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Severus Snape sat at the Head Table in the Great Hall and watched as the first years were sorted into their houses. He was paying more attention than he usually did because this was the year that Harry Potter would start his Hogwarts education. He carefully kept his face indifferent as the small, black-haired boy slowly walked up to the Sorting Hat.

Severus remembered when his father told him that his mother was pregnant. He had been nineteen at the time and couldn't believe that his parents decided to have another child when he was an adult, not to mention in the middle of a war.

The day his brother was born was the day that everything started going to hell. His mother had died during the birth because one of the mediwitchs had been hired to poison her.

His father did the best he could to take care of the newborn while trying to lead the resistance against the murderous tyrant Dumbledore. When the baby was a year old, Severus over heard a prophecy concerning his brother and told it to his father, who put the baby in hiding with some of Severus' most trusted friends.

On Halloween that year, when his father was at the Potter residence checking on his brother, after having gathered information from some spies, the house was attacked, everyone was killed, and the baby was taken. In the aftermath, Dumbledore tricked the entire wizarding world into thinking that Severus' father had been the one obsessed with blood purity and that he was the good guy.

Severus had went to Dumbledore months earlier pretending to change sides in the war, so he could help protect and possibly prevent his brother from attacks. He was devastated when he learned of the attack on the safe house the next day, and he nearly had a heart attack when he learned that his brother was hidden by Dumbledore and no where to be found.

"GRYFINNDOR!" Severus snapped out of his trance and watched as the supposed savior of the world walked to the table of cheering students wearing red Hogwarts patches on their robes.

Severus shot a glance at the Head Master to see him smirking, and was glad that the man had no idea of the boy's true family relations, instead, thinking the boy was the son of the Potters.

Severus Snape or rather Severus Riddle sat at the Head Table in the Great Hall and watched Harry Potter who should have been known as Harold Riddle, his brother, be greeted by Percy Weasley.

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