"What's she look like?"

"She's . . . wow. She's like, she . . . God. Okay, she's got . . . green eyes? No, blue eyes, they're blue. Shes got long, curly blonde hair . . . Okay, she looks like Anna Paquin, minus the huge teeth gaps, and she has softer features – oh, wait, you're blind. Look, she's just really, really hot, alright?"

Matt laughed at Foggy. "Whos she with?"

"Dunno, some older girl. Brunette, too skinny. Okay, they're ordering their drinks – the brunette got a shot of whiskey and the blond hottie got a martini."

Matt stood, swinging his white-and-crimson cane towards the bar, making his ways towards the counter. "Excuse me?" he asked, and he caught the scent of her fresh, flowery smell as he slid onto the stool next to her.

Tapping her long fingernails on the counter, he could just barely see her turning her head and smiling. "Yes?" she asked in a smooth voice.

"Well, I have a problem, see. I was blinded by your beauty so I'm going to need your name and number for insurance reasons."

She laughed, leaning her head back. "And how many women have you used that line on?"

"Tons. I just haven't ever meant it."

She laughed again.

"So how about that name?" Matt asked.

"My name is Noelle Clancy. As for my number . . . well, I guess you're just going to have to work for that."

Meanwhile, Foggy was trying to move in on the Brunette.

"You want to get some Italian food sometime?" he asked.

"I'm allergic to garlic."

"How about a smoothie?"

"I'm lactose intolerant."

"We could go get a burger . . ."

"I'm a vegetarian."

"Do you want to go for a movie?"

"I lost my glasses."

"How about I buy you a drink?"

"I already have one."

Foggy sighed, standing. "Ah, forget it."

"Hey!" The brunette called as he walked away. Foggy turned back to her.

The brunette leaned her head to the side. "You want to go to a work party with me?"

"So how close am I to getting that number?"

Noelle smiled. "You're getting warmer." She sipped her drink. "So what do you do for a living, Matt?"

"I'm a lawyer."

"Sheesh, you're burning up."

Matt laughed. "And what do you do?"

"I'm a teacher."

"Oh, yes? What do you teach?"

"Fourth grade."


"Sarcasm unappreciated."

"No sarcasm intended. In a room for hours with a bunch of ten year olds? Must keep you o your toes."

He could tell she was smiling. "You know," she said. "Career Day is coming up. The teachers invite guests to come and speak about their jobs to the kids. I don't think we have a lawyer on the list. Interested?"

"Well, that depends. How much time will I get to spend with you, Ms. Clancy?"

She laughed, putting her hand over his. "Most of the day, Mr. Murdock."

He gave her a full smile. "I'm in."

"Let me get this straight – you're going to spend an entire afternoon in a class room, talking to a bunch of snot-nosed kids about the joys of being a lawyer?"

Foggy and Matt walked side by side out of the courthouse, waiting for the bus.

"Matt – this is time you could spend working on our new case! Or doing other stuff." He cleared his throat. "Other, you know, Super good things."

"Well, I have time for other things, too!" Matt responded. "And, you know, I really like this girl. This is the first time I've connected with someone since Elektra and I . . ."

"Fine," Foggy sighed. "Fine, fine. You know, I'm going to a work party with her friend. Her name is Lauren."


"Yeah. She's real high maintenance, but I sorta think its hot."

"You would."

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Matt laughed as the bus pulled up, and loaded with his friend.

That night, Daredevil sat atop a gargoyle, listening closely. He turned suddenly, hearing a commotion down the street aways. He swung his billy club so that it separated, swinging onto the next building and jumping down into the alley. He looked around.

Someone was there, he could just feel it.

He was turning around, and someone grabbed his shoulders. "Boo!"