wall. Artemis is many things but she is not stupid. She needs to get out of the apartment, before her father comes back. She runs to her room and grasps anything worth taking bow supplies, clothes and her photo album of when she was younger when she actually had a…..family. "No time to think of that" Artemis she told herself. Only one place to go she thought "The Cave." She took one last look around her room and jumped out the window never to look back.


"Oh you are so going down!" Conner yells at the Ape man, who had just thrown him into a tree. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" yells Conner charging at the Ape. He is totally oblivious to the team fighting the Apes minions. The Ape man smiles as he sees Conner crash into everyone taking all of the team down. "So long kiddies." He says while throwing a gas bomb and disappears into the jungle. Finally when the team stops coughing from breathing in so much gas. Wally opens his big fat mouth and says "Well that's just great we could have had him nice going Super Boy." Conner's threating glare didn't seem to faze him at all. "And where in the WORLD is Artemis" continuing on with his little rant. "Artemis had other obligations according to Green Arrow." Aqualad replies with much venom. "Well, she is part of this team first so I don't see why her little Obligations are more important than this" Megan replies. The whole team is starting to feel on edge. All feeling angry but not really sure why. "Well I am going to go find her and give her a piece of my mind!" Robin shouts. The team piles into the Bio-ship and take off ready to give Artemis hell.

Back at the Cave…

Artemis breathlessly wakes through the Zeta Beam she ran five city blocks and felt the exhaustion/emotional pain bearing down on her. She goes to her room and puts her stuff down. She decides to do one of the most life changing experiences for her of all time. She is going to tell the team that she's Sportsmaster's daughter. No more secrets and no more hiding. She hears the bio-ship come back into the cave. Its time she tells herself. She walks into the cave and is greeted by angry glares. "Hey guys" she stutters mentally kicking herself for being weak. "Wwwweeeeelllll isn't it miss let's not go on a mission because I'm lazy" Wally bellows. "Yes, she is quite troght isn't she" Robin says. "Guys it was my…."Artemis grasps and shuddered thinking about her mother's blood all over again. "There's no excuse for not coming." Megan says. Aqualad who had impatiently specks up even though it's very uncharacteristically "Your off the team. We made a vote on the way back it was anonymous. You are a horrible archer. You are just a replacement, nothing more. You don't belong here and you never will. Now you are to pack up your things and leave ASAP." Artemis felt so many things at once sadness, hurt, pain, and anger. But then she did one thing she swore she would never need to do. She sealed her heart.


"When you are in the field and you show mercy you are weak!" She could hear her father grunting from slapping her over and over again for not killing Bruce Wanes ward. You must learn to seal your heart and get the job done or else everything that matters to you will kill you. He final stops slapping her. You got that little tiger." "Yes Father." Sportsmaster smirks and walks away and shouts "see you tomorrow Tigress." Artemis lays on the floor and cries swearing to herself that she will never be like her father.

End of flashback

She sealed it off from the brotherly feelings for Robin, Aqualad, and Conner. Her sisterly feelings for Megan. And her…. her…. Ok she admits it she loves Wally. And just by looking at him with that look of pure hatred for her in his eye makes her want to commit suicide right there. But Artemis is stronger than that, she's a survivor. So with an eerie calm voice she says "Fine if that is your decision then I will leave." She turns to her toward her room and walks away. "Good Riddance!" Wally yells after her. Artemis grabs her stuff again and uses the Zeta Beam to teleport out of there as fast as she can. As she steps out of the old phone booth she takes a moment to think of what to do next. It finally comes to her she walks to the nearest hair salon and walks in. "I have a open slot honey be right over." The stylist yells. "Oh honey you have such great hair! What do ya want a trim? It would be beautiful to." "Actually" Artemis interrupts. I would like a pixie cut with platinum blonde highlights. The stylist stares at her stunned. "But you have such nice…would you like to donate your hair to locks of love?" "Sure, why not?"

About 30 minutes later

"The new you!" the stylist shrieks. A little too much like Megan for Artemis's liking. Artemis looks in the mirror. "WOW" is all she can say.

Back at the cave

Batman is staring at the group of teenagers now in a confinement room being and Flash would say "de gassed."


"Team how did the mission go" Batman stated. "Well batty how bout you tell us how does getting your butt kicked by a bunch of monkeys sound?" Robin shouted. Batman narrowed his eyes at his protégé. Red Tornado please take swabs of the teams mouth for chemicals, which could make behavior changes. The team springs into action attacking and yelling at Red Tornado and Batman. Batman to JL we have a code neon, repeat code neon says Red Tornado as he tries to get a good grip on Kid Flash to swab his mouth. The rest of the JL team arrives to see plainly, total chaos. Batman had Robin pinned down with Megan trying to bite his ear off, with /Robin trying to kneel him in the sweet place. Red Tornado was spinning in circles, trying to follow Kid Flash. Aqualad and Conner where so arguing on which hero is better Aquaman or Superman. The JL quickly got the YJL in containment rooms.

End of Flashback

The teenagers seem to have calmed down. Batman says "The gas bomb the Ape threw at them made their anger levels to spike and uncontrollable. They are finally permitted to be questioned." Green Arrow finally comes into view "Now will you please tell us where Artemis is?"

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