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Chapter 4: Dance Dance Revelation

(No One's P.O.V)

"Are we there yet?"

"I don't know... I'm hungry though."

"I had a sandwich in the bag if you want to eat it."

"I already did, thanks for offering. But can you lay off the carrots, twin? It was to many on the sandwich."

Gumi stared at the red-haired girl incredulously.

"Well it wasn't originally FOR you, but I'll keep that in mind Toto."

Teto grinned cheekily at the girl beside her. "Love you, Mimi~."

Gumi rolled her eyes as she playfully shoved the girl besides her.

The two continued to walk through the abandoned path. Teto led the two with the map in her hand.

"Did anyone text you back, Gumi?" Teto asked, her focus shift in between the map and in front of them.

"No let me check." Gumi pulled out her cellphone to check. "Miku sent us a message."

"Miku? Nothing from the others?" She stopped as she began to get concern. She thought that if anyone were to text them it would be Rin giving word of instructions from Len (and Luka together since they were more of the brains of the group). Its been a good fifteen to twenty minutes since they last heard from Rin. Ever since they dropped through the door they have been walking down the path to, where it said, leads to the arcade of the place.

"Nada from the headmasters."

"Well what did Miku say?"

"'Contact me'."



"Contact her then..."

Gumi frowned at Teto. "Shut up..." She clicked on the contact as she placed the phone up to her ear. The phone rang once before Miku's voice came through the speaker.

"Where are you guys?" She hissed out.

"Why are you whispering? And we are-"

"Trying to get to the arcade."

"-on our way to the arcade."

"I've been trying to get someone to answer me for-"

"What are you doing princess?" Gumi heard a male voice through the speaker. Even though it sounded gentle the ice tone was noticeable enough to make her shiver.


"I'm sorry but my princess while contact you later." The male voice said before the line went dead.

Teto watched from the corner of her eye how in shock Gumi looked. "What did she say?"

"We're not alone here..." Gumi whispered out.

Teto quirked a confused brown. "What are you talking about."

"I heard a guy on the other line with Miku! She shouted the name Kaito, Twin! There is something wrong about this place." Gumi shouted as she paced around trying to calm herself down.

Teto grabbed the girl, pulling her into a hug. "Shh, it's okay Gumi, we'll figure it out alright."

She felt Gumi's breathing stabilize. "If what you're saying is true-"

"It is."

"-then it possible that the others have been held up by someone else too."

Gumi's eyes widen. "So you think tat there's more people in here with us too?"

Teto nodded. "They might think we don't notice anything, but it's easy to sense when something's off..." She looked around, feeling as if she was being watched by something.

By someone.

"Do you think," Gumi whispered out, "we're next to run into someone."

Teto looked at her and sighed before changing her expression to a more playful one. "I don't think so, I know so." She began to march past Gumi, tucking the map away in her bag. "And Twin, you better straighten up honey because we are about to head to that arcade up ahead and demand some answers. Who runs the arcades in these areas of Japan?"

Gumi stared in disbelief at her twin's sudden attitude change, before she smile going along with the feeling she was trying to give off. "We do!" She cheered as she followed behind.

"Race you to the arcade!" Teto shouted before taking off.

The two raced down in laughs, the arcade growing more and more into view as they got closer. They pushed the doors open once they got inside. Hand falling onto their knees as they hunched over in exhaustion.

"Why did we do that again?" Gumi panted out.

"I don't know." Teto responded in the same manner.

After a moment they looked around taking in the view in front of them.

The arcade was filled with the noises of many machines on and ready to play. Lights flashed on machines, engines being heard from car games, laser gun sounds emitted from shooting games, it seemed as if they were at an arcade near their house and they came early enough to be the only people there.

If they were the only people there.

They started walking through the rows of the arcade, entranced by the attraction of the machines that they didn't notice the two pairs of eyes following them.

(Miku's P.O.V)

"Kaito!" I shouted as he took the phone out of my hand. "What are you doing?! Give it back!"

Kaito stepped away from me before speaking into the phone. He pressed the end button, then casually handed me my phone back as if he never took it in the first place.

As if he never halted me from contacting my friends.

He went back to wiping of the counter, humming lightly to himself.

"Kaito." I whined out, my anger at him ending the phone call fleeting from me. "Why did you do that."

Rather then mad at him I was rather curious on his actions.

I unconsciously started picking at the ice cream I didn't notice he placed in front of me as I waited for him to respond. My eyes wondered around the room, taking in its ice blue interior. It looked like any other cafe would, the only difference was that everything was some shade of blue- ranging from the ice-blue walls,utensils, bowls and cups to sapphire blue tables and chairs.

He finished wiping off the table, placing the rag down, and started to walk in front of me. I leaned back against he counter as he got closer to me, our faces just a few inches apart. My eyes softened from the initial alert that range through my body as I stared into his blue eyes.

His gaze was full of flickering emotions that moved to fast for me to decipher, but what it ended on was the warm gaze the differed from the coldness of the room. My cheek flared up in warmth as he placed his hand gently on it, caressing it.

As each second went by I started to get more confused as to what was happening- from the caressing of my face to how the distance between our lips seem to shorten by each passing moment. The only certain feeling I had was the way my heart fluttered as our lips made contact. My eye slowly closed as I started to see the sparks fly behind my eyes.

But that soon change as a bloody scream emitted through my mind and images of dead bodies flickered through.

I gasped as my eyes jolted open and I stared into Kaito's regretful ones in fear.

"I have to tell you," He whispered out. "That I really like you. You attracted me as soon as you stumbled in here. I want to hug you, kiss you, protect you, but I have to tell you the truth. In order to do that you have to trust me."

He searched through my eyes for some type of confirmation. I nodded slowly before responding. "I trust you."

It wasn't a lie. My heart told me that I could open up to him.

He let out a sigh. "Please don't judge me or leave me after this," He whispered out before connecting our lips again.

I closed my eyes. I felt a breeze past on my skin- not the cold breeze from the shop but a warm one. I opened my eyes and say that I was in a forest, a town not to far from me.

"Where am I..."

"In my past."

I turned around and saw that Kaito was leaning against one of the trees. I looked around, taking in the moment in disbelief.

"What's going on?" I chocked out, trying to calm my racing heart.

This was unreal. This couldn't be real.

My thoughts were stopped when a piece of leek was placed into my hand.

"Leek!" I squealed in delight.

"Wait! Don't try to distract me!" I pouted at Kaito.

Well played Kaito, well played...

"I just wanted to calm you down." He looked up at the sky. "We still have some time before it starts..."

"Before what starts?"

He sat down on a nearby boulder. "Before I can answer that I have to tell you about me. About us."

"Us?" I started to move closer, sitting on the patch of grass near him.

"Yeah, everyone in the fun house. We aren't what we seem."

(No One's P.O.V)

"Ay, iyaiyai,
Ay, iyaiyai,
Ay, iyaiyai
Where's my samurai

I've been searching for a man
All across Japan
Just to find, to find my samurai,"

"Come on it's my turn now! You've been going on for three rounds now!" Teto stomped her feet in frustration. The were wondering around the arcade when they stopped in front their glorious machine- Dance Dance Revolution. The two had a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who would get to play first, resulting in the present results.

"Your fault for losing~." Gumi teased, eyes never leaving the screen. The arrows rapidly flowed on the screen as Gumi's feet followed them with ease. "Go see if there is another machine around here. They can't just have one."

Teto rolled her eyes. "I bet they do only have one." She huffed out before turning in search of said machine. Much to her surprise and disbelief, there was one just right across the room. Her eyes lit up as she ran to the machine and started it up.

"Dance Dance Revolution!" The machine announced. She tapped her foot on the arrows setting up the stage. She clicked on Single-player mode, putting the music on random as she started to glide through the incoming steps. After I moment she felt a presence behind her.

"Don't start creeping up behind me trying to mess me up Twin!" She shouted, he eyes and feet still focused on the screen.

"I'm not near you! Aren't you the one near me?" She froze at Gumi's question. She wiped her body around but ended up stumbling back as she came face to face with a tall pink-haired boy. The boy smirked before leaning down to her.

"Well hello there." He eyed her in a way that made her cheeks flush. She looked over at Gumi for help to see she was in a similar position with a white-haired boy.

"The name's Yuma." He said, grabbing her wrist to pull her up. "And you're friend is already meeting my friend Piko." He smiled at her, and Teto swore she saw sharp fangs lying beneath.

"How about we have a few rounds? My body and I versus you and your girl. Winner get whatever they want."

Though her body was telling her to scream, to run, to not go along, she wanted answers and she had just been given the opportunity to have them answered.

"So yes or no?" He asked, his face leaning in closely to Teto's.

She thought for a moment before glancing at Gumi. Gumi must have been told the same situation because she looked at her with a nod.

Teto released a pent up breath before putting on a smirk. "Game on."