Chapter 5

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Artemis Pov

Artemis still had some "chores" to take care of before she can go back to Vietnam , to stay with her mom's family. But she had to figure out a way to keep Cassandra hidden from the League of Shadows. She is only a kid maybe7 or 8. Artemis can't leave her to defend herself. She won't let her go through what her sister and father did to her. Artemis knows she can't protect her for long, but…..the Justice League could. And even though she HATES the League it doesn't mean they won't help Cassandra. That's what the League does, helps people. Artemis could take her to Wally. Even though he is a totally selfish, jerkish, meanish, stupidish, adorableish…What no no no girl focus! Get Cassandra to safety that is my mission. Wally can make sure she gets the protection she needs. Artemis woke Cassandra and explained that they need to get going. Spying her used to be golden locks on the floor; Artemis finial gets a closer look at the wig. It truly does look how I use to wear my hair Artemis muses. She hands the wig to Cassandra.

"Here, wear this and put the scarf around your mouth."

Cassandra places the wig and scarf on and looks in the mirror.

"You know I could pass as you."

"I guess come on we need to get going."

35 minutes later

Artemis and Cassandra are finally in the center of Gotham after 'borrowing' a car. Artemis was extremely paranoid, looking over her shoulder every other minute. She couldn't a finger on it but her instincts were telling her get out of there as fast as she could. Artemis and Cassandra finally arrived at Gotham Academy.

"Wait here I'll be right back." Artemis told her.

Artemis entered the building to find it deserted.

Where is everyone?

Artemis made her way to the lockers. Just get your back up bow and arrows then get out nothing to it. By the main office there was a huge crowd of students. Crap, right in the way to the lockers.

Umm excuse me coming through. Artemis shoved her way through the crowd. But then Artemis felt someone grab her arm.

"Miss please take a seat."


"Hold still dearie." Said the little old lady who had grabbed her arm. Now Artemis could get away but she doesn't need to blow her cover.

She sat down and the lady took her hand and had pricked her finger before she could blink.

Artemis pulled away not expecting the lady to prick her. But the fast movement made her sluggish and dizzy.

"What did you do?" Artemis asked

When did the old lady get on the ceiling?

"Got another one sir." The lady said only now she sounds far away.

"Mhhhh good. But her with the others." Said a deep voice.

Wait she knows that voice. Artemis tried to struggle but her body was failing her. She was trying so hard to get away from people like him. People like Lex Luthor.

Artemis final blacked out.

Lex Pov

Lex Luthor stands over the drugged girl on the ground or as he liked to say newest recruit. Oh yes he had big plans for these kids. Big plans.

Cassandra Pov

Artemis has been in there for half an hour surly she doesn't need much more time. Cassandra enter the building. She sees a crowd of people crowding around getting there fingers pricked. Cassandra walks up behind some girls.

"Hey do you know what's going on?"

"Haven't you read the sign?" the girls reply.

The future is HERE. Join Lex Luthors exciting new training program! You could win 100,000,000,000,000 dollars! The sign read. Cassandra looked up just in time to see Artemis being hauled away by some guys in black suits.

"Hey! That's my friend. But her down!"

Cassandra runs through the crowd pushing people down to get to the front. One of the bodyguards grabs her arms behind her back. But she brings her legs up and kicks the guy where it hurts. Letting go in pain the guard falls to the ground. And before she knows it people are screaming and cameras are flashing. And Cassandra does what any teenage assassin would do.. Run! She gets out of there and keeps running. She runs to the 'borrowed' car and drives back to Artemis's safe house. She arrives slips inside and hides. Hides from the cameras, her mother, the Shadows, and the pain.


Wally Pov

Wally's in the cave staring at the monitor screens hoping for a glimpse of Artemis. It's felt like hours but it will all be worth it if they find her. Suddenly a girl with long blonde hair pops on the news saying to have attacked Lex Luthor and the children of Gotham Academy. The only photos they have are of a girl with that recognizable blonde hair and Asian features.

"Artemis." Wally whispers.

"Rob I think I've found her."