BONJOUR! I just posted my newest fic! Wanted to try something like this... I haven't read any Naruto and One Piece xover like this one that would actually last longer and three chapters... but anyways, I'm just using this as an excuse because I cant think of a good fight scene for The 8th Sword of the Mist... *sigh*... troublesome... but anyways, onto some notes

(Note 1: Naruto would be strong... not godly strong YET... but he will be powerful... and right now, he is smart... not stupid... he knows the secret off the Kage Bunshin and about the Kyuubi... etc etc...)

(Note 2: This will consist of slight Sasuke, Sakura and Kiba Bashing... not too hard but they still get bashed)

(Note 3: I dont think there would be any pairings yet... maybe some 'friends with benefits' just for the sake of Lemons... but still... no pairings yet... but your welcome to suggest some)

(Note 4: There will some differences with this story and the Naruto/One Piece anime... like the gun or when ace dies... but just go with it please... ow and all Naruto characters are just like cannon... or their 15 years old.. same uniform just different skills... the plot will also follow the same as canon but with my twist!)

Anyways, I'm going to say this only once... I dont Own Naruto... or One Piece... or any elements that might appear in this fic unless it is an OC... or maybe some of the plot line... SOME

On with the Story!

Chapter 1: Mera Mera No Mi

~ Forest of Death ~ 2nd Part of Chunin Exams ~

The sound of rustling grass could be heard as several blurs pass the trees. These three blurs could be identified as non-other than Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha's last 'loyal' Uchiha, and probably the nation's most arrogant person, behind him, is his ever so loyal Fan-girl, who is pretty much as useless as a rock on the ocean and last but not least, Konoha's most hated individual, and current Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi No Kitsuen, Uzumaki Naruto. This trio is known as Team 7, under the guidance of Hatake Kakashi, or better known as Copy Ninja Kakashi. They are currently in the 2.5 Km inside of the Forest of Death, making their way towards the Tower that is located right at the centre of the 30 Km (in diameter) Forest, hoping to catch a tired team near the Tower, or on the way there.

A few minutes later, Team 7 stopped in a clearing, the 'leader' of the Team, looked at Naruto before saying "Give me the scroll Dope, if you hold on to it, it will easily be taken by the enemy, it needs to be in the hands of an Elite, an Uchiha, namely... me", the arrogance in his voice could be seen like how you can see Naruto in an orange jumpsuit during the day, right in front of your eyes. Naruto, trying to keep the act of idiocy, complained "No way Teme! I got the scroll and you're not going to-"he didn't get to finish his sentence as Sakura, his 'beloved' Sakura and not so secret crush, bashed him on the head before saying "Baka! Give the scroll to Sasuke-kun! I don't want to fail this exam because of your uselessness!" she stated, of course, being the 'love' drunk idiot that he has acted all his life, he obeyed her and handed the scroll to Sasuke, though reluctantly at first, gotta keep the image.

Once the scroll was handed to him, an unnatural giant gust of wind came upon the trio, Naruto, being the nice guy that he is and the 'pawn' that could easily be replaced, or thought his 'Teammates', pushed them aside, taking on the full brunt of the wind and being flung away a few metres, where he crashed onto a hollow tree and landed on what seemed to be an old chest the size of a small table. Being born into the Uzumaki Clan, Naruto has a healing factor that could rival a Jinchuriki's and being a Jinchuriki himself, it was amplified to be able to heal him, from what could take weeks to heal, quicker than you could "Onomatopoeia" five times. Once he recovered, he took a look around the hollow tree and saw paintings or portraits of battles and structures, with a bookshelf here and there, a comfortable sofa and the big chest that he is currently leaning on. Sensing that nobody is nearby, he dusted himself off and looked around once more, this time, with a calculative eye, something that is thought impossible for NARUTO, to do.

As Naruto carefully scanned the room, he came across the titles of the portraits and some titles of the books on the shelf. Once he's done, he looked behind him where the chest is located and saw a seal that has the words "Treasure" on top of it and "Warning" below it. Sighing to himself, he decided to leave that for later and take a look at the bookshelves and started reading the stories, whilst he summoned clones to check the other stories.

It was two hours later that Naruto has finally finished reading all the books (which had some pictures and illustration) and dispelled his clones, and was at awe at what he has crashed upon, Pirates, Devil Fruits, Under Water Prison, Floating Islands and the lot, everything just seem unreal but, this was history, for he heard some snips and pieces of the stories from Iruka's lecture that has some connection to the ones in this library, He has heard that there is a Clan in the Shinobi Nations that has a flying castle and could fly. He stood there; still, trying to gather his thoughts and process all the things that the clones transferred to him, once he was done, he looked towards the chest that is located at the very back of the circular like room. He slowly walked towards it, cut open his hands and placed it upon the seal, which glowed red for a few seconds before it dimmed down and the locked open with an audible 'CLICK'. Taking a gulp of saliva and a deep breath, Naruto slowly put his hands on the rim of the chest, before he opened it to reveal its content, which is just some more books, that looks like Diary's, some odd clothes that consist of a Hat, Pants, Boots, and from what he have read, a Gun. He also saw an odd looking purple fruit that looks like grapes, only it seem like its melded together and you have to eat it as a whole, it took him a while to realize what it is, and when he did, his eyes shot wide open in surprise and excitement, this was a Devil Fruit, the ones he have read about, he was giddy.

He was about to reach of for the Fruit but he noticed a note at the side of it, thinking that its better safe than sorry, he read the note which said

'To Whoever Finds This Place'

'Whoever you are, you have probably stumbled upon the world's oldest history, the History of the Pirates. In this box, I have left you my Diary and important belongings that I have kept with me. I will entrust you everything that I was into this box, I have left instructions on how to use the Mera Mera No Mi, which is theweird looking Fruit that is near this note, in several books inside, along with instructions on how to use Haki and the Gun. There so many things that I want to say but, my time is running short, so I have one thing left to say, don't misuse the power of the Fruit, and do me proud,'

'My Descendant'

'Portugas D. Ace'

Naruto read and re-read the letter several times, trying to get it into his brains that he is a direct descendant to none other than Portugas D. Ace, he has read about him in several books in the library here, and he could not believe that he is a descendant of him, it was... unreal. Deciding to let that thought out of his mind for now, he picked up the fruit and took a bite, prepared for the bitter taste that the books have mentioned them to be, and nearly spitted it out again, but for his ancestor, he will eat the whole thing, no matter how disgusting. Once he finished, he said to himself "Oh God, that was more disgusting than accidentally kissing that gay Uchiha in class! URGH!"... Yep, it's that bad. Taking a minute to lose the taste from his mouth by continuously using spit to 'wash' his mouth, he finally stood up and took out the Diary of his Ancestor, he read the first few pages and nearly cried at how sad his life was... about how he was hunted for just being born, like him. They have so much in common... Deciding to keep it for later, he took everything out of the box and scatters them in front of him. There are four books in total, two on instructions on how to use the Mera Mera No Mi, one for Haki, and the other for the Gun. There also two pairs of pants that clearly belongs to Ace, or use too, its mine now, though Naruto, same goes for the hat and boots. The gun was also there too, a .357 Magnum Revolver, built right before Ace died.

Deciding to learn how to control the fire before he accidentally burn something important, Naruto took the first book, which is the beginners' book, and read the first few chapters, which consist of training exercise to master the flames. Making several clones, Naruto told them to do the different exercises to help control the flames, while the original took off his clothes and changed into Ace's, cause it seems to fit him better than his current one. Once he put the clothes on, seal like designs began to appear and the pants/hat/boot shrunk to fit his size perfectly. Nodding to himself and looking down to his six packs, he thought that he should get some physical exercise because compared to Ace's twelve packs (I check the picture), his is nothing. Naruto jumped out of the hole that he had created when he entered the hollow tree and landed on the soft grass below; only to jump back again as a giant scaly green tail came upon the spot where he just stood not one second ago. Looking up, Naruto saw what probably could've been the biggest snake he has ever seen... so far. The Snake looked at Naruto with what would seem as a glare, and hissed angrily at him. Naruto being Naruto, looked left and right, seeing no one before he pointed at himself. If the Snake could roll its eyes, it would, but instead just went with hissing and charging at the Blonde.

The Blonde, sighed as this type of things always happen to him, he hasn't even learned the basics yet and now he's about to be eaten by a snake... 'Why me?' He though sadly as he was engulf by the snake as a whole.

Inside the snake, Naruto panicked and squirmed as he was about to be digested by Snake, but as if he was acting on instinct, he took a deep breath before spewing out a large fireball down the stomach of the snake.

Outside, the happy slithering Snake felt a heat in its stomach, before it burped out a plume of black smoke, before the smoke is coming out of its nose, mouth and eyes. Squirming and shrieking in pain, the snake rolled and rolled, trying to put down the fire that is burning inside its stomach, if it is possible. Seconds later, the squirming snake stopped, still as a sleeping baby, before it seemed to be slowly disintegrated into ash from the inside out, mouth open in a silent scream like way. Before anything else could happen, the middle section of the snake seem to glow red for a while before a huge fireball burst through it and crashing into a large tree and scorching it. From the middle section of the snake, out came Naruto, completely fine, not even a drop of saliva in his body, or a piece of burnt meat, even his pants is completely fine, 'Thank God for Fire prove pants' he idly thought.

Looking at the burnt Snake, he was about to cut off some meat from it for dinner, before it puffed in white smoke, and disappeared without a trace, even the pieces of burnt meat is gone. Narrowing his eyes at this discovery, he knew that there are only two people in this Nation that could summon snakes, one is loyal to Konoha while the other is Orochimaru, 'but why would he come to the Chunin exams?' He thought, 'Meh, I'll worry about that when the time comes, right now I need to train my powers and body. Knowing my 'teammates' they would probably leave me behind and just go straight to the tower and knowing the Council, they'd the Uchiha pass even if he didn't make it to the a Tower. *Sigh*, Ow well, might as well get some training before I go there'. With that, Naruto created some more clones to practice the beginners exercise just to finish it quicker, while making one more to read the instructions for the Guns and how to use it. He himself is not going to just laze around, gathering some rocks, he tied them together as a make shift weight and started jogging around the big trees that covers the entire Forest of Death... hence the name.

~ Four Days Later ~ Final Day of Second Part of the Exams ~

The Chunin hopefuls are beginning to gather in the main area of the tower, a total of 7 teams, or 21 contestants made it, well... counting Naruto but since he is not here, only 20 Genins made it. The Sandaime looked at the Chunin hopefuls sadly, why? Because he did not see his Grandson, in all but blood, down there, when he first heard about it from Umino Iruka, he did not believe a word he said, he even went down and 'interrogated' the Uchiha himself.

~ Earlier that Day ~

Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura arrived at the big entrance of the Tower located in the middle of the Forest, not caring that they are missing a member, or if that member might have died. They both read the plaque that is located in the middle of the far wall in front of them. Deciding that they don't have to wait any longer, they opened the scroll before Sasuke dropped his scroll and so 'hotly' told Sakura to drop her, which formed an 'X' pattern in the floor, followed by a sound of 'Puff' and a large column smoke escaped from the scroll. Once the smoke cleared, there stood Iruka, in all of his Chunin glory; seeing Sasuke and Sakura, he thought that Team 7 made it and said "Congratulations, you guys made it just in time for th-" he stopped mid-speech when he noticed the lack of Orange and Shouting of a certain Blonde "Hey, where's Naruto?" he asked, only to receive a 'sad' look from the both of them. Understanding what it implied, Iruka sighed as he was going to have a hard time explaining this to the Sandaime. "Alright" Iruka continued in a un-enthusiasm way "Go past the door over there where the other contestants that made it past the Forest of Death for further instructions, you guys made it just in time, a few minutes later and you would have been unable to go to the next round" 'Of course, if its dealing with Sasuke, the Council would just assume that the time was broken and let the Uchiha pass' he thought.

With that, Sasuke walked passed Iruka, Sakura following him like the little lap-dog that she is, while Iruka Shunshined to the temporary Office of the Hokage, and told him of what had happened in the entrance. The Sandaime, hearing that his beloved Grandson in all but blood is missing or dead in the forest, sent ANBU's and some Jounins to find him, or his remains; but before he could, his advisors and an old war-hawk, who were eavesdropping on their conversation, stopped Hiruzen's attempt to retrieve his Grandson, saying that it would be a sign of favouritism and should not be a loud to happen when there are other Teams and Jounins from other Countries. Sighing, the Sandaime put the search to a halt, deciding to interrogate the Uchiha for questions, not seeing the hidden smirks that his advisors and Danzo has.

Once the advisors, Koharu and Homura, and Danzo left the Hokage's temporary office, the Hokage went straight to the main arena or gathering place and told the Uchiha to come with him for some questions.

~ One Interrogation and Chunin Speech Later ~

Once the Hokage has talked to the Uchiha about Naruto, he decided to let it drop for now and start the preliminaries before the contestants get restless. He was about to call in the big screen for the name match up before the sound of the door opening and the sound of boots made it to his and the others in the room's ears. He was about to send ANBU when they heard a voice coming from the same direction "Oi, am I late? I kinda got lost in the Forest back there" Once the figure went past the big metal red gate that separates the hallway from the arena, they all saw who it is,

A figure wearing navy blue pants that stops just below the knees and a small blue pouch on his thigh; the pants is held up by a tilted brownish-red belt with the letter N on the buckle, and a strange circular object tucked into his pants, with navy blue combat boots and no shirt, showing his six packs and making the girls in the area, young or old, blush, just walked in the arena, looking confused and slightly agitated. The figure is also wearing a strange skeleton like talisman around its neck with red-pearl like necklace. He also has a redish-orange cowboy like hat with a pin of a smiley face on the middle right and a pin of a frowning face on the middle left, attached by another set of red pearl like necklace that ran around the hat.

(Basically Ace's Uniform, without the tattoos... yet)

What was unique about the figure is that he has golden blonde hair that seem to shine like the sun and three odd whisker marks, three on each cheeks, that's when it hit them like a of bricks, that person is none other than Uzumaki Naruto, a changed Uzumaki Naruto, more... badass

Before anyone else could speak, Naruto said "So, who am I fighting?"

AND DONE! So how do you like the Intro? I know its short but its just the intro... and that's it... The next chapter would be Naruto and Kiba's fight... and also the month long interval between the Chunin Exams... and a bit of Naruto's training.. and if I get enough reviews, Neji and Naruto's battle...


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