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Chapter One- Desmond's Warm Welcome

Desmond looked around. He saw a suitcase sitting on its own by a bench in the airport. It was rather large and the color black. He walked closer and his suspicions were confirmed. The symbol of the Assassins was cleverly hidden, looking from afar like a brand symbol. He looked at a note attached to it.

To our former Desmond Miles;

We'll try to keep you safe while you're here. Keep your skills sharp; there are always new surprises behind every corner. By the way- If you are in need of a safe house, then go to this address:

Desmond sighed. He picked up the suitcase and went to find a Taxi.

Desmond looked at the massive building in front of him. He gave a low whistle. Impressive. The building just gave off an air of importance, towering over the other buildings by far. He walked inside to an impressive entry room, where someone sat behind an ornate marble desk. They asked him his name and handed him Five Keycards. When he had asked why he needed Five, The person had shrugged and answered; "One is for if you lose the others. Most guests do." After the short conversation, he had moved to an elevator and put his keycard in a slot. He smiled slightly when the symbol for what floor he was going to changed to the symbol of the Assassins. "And looky here…" The elevator door opened with a "ding" and he stepped into a gorgeous living area. He carried the suitcase to a bedroom, where he opened it and found- much to his surprise- Several different outfits, including pair of additional Hoodies, one black and red and the other white and red, several pairs of jeans and a variety of assorted undershirts. Why so many of everything? He thought. It was a strangely large amount of clothes for a single person. There was another "Ding" from the elevator. When he walked out to see who it was, there was someone holding a large box, which they handed to him and then left, going back into the elevator. Desmond sat the box on a counter in the kitchen which was open to the living room. He stared at it for a while, and then opened it. "Why would I need… an Xbox? And what's with the extra controllers?" It was an Xbox, and it came with a grand total of four controllers. He suddenly became alert to the sound of squelching footsteps. He turned to see a sopping wet, white-cloaked figure. Desmond noticed just how similar they were in appearance. Altair stared at him. "...How do you turn off the strange room with the see-through door in which water falls from the ceiling?"

Desmond sighed. This is going to be very interesting… Why does he smell like coconuts? He turned around at a sound, looking into the kitchen where Ezio stood, holding a bottle of wine and trying to pull out the cork with his hidden hook blade. Ezio smirked in satisfaction as he succeeded in his task, and then looked cautiously at Desmond. Desmond shrugged and Ezio found a glass, and then found a second when he heard Desmond say; "I'll need one of those."