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Chapter 9

"Tom Riddle is your father?" Harry asked shocked beyond belief. "But he doesn't have any children. There is nothing about him even having a girlfriend."

"You forgot, Mr. Potter, that Dumbledore has changed everyone's perception of history to make Tom into the dark lord instead of him." Severus stated.

"If Tom is good, then what happened in second year with the Chamber of Secrets?" Hermione asked.

"The Dumbledore line and the Slytherin line are connected at several points in Albus' ancestry making him an heir of Slytherin- if somewhat removed. Tom never set foot in the Chamber until after Myrtle was killed by Albus. Albus can speak Parseltounge- at least enough to control the basilisk."

"Your third year, Albus only brought in Remus to keep a watch on him as he was loyal to your parents more so than him. Remus is your real godfather not Sirius as Albus thinks. Sirius was originally loyal to the Order but then turned spy when his brother was threatened for remaining neutral. Albus had him arrested when he found out, knowing that if he killed Sirius he wouldn't have access to the Black fortune, but when Sirius escaped he lured him to the castle to kill him not wanting to risk you knowing the truth."

"So obviously, Albus put you in the Tri-Wizard Tournament as another test last year. From what I have heard about your experience in the graveyard, Albus has been changing your memories of the event." Severus said.

"He what?!" Harry and Hermione shouted together.

"You were portkeyed to my grandfather's graveyard, but it was Lucius that met you, and all he did was draw a vile of your blood. He actually explained a bit of what I am telling you now. Somehow, Albus found out about the detour and sent some Order members to kill Cedric and bring you to him, where he changed your memories and that of the audience."

"Why was my blood drawn?" Harry asked looking at his arm where he remembered being cut.

"You are also connected to the Slytherin line- explaining how you can speak Parseltounge- and Tom needed the blood of two family members to help him restore his body."

"Why didn't he just use your brother's blood?" Harry asked shocking Hermione who didn't know about Severus' brother.

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