"This doesn't make sense," Johnny said.

"What doesn't?" Peter asked.

"The chase. The warehouse. Something's not right . . . it was too easy."

"Hey, listening to that Latverian music and going through alligator infested sewers isn't easy!" Peter countered.

"Bullseye wanted us to find Matt."

"How do you know?"

"He left his card at the house. Kingpin led us to Electro, Electro led us to Doom, and Doom's led us to Bullseye . . ." He shook his head. "They all must be in on something."

They pondered this for a few moments, until Peter pointed towards the sky. "There they are."

Iron Man landed, setting Cap down. Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman landed beside them.

"Hi," Peter said. "Ready to kick some ass?"

Noelle had beat her way through four guards already, and the door stood there, unguarded and begging to be opened.

It was too easy.

Crossing her fingers, she put her hand on the doorknob, expecting some trap to be sprung, but nothing happened.

She twisted the knob. Unlocked. She gave it a push, and it swung open.

The first thing she saw was Matt, tied and bloody in the middle of the room. Her heart skipped a beat, and she looked around the dark room before rushing towards him.

"Matt!" She said. "Oh, Matt, are you okay?"

"Get out of here!" He yelled. "Get out, it's -"

The door shut behind them with a heavy thud.

Noelle stood, looking around the room.

"Noelle," Matt said. "Look out!"

She ducked to the right, which is exactly what Bullseye had been expecting. Noelle's body jerked as three throwing stars hit her square in her back, right between her shoulder blades.


Johnny heard the yell. "Oh God," he paled. "We're too late!"

Twelve armed guards had appeared out of no where when they had entered the warehouse - the heroes were holding their own, but they weren't fast enough.

"Come on!" Peter yelled, forgetting the guards and running for the door.

"No!" Matt yelled again. He worked at the ropes on his wrists, his skin rubbed raw. He got one hand out and went to work on the other.

Bullseye stood over Noelle, kicking her over to make sure she was dead. When he was satisfied, he turned to Matt, who was nearly free.

Matt kicked Bullseye out of the way, and finally pulled his wrist free.

He attacked Bullseye, but Matt was weak. With one swift move, Bullseye had thrown Matt to the ground.

Bullseye placed a foot on Matt's chest to still him.

"Sorry about your girl," Bullseye said. "She was a real bright one." He laughed at his own joke, and pointed a gun at Matt's head. "Don't worry. You won't feel a thing."

The shot sounded, but no pain came to Matt. Noelle had jumped in front of the gun and tackled Bullseye to the ground. Bullseye took advantage of his bad situation, and erupted in light.

"You - stole - my - powers!" Noelle shouted, punching him with every word she said. His light died out as Bullseye grew weaker, and Noelle continued to beat him.

A moment later, four hands were on Bullseye, pulling him up off the ground. Johnny and Peter stood on either side of the barley conscious villain, and Cap and Iron Man rushed in behind them.

Noelle was on her knees next to Matt, pulling him up into her lap. "Oh, God," she cried. "Oh, Matt. Please be okay. Are you okay?" she cradled him in her arms.

"Noelle?" He asked, breathing heavily.

"Yeah, baby?" She said, stroking his matted hair off his bleeding face.

He took her hand and held it to the side of his cheek. "Will you marry me?"