Chapter 1 Welcome to the Fun House

It was lunchtime on a Friday, the group of friends all sat at the lunch table chatting amongst themselves. The green-haired with goggles on her head and a red-haired girl with drill-like hair were telling the group of a trophy they won the day before.

"You guys should see the trophy!" The green-girl shouted in excitement.

"Yeah! It's so freaking huge and shiny!" The red-haired girl added in the same tone.

The blonde boy across from them sighed. "Lettuce, tomato, what are you guys talking about?"

The girls were about to comment on his question but the short-haired blond girl next to them spoke first. "Gumi and Teto are talking about the trophy they got in the Dance Dance Revolution tournament they won."

The boy rolled his eyes retrieving a banana from his bag and began to peel it. "Well, Rin, how was I suppose to know they were talking about a DDR tournament?"

"Well, Len," She replied flatly, "If you were listening, you would have known."

The blonde boy looked at her in annoyance. "You know what? I have to time arguing with little kids. Silence child and leave me be."

Rin blushed in embarrassment, anger rising. "Who are you calling a little kid, shota?"

The boy stood up smacking his hands down on the table. "Who are you calling a shota, washboard?"

She did the same action, the bow on her head moved with her. "Y-You take that back girly-boy!"

The twin pigtailed teal hair girl laughed nervously. "Come on you two, can't you just settle down now?"

The pink hair girl next to her nodded in agreement. "I agree with Miku, you two have known each other since last year, yet you still claw at each other's throat. If you two hate one another so much, why do you bother sticking around together?"

"Luka's right," said Miku.

Luka smiled. "Of course I am. I'm a wise person."

The two blondes took final glances at each other then slowly sat back down in their spots. Len started to munch on his banana, while Rin peeled an orange.

"So Rin," Luka continued. "You said you had an 'adventure'," she air quoted, "for us."

Rin's face lit up. "Oh yeah! You guys wanna go to an abandoned amusement park?"

Len held up his hand. "Okay, first mistake in a scary movie. The dumb friend offers to take them to an abandoned place."

She rolled her eyes, ignoring his comment. "So yes or no?"

Miku tapped her finger on her lip. "Well… it's not the thirteenth and I got nothing to do tonight." She shrugged. "I'm in."

Gumi poked Teto in the side. "What do you say my twin? Want to go get our spook on?"

Teto fidgeted. "I don't know twin… You know I don't like scary places."

Gumi hugged her. "Awh darlin', you gonna be jus' fine with little ol' me by your side," She said like a southern tone.

Teto giggled. "Hmm… okay," she hugged the girl back. "OKay, we're in!"

Len looked over to the other side of the room. "I'll go too," He mumbled.

Miku clapped her hands together. "Great! And Luka what is your answer?"

The pink haired girl sighed looking from person to person. "When are we meeting?"

It was now around 9 o-clock. The blonde girl and guy waited on the bus bench near the outskirts of the town. Their bags rested on the ground beside their legs. The girl wore an orange and black flannel shirt and Capri's. The boy was dressed in a yellow shirt, with a black jacket and pants.


The pink haired girl sighed. "When are we meeting?"

The blond thought for a moment. "Around nine would be great."

"What do I tell my mommy?" Gumi asked.

Rin ate a slice of orange. "You will be spending the night at my house."

"I don't think my mom will let me spend the night at a girl's house…" Len commented.

"Well call me Ren and move on with life."

Len shrugged and finished his banana."Fair enough."

"What if my mommy calls your house?" Teto asked.

Rin shrugged. "My parents are out of town again so no one will be there to answer."

Miku tilted her head. "Traveling again?"

Len took a glance at Rin.

"Yeah." Rin answered eating another slice. "So pack a change of clothes, food, whatever you think you'll need and meet me at the bus stop that's on the edge of town."

"Roger." The 'twin' girls said in unison.

Len grunted.

Miku and Luka nodded. "See you at nine."

-End of flashback-

The boy leaned on the girl's shoulder, resting his eyes. Rin looked away. She was slightly warm from the body contact through the night wind so she didn't mind tolerating him at the moment. Luka and Miku arrived first. Miku had on a blue tank-top with a small black cover-up sweater and a blue skirt. Luka wore a black skirt and a pink V-neck.

"Oh my," Miku gasped dramatically. "I knew they were secret lovers!"

Rin tensed up, slightly blushed looking down at Len. Len open his eyes and moved off of her. "You and your fantasies must stop Miku."

Miku stuck her tongue out at him. Luka chuckled at Rin's embarrassment.

"Hey hey hey!"

They turned around to see the last two girls arrive. "We are ready to be spooked!"

Gumi and Teto had on shorts and a short sleeve 'DDR 4 Life' shirt that came half way down to their shorts.

"Aren't you guys' cold?" Miku asked.

"Aren't you warm?" They responded in unison.

Len, Luka and Rin shook their heads. Miku stood confused while the two girls started singing together.

Rin got up and led the group. "Good. Every one's here. Now let's get a move on."


They arrived to the amusement park. It wasn't as the group thought it would be. They pictured it like a broken down and scrapped up Six Flags, but instead It was one large and vast building. It was just as big as the amusement park, though.

Rin looked at a pamphlet she printed out of the place earlier. The building looked rotted and dusty, just like an old mansion in a way. There was an old chipped sign with a clown on it that said 'Fun House'. The paint on it was faded and missing in some spots.

They scanned the area. In the distance was an 'Exit' sign hung over a door connected to a tunnel leaving out of the side of the building.

"So," Len stared. "This is an amusement park?"

Rin looked at her pamphlet. "It was… It seems all the rides are inside. It's kind of like a funhouse you'd see at a carnival on the upper floor than it leads you down to the areas. But they probably moved that stuff away when they shut this place down."

Gumi and Teto pushed the door open. It made a creaking sound as it allowed an entry way to the group.

"I don't feel good about this," Teto squeaked clenching her stomach. She gripped Gumi's hand.

"For once I agree with you," Luka said walking up behind the two. "Something doesn't feel right."

Miku gulped and ran behind Luka. Rin walked ahead of the group entering the door. She stopped before the old stairway leading upward.

"You guys coming?" She asked. The she took a few steps up. Len shrugged, fixing his bag over his shoulder and followed after Rin. The rest of the group followed.

The stairway was dark as they traveled up. A cool breeze passed through the stairway.

"Kyaa," Teto whined. "It's dark in here!"

"Then hold each other's hands," Luka suggested in a toneless voice.

Teto reach for Gumi's hand. Gumi joined with Miku who joined with Luka's. Len reached for Rin's, they both were a few steps ahead of the group. As the group got closer the top, they saw a light. A strange song was being played, softly but grew louder as they drew to the top.

"R-R-R-R-RIN!" Teto shouted. "I'm gonna pee on myself! Why is there music?"

Rin squeezed Len's hand, keeping her voice steady from showing traces of fear. "I don't know."

Finally, she took the final step walking onto the floor. Carnival music played on.

"Do…Do-Do, Do...Do-Do…"

The other four walked into view of the room. The two blonde kids released hands quickly.

"I've never been scared out of my life from hearing carnival music until now," Gumi said.

"You s-said it twin," Teto said clutching Gumi's shirt from behind.

"I don't feel so good." Miku clutched her stomach walking along the floor.

The music played on.

Rin looked at the map on the back of the pamphlet. "Well I wonder how you get to all the rides…"

"Hey," Luka said calling attention of the group. "Doesn't it look pretty… tidy to have been abandoned for years?"

Everyone looked around. Boxes were neatly stack, the light bulbs look new, and not to mention the music being played. There were mirrors pushed in the back, no trace of dust.

"I WANNA GO HOME!" Teto cried out.

Luka took a couple of steps forward. "Teto you need to—," The floor door made a 'Clack' sound, opening up underneath, making Luka fall through. "Aah!" She screamed out.

"Luka!" Miku screamed running to her but the trapdoor closed back refusing to open again.

Rin stammered back into the wall, hands over her mouth. "I think we should all—," She leaned back against the wall. The wall made a 'Click' noise then the door opened making her fall through.

"Kyaa!" She screamed stretching out her hand for someone to catch her.

"Rin!" Len shouted quickly pursuing her. He stretched his hands out falling through the door with Rin. As the two fell through the door slammed shut, the pamphlet Rin held flew out her hand landing on the floor.

"Rin! Len!" The two twins cried out. But they got no response.

The music played on.

"...Ha, ha,ha,ha…"

The witch-like laughter came through the room.

The two girls trembled in fear, clutching each other.

"I'm peeing!" Teto announced.

Gumi looked at her then released her grip, taking a step back.

Miku carefully walked over picking up the paper Rin dropped. Her voice was weak. "We have been here 5 minutes… 5 freakin' minutes …and we already lost half the group…" She tried to hold back the tears forming in her eyes.

She started to walk past the girls. "Come on, we have to find them."

"Let me see the map!" Gumi snatched the pamphlet from Miku. "We can't let an idiot lead us."

Miku pouted and stomping on the floor. "What's that suppose to me—," the floor 'Clack'ed again opening underneath Miku, "—eeeeeek!" She yelled as she fell through the door.

The sound of it slamming back shut echoed the room.

It was just the two girls left. Teto looked around the room.

"T-There's the exit!" She pointed to the door with the word EXIT over it. They carefully made there way over to the marked door.

"Thank God. We can go get—" The green hair girl said as they walked through the door.

But it was a trap too.

The girl fell through screaming, reaching for each other as they fell through.

The door slammed shut.

The room was quiet. Any traces of them entering was gone. The only sound in the room was the music being played.

"Ha, Ha, ha!"

The witch-like voice came over the music.

"Welcome to the Fun House…"