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Chapter 3: Explanations and Training

~ Previously ~

Taking a deep breath, Naruto thought 'Let's just hope I don't over power this and burn him to a crisp, don't want any trouble in the foreseeable future'; He then breath out a plume of black with some some red 'lights' that looks like floating, small and light pieces burnt charcoal, taking another deep breath, Naruto took a horse stance and 'punched' the air, they were about to sweat drop at such an act but were surprised that a stream line of fire launched itself towards Kiba, burning his upper body and giving him 2 degree burns. Once Naruto was done, he took another deep breath to calm himself down and began walking towards the front door but not before saying "Jiji, I'll see you in the office later, and take my number for me please, I'm not in the mood"; not waiting for a reply, Naruto just left the stunt crowd of Ninja, 'how could the Dead Last get so good in five days? Or was he never the Dead Last?' were their thoughts of the Konoha Ninjas

"Shousha, Portgas D Naruto"

~ Present ~

The surviving Teams and Jounin Senseis were silent, not one of them were moving, or blinking for that matter, why? Because the so called Dead Last just defeated one of the most promising Genin in the Leaf with ease, not to mention that the Flames that was dancing around his body, and he somehow performed a fire based Jutsu without saying the words or performing hand seals; just taking a deep breath and 'BAM', fire comes out of his extended fist. Once a minute passed, the Medic-Nins got over their shock and rushed over to the badly beaten and burnt Kiba, they slowly pried his melted jacket of the wall, which is the reason why Kiba is stuck to it in the first place, and gently put him down as to not cause any more injuries to his already 'broken' body.

Once the Medic-Nin put Kiba on the stretcher, they hurried to the ER where they could properly treat the 2nd degree burn that he received from the enraged muscular and definitely powerful blond. As the Medic left, all eyes were now on Kakashi, who was now looking uncomfortable at all the stares he is receiving. Deciding that he has enough of the looks, he asked "What? Is there something on my face? I'm pretty sure I have my face mask on..." he mumbled the last part, mostly to himself at the last part

Clearing her throat, Kurenai asked the question "Well" she started "Your student, which I should remind you, IS the Dead Last, and he just knocked MY student around like a ragdoll and suddenly has an ungodly control over the fire element, judging from the way he summoned them, did that technique without calling its name AND doing hand signs and burning my student in the process; though I would have done the same to my student if he made fun of my dream like" she said as an afterthought, before she continued with the questions in everybody's mind "What did you teach him?" she questioned with curiosity

Kakashi was nervous on how to answer the question without making them suspicious but sighed inside of his mind, might as well tell the truth and hope they didn't notice, he thought before saying "Nothing, nothing at all". The Sandaime narrowed his eyes at the innuendo of that statement and decided to ask Naruto later when he arrives at the Hokage Tower, the other Jounin though has suspicion but thought of it as Kakashi keeping secrets from other Jounins, especially from those not part of the Village Hidden in the Leave. Now though, it was the Sandaime's turn to get the attention, as there are no more battles left for the prelims; The Sandaime cleared his throat and nodded to Anko, who has stopped drooling at the body of the Blonde the moment he left the arena, as she spoke up "Alright maggots! For those who have won their matches, stay where you are and I'll come to you with this box. Inside, you will find a slip of paper with a number on it; that will be the number of your roll during the Final Chunin Exam that will be held in one months' time" and just as she said, she came to all the winners and they took their numbers. Once all the competitors that would be going to the next round have taken their numbers Anko said "State your name and the number that you got from the box"

"Kinuta Dosu, I got 8"

"Sabaku No Temari, I have 7"

"Sabaku No Kankuro, got 5"

"Sabaku No Gaara, 3"

"Neji Hyuuga, 2"

*Sigh*"Troublesome, Nara Shikamaru, got troublesome 9"

"Aburame Shino, 6"

"Uchiha Sasuke, 4"

The Sandaime nodded and then said "Then that means Naruto-kun got 1" getting a nod from Anko as she drew out the match arrangements on a piece of paper before handing it to the Sandaime "Thank You Anko-chan, Alright, the match arrangements for the Final Exam will be:

Match 1: Uz- Portgas D Naruto vs Hyuuga Neji

Match 2: Sabaku No Gaara vs Uchiha Sasuke

Match 3: Sabaku No Kankurou vs Aburame Shino

Match 4: Nara Shikamaru vs Kinuta Dosu

Match 5: Winner of Match 4 vs Sabaku No Temari"

Neji and Sasuke smirked, thinking that they will be having an easy match for the prelims, while the others just tensed and looked at their enemy/enemies with a calculative eye.

"Now that you have heard the arrangements for the Final Exam, you are expected to be in the Chunin Arena within one month, we are giving you the month to prepare for the Exam and hone your skills to the top. Since this is a tournament, there would only be one winner but that does not mean that he is the only one that would be Chunin, sometimes the winner doesn't even become Chunin; it's only for those who show the skill, strength and intellect of a Chunin would be promoted. Hope that answers your unasked question Shikamaru-kun" stated the Sandaime, getting a surprised look from said person as he had his hand up before he nodded and the Sandaime continued "there will be many Nobles and Daimyo's attending the Finals so make it as interesting and exciting as you can, and Good Luck" with that said, the Sandaime dismissed the Genins and Jounins as Shunshined to his office, where he found Naruto relaxing in his chair with a whole bunch of meat and ramen spread across his desk.

The Sandaime looked at his now messy office and wonder how did he manage to get here and cause something like this in a span of a few minutes, before shrugging his shoulders as this was Naruto he was talking about, anything is possible for the little guy. Clearing his throat and gaining the attention of Naruto, who was halfway from biting a piece of meat and looked up only to see the Sandaime giving him a blank look. Chuckling nervously, Naruto answered the unasked question "Well... I kinda got here early and there was nothing to do... and I was hungry so I told your secretary to order these for me under your name" he said, a little nervous at the gaze the Sandaime was giving him, before Naruto took a fairly large drum stick and handing it to his Grandfather figure, who slowly took the chicken in a robotic manner and began eating it as he made his way to HIS chair and shoved Naruto to the guest chair in front of his desk. Naruto sat at the chair silently and watched as his Grandfather ate his ordered meal while still staring at Naruto. There was an awkward silence between them before the Sandaime spoke "Now that that's out of the way, we can get on to business" he said in a tone leaving no argument, which also caused Naruto to turn serious at the tone.

"Tell me" Hiruzen began "What happened in the Forest of Death?"

Sighing, Naruto took a moment to get comfortable at the chair he was sitting on before saying "Well, the first day that I was there, me and my 'Team' got hit by a powerful gust of Wind, and me being the gentlemen that I am" this is where the ANBU's hidden in the office and Sandaime 'coughed', with Naruto, ignoring the Jab at his personality, continuing what he was saying "I pushed them out of the way before I was hit with the full brunt of the Jutsu and was launch a few metres back before I hit a tree, which turned out to be hollow, so I just smashed through it and landed inside" Naruto would have continued with his story if the door to the Sandaime's office wasn't forcefully opened to reveal a sweating and panting Uchiha, with Kakashi, Sakura and the Sandaime advisors behind him. Sasuke was looking at Naruto with anger in his eyes and probably wishing he has 'Laser Eyes' so that he could burn the 'dopes' head and get his power of fire; but we all know that's not going to happen.

The ANBU in the room was about to intercept the Uchiha but a quiet but clear "Dope" coming out of the fag's mouth stopped them, as they are interested on what is going to happen, and see no harm done to the Hokage. When Sasuke said those words, everyone, except for the Uchiha supporters, could hear the anger dripping out of his mouth like a slobbering dog; Naruto turned around when his 'name' was called and looked at the Uchiha while saying "You know, I'm pretty sure people have invented the word and action called 'knocking'" he said in a matter of fact tone, which caused the ANBU, Kakashi and Hiruzen to silently chuckle, and further aggravate the Uchiha even further.

"Shut Up" the Uchiha said "I don't know what you did in the tournament, but I want it, I want that 'Fire Power' and I want it now; and you are going to give it to me, an Uchiha like me deserves it more tha-... DONT SLEEP ON ME DOPE!" screamed the Uchiha and true to his words, Naruto was fast sleep with a teddy that the Sandaime animatedly gave him when he saw the droopy eyes of Naruto. The smart ones in the office now understand what is wrong with Naruto, he seem to fall asleep during times that other are trying to 'show off' or say something epic... or just demand something from him. The Uchiha, in anger, rushed to Naruto, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him awake, which worked though laughter followed by due to the words that Naruto said "AHH, wha-a-at-t-t?-? co-o-ul-d yo-u-u st-op SHAKINGME!" screamed the blonde at the end, once the Uchiha let go of his shoulders, Naruto continued "Geez, I know you like men but c'mon! At least let me get laid by a girl first before you get all your dirty hands on me" that was it, the ANBU, Sandaime and Kakashi couldn't hold in their laughter's anymore as they could now be found rolling in the ground in a dignified manner.

Sasuke seem to have invented a new colour of red, as he was now blushing up a storm at what Naruto has implied and was slowly letting go of him, keyword: slowly, as the Uchiha fag loved the feeling of his muscles (I feel disgusted writing this... but it's for the good of this fic!), which the others took notice at the slow pace and expression on his face; which brought up even more laughter. Sakura though, think it's not funny as she screamed like the HOWLER FUCKING MONKEY SHE IS! And wanted to bash Naruto! Before her Sensei stopped her and pushed her back towards the door before saying "Gomenasai, Hokage-sama, but they were persistent on coming here and ruining your meeting with Naruto; and the elders kind off pushed him" getting a nod from the old Kage.

"Very well, will you please take them back and leave MY OFFICE before I put him in jail for interrupting an important meeting" Kakashi was about to reply but the Uchiha beat him to it "What kind of meeting is more important than me? An Uchiha, I deserve to know what is going on here, maybe you have gone senile Old Man, maybe you should retire and let me be Hokag-" the Uchiha didn't get to finish his sentence as a massive wave of Killing Intent washed over him and the Advisors, who are now on their knee's breathing hard and visioning their death.

"Now listen here, GENIN" the Sandaime started "You may be an Uchiha, but that does not mean jack-shit to me! You are in my Village, you are in my Office, and you better damn well show me some RESPECT!" he said with anger present in his eyes and tone. "ANBU, get this trash out of my sight and dump them somewhere in the village! And while you're at it, throw out the Advisors to, they have been a thorn in my sight for too long. Kakashi, get your student out of here before I do the same to her as I did to the Uchiha" he ordered, gaining 'Yes Sir's' from his subordinate as they Shunshined out of the building with an extra kick, not wanting to face the wrath of the 'God of Shinobi'. Once they are out of sight, the Sandaime turned down the KI; Naruto looked at the Sandaime in awe before saying "Holy SHIT! That was awesome Jiji! You should have seen the fear on their faces, HA! Priceless!" Naruto was supporting a large grin whilst he said his piece, while the Sandaime looked on in shock at how his Grandson was not affected a bit by his KI, even someone like Kakashi's calibre was stiffened at being exposed to such KI, but here he was, looking at the boy who he considers his Grandson, not being affect at all.

"Well, you'll be seeing more of where that came from, the Civilian Council are a bunch that is quite determined if they want something... or if the Uchiha is related in any sense of the way. I could guess that that spoiled brat is going to the Council after this and demand your 'Flame Powers' from you, speaking of which, you haven't finished your story yet" said the Sandaime, as he began to channel some Chakra into a seal under his desk, which indicate that it's a security seal since the room glowed an eerie purple before it all dissipate; Naruto looked on confusingly at the Sandaime, who said "It's a security barrier, it prevents anyone or anything from entering or escaping, which means everything you say in the office will remain in the office, literally, you see there is a recorder right over there" the Sandaime said while he pointed to the oddly placed pencil in the desk.

Naruto has a sweat drop at the back of his head, he has been in the office for numerous numbers of times and never in his life would he guess that that oddly placed pencil was a recorder. 'I guess that's why the eraser part of that wooden pencil is pointing towards me, and seem to be out of reach of the old man' he thought, which made him have a bigger sweat drop before he said "Wait, then couldn't anyone just steal it and listen to our conversation?" questioned the muscular blonde

"Oh no, that pencil is something I invented myself and only me, the Yondaime and Jiraiya know of it" replied the Sandaime after which he gained a serious expression before saying "Please, continue your story, no one but us would know of it, unless you decided to tell someone"

Nodding, Naruto continued where he left off "Alright, so where was I? Ow yea, I waws smashed through a hollow tree and landed inside; there, I found what could probably be an ancient library, a small, comfortable library that my Ancestor left behind... I found shelf filled with books about the time before Chakra or the Rikudo Sennin" gaining wide eyes from the Sandaime at such a valuable piece of History, before he re-winded the words that Naruto said and questioned him "Wait? Ancestors? What do you mean Naruto-kun?" "Well" started the blond "There was also this chest in the back of the room with a blood seal on it, seeing that I got nothing better to do since I finished all the books there by the time I wanted to open the chest, I cut my palm open and then the lock glowed blue before it opened and then this" he points to the clothing "is what is inside, with a strange looking Fruit and some instructions"

The Sandaime nodded at the informationa and asked in a confused tone "Instructions? For what Naruto-kun?" the blonde merely looked at him and then suddenly Naruto caught on fire; the Sandaime panicked again and was about to hurl the glass of water at the Blonde but before he could, Naruto said "Wait, wait, wait, don't worry Jii-san, this is what the books are for, instruction on how to weild the Mera Mera No Mi" stated the blonde

The Sandaime looked at the now flaming blonde in front of him, before he chuckled and said "Only you could surprise me like this. Now, you mentioned something about a Fruit?"

"Ah yes" the Blonde replied "I got this power because of the Fruit and before you interrupt me, let me explain" with that, the blonde explained everything that he has read in the hollow tree to the person he considered his Grandfather, who was by now, gawking at Naruto, his brain is unable to process that a simple Fruit is able to grant the one who ate it such power. It was an hour later that the Blonde finish his explanation, including the some parts of Luffy's and Ace's life and how they are his ancestors. "They also said that the Rikudo Sennin ate a devil fruit that caused him to gain those eyes. The Fruit was never recorded because they have never encountered a Fruit that is able to change the eyes, since there are only the three types of effect that the Fruit gives. The Rikudo Sennin used the power of the eyes to 'unlock' the hidden potential that all living being has, and that is our Chakra today, or that's what the book said" finished Naruto. He looked to his gawking Grandfather with mirth present in his eyes as he had the same impression when he first read the stories.

After a minute of silence, the Sandaime came back to reality and looked at Naruto "Well, that was one hell of an explanation... but it was none the less informative; tell me, are there anymore of this devil fruit?" questioned the Sandaime

"Well" Naruto scratched his chin in thought "I don't think so, I believe that the Rikudo Sennin used his powers to convert the ones who have eaten the Devil Fruit into the Bloodlines today, guess that explains why Kiri has the most Bloodlines over all the Nations; they're the closest Village near the ocean where the Fruit Originated from" he finally said after a minute of thinking.

Nodding, the Sandaime said "Good, you could not tell what is going to happen if the wrong people get their hands on the power of those Fruits. Now that you're done, could you please return to your home or train for the Exam in one month's time, while this old man, he plays one-.. sorry, Konohamaru's rubbing off on me" stated the Old Man as he was about to sing a children song in front of Naruto, who gave him a blank look, before the Sandaime cleared his throat "Anyways, I need to get back to doing this godforsaken paperwork! *sniff*"

Naruto was about to leave before he looked at the Sandaime and said "Hey Jiji, if you promise me anything I want, I'll tell you the secret to defeating paperwork-" his words was stopped when the Sandaime appeared in front of him, on his knees, bowing his head ever so often "PLEASE!" he screamed "ANYTHING! I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING! A CLAN, THE FORBIDDEN SCROLL! JUST PLEASE HELP AN OLD MAN! GIVE HIM SOME MERCY! I'LL EVEN DRESS LIKE GAI *shudders* IF I HAVE TOO BUT PLEASE!" he kept on ranting about giving Naruto everything and doing something completely embarrassing for the secret, while said person was looking at the Sandaime with a blank look, seeing the Hokage, the most powerful Ninja in the Village, begging on his hands and knees to a Genin, it was sad.

"Alright, alright, Geez, you don't have to bow to me. *sigh* It's the Shadow Clone Jutsu, have fun Jiji" said Naruto as he made his way to the door, the security barrier has already dropped the moment the Sandaime was begging in front of Naruto. Speaking of which, the Sandaime was now in mid-bow with his eyes wide open and his jaw hanging loosely. He kept in that position for a few minutes before he shouted in Out Of Character kind of way "ARIGATO NARUTO!"

The Blonde, who has just exited the Hokage Tower, just shook his head. Glad that he could help the Old Man who tried his best to make his childhood... liveable. Naruto is now making his way towards his home to get some well deserved rest; on the way home though, he has been receiving looks from the female population of the Village, Civilian and Ninjas alike are giving him 'looks' and it's not the usual glare that he has received for the first few years of his life. This is really making him uncomfortable, especially with some of the women openly drooling and lust visible in their eyes. The male population though, glared at him though they now have a "Legitimate" reason to do so; he was hogging their wives, girlfriends, crush and lovers just by walking. IT'S NOT FAIR! They screamed in their heads while crying animatedly.

~ Next Day ~

Naruto woke up nice and early to get on with training. Walking to his bathroom, he does his morning routine and comes out of the shower, still wearing Ace's clothes that he has acquired in the Forest of Death, and made his way out. He was walking the slightly crowded street of Konoha and saw his Sensei walking towards him with his face buried in his book; once they were in front of each other; Naruto stopped, followed by Kakashi as he put his back away and look at Naruto casually. There was an awkward silence between them before Kakashi said "Well?" getting a confused look from Naruto as he replied "Well what?"

Sighing, Kakashi said "You know, aren't you going to bother me with training... or anything?"

Naruto shook his head before he walked past Kakashi while saying "If you're not going to willingly teach me, then I see no point in chasing you and begging. I have better things to do than look for you and only getting advice that's not even helpful; so I decided that if you don't to teach me, I'll look for a Sensei who will"

This caused Kakashi to widen his eyes at his supposed to be hyper-active student. Never in his life would he thought that the blonde will have such intellect, especially after five days in the Forest of Death, he looked behind him to see that the blonde was already a few metres away. He was about to walk towards him but then he saw the transparent figure of his Sensei walking beside the blonde, he widened his eyes before shaking his head to get the image out of his mind; once he cleared the vision, he looked back only to see the blonde is nowhere in sight, he was about to look for Naruto but a voice interrupted him "Kakashi!", said person turned around to reveal the Gay Uchiha in all his glory "You promised you'd train me for the month! I'm waiting! And you should never make an Uchiha wait" said Sasuke as he was tapping his foot on the ground like a house wife catching her husband's hand in the cookie jar. Sighing to himself, Kakashi made his way towards the menstruating Uchiha, though he was looking back towards the direction Naruto set off too every few minutes as he was taking the Uchiha out of the village to get some private training, though he wished he could've done more to his other blonde student.

~ With Naruto ~

We find our blonde hero in front of the Konoha's Hot Spring getting ready to enter as he thought 'The Hot Spring, a good way to spend a quick break from training in the Forest before continuing' thought the Blonde; though he stopped walking when he heard giggling coming from the fence outside. Realizing what type of giggle that was, due to having Kakashi as a Sensei, he came out of the Hot Spring and saw a man with waist-length spiky white hair tied in a pony-tail with two shoulder length bangs, that he could hardly see, on both sides of his face. He wore a green short shirt kimono and matching pants; under which he wore mesh armour that showed out of the sleeves and legs of the outfit. His outfit was completed with hand guards, a simple black belt, traditional Japanese Geta (Wooden Sandals), a red cloak with two simple yellow circles with a fairly large scroll on his back.

Naruto saw the man peeping through a small hole in the wall whilst he writes down something in a small green book. Being the gentleman that Naruto is, which earned him *coughs* from the man with white hair and some people in the vicinity, he made his way behind the Sannin using all the stealth that he has mustered during his younger days in the village, took a deep breath, and breathed out a torrent of fire towards the unidentified Sannins ass, making said Sannin jump high up in the sky before he landed inside the women's side of the spring.

The next few hours was something akin to a movie for our little hero, as he watch one of the most exciting and amazing fights he have ever laid eyes on; hot women with huge jugs beating the crap out of that white-haired pervert, now Naruto may not be a pervert (to some degree), he still enjoys looking at women's bodies, especially when their jugs jiggle ever so often in those towels when they beat the poor man. Once the beating halt and the women returned to the spring, Naruto approached the half-dead body of the white-haired man and poke him with a stick he so inconveniently found in front of him.




"WOULD YOU STOP THAT PLEASE!" screamed the white haired man as he stood up and brushed his clothing's like the beating he just received did not occur.

Amazed at such a quick healing rate, Naruto said "Well... that's what you get when you peek and disrespect women"

Jiraiya, finished with dusting himself off, look to see the one that caused him his misfortune, only to have his eyes widen as he saw the similar looks the boy in front of him has to his previous student, who is evidently the boy's father. Getting out of his shock at the very, VERY close resemblance, Jiraiya cleared his throat and said "So YOU'RE the one who burned my ass? Why did you do that? Dont you know who I am Jir-" he was interrupted by Naruto saying "Jiraiya of the Sannin, said to be the strongest of the three, also Toad Sage of Mt Myouboku, I know, Sarutobi-Jii-san talks about you when I was little. Nice meet you, names Portgas D Naruto" said Naruto while he bowed when he introduced himself, before he made his way towards the men's side of the spring while saying "It's nice 'meeting' you an all but I to take a break before I continue my training for the Exams, Bye"

Naruto was about to enter when he heard the Sannin say "You competing? Hmm... That's nice, who's your Sensei?" he saw Naruto scowl a bit before he said "Ehh, Hatake Kakashi, but he's probably busy training the Uchiha to bother with me; ow well... I'll just figure something out myself, like every other time" Naruto whispered the last part, but the Sannin heard it, and can't help but feel sorry for the blonde.

'Sensei said I should teach the kid, and Kakashi apparently abandoned him. Meh, might as well' thought Jiraiya and said "Then how bout I train you? I'm obviously stronger than Kakashi and you could... 'Shove it in his face' once you defeat the Uchiha; how 'bout it?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the odd request, sure he heard the Sannin taking on apprentices, but taking an interest in HIM? Something is off, thought the blonde but seeing that being trained as a Sannin is a once in a life-time opportunity, he looked at the Sannin in the eyes and nodded with a big grin; the grin was mirrored by Jiraiya as he told the boy to follow him.

It took a while but the both of them finally arrived at a clearing with a waterfall, and a shallow lake. Looking around, Naruto find the place to be quite relaxing and promised himself to come back here if he has the chance. He heard coughing from behind him and turned around only to see Jiraiya performing some hand seals and a burst of smoke appeared under him. Once the smoke dispersed, it revealed to be a Toad, twice as tall as Jiraiya was and about as long as an average house, the colour red with blue, uneven spots across its body. Jiraiya jumped down from the top of the Toad's head and landed beside it.

"Okay Gaki" he began "I will teaching you the art of summoning! Huh? How 'bout it? Pretty awesome right?" asked the Sannin with excitement clear in his voice. He looked at Naruto, and saw his eyes narrowing at the Scroll that the Frog just unrolled from its tongue, but soon shrugged and walked over to the Scroll that was laid down in front of Jiraiya.

Naruto unrolled the scroll and saw an open slot, right beside a name that caused him to narrow his eyes again, 'Okay I don't understand, first, a Sannin just happen to be in the Hot Springs the moment I want to take a soak, then, he asked if he could train me, ME, the village pariah when there would probably be more better candidate, then he asks me to sign the Toad contract next to the Yondaime's name; what is going on here?' he questioned himself

Jiraiya saw the look of confusion ran across his face, but then saw him slowly put his thumb near his mouth and bit it enough to draw blood. He then saw Naruto write his name 'Portgas D Naruto, why does that name seem familiar? Where have I heard it before' thought the Sannin before he filled that information for later as his student have finally wrote his name and rolled the scroll before the Toad grabbed it with its tongue and disappears in a 'PUFF' of smoke.

"Alright Gaki, now that you're done, let me show you the hand signs" and with that, Jiraiya bit his thumb and performed the respective hand seal slowly so that Naruto would not miss the seals. Once Naruto could perform the hand seals in a sufficient amount of speed, Jiraiya told him to add chakra to it.

By the end of the day, a tired and exhausted Naruto is found lying on the ground after he manage to summon a small orange toad by the name of Gamakichi, who asked for candy at the first moment of notice.

This routine for the duo of Naruto and Jiraiya continued for the next five days, where Naruto managed to summon bigger and bigger Toads each passing night until finally, Jiraiya deemed him ready to summon the boss; and that's what they have been working on all day on the sixth day of their training.

Naruto took a deep breath before he gathered all the Chakra he has at his current disposal, which wasn't high considering he has been using huge amount of Chakra all day since morning, and performed the Hand Seals in a blur before he slammed his hands on the ground, a large 'PUFF' of smoke appeared and a Giant, Greenish-Blue Toad appeared with two Tanto at its back. "*Huff* Sorry about that *Huff Huff* Gamahiro, I wasn't supposed to summon you *huff!*... I guess I didn't add enough chakra to summon the boss" Naruto said to the now identified Gamahiro to which a received a "*sigh*, It's okay Naruto, Jiraiya did the same thing when he first got the Toad Contract; I guess I should get going, don't want to interruptyour training" and with that, the Giant Toad disappeared with another 'Puff' of smoke, leaving Naruto to land on the hard ground and collapse as soon as his feet felt the hard surface that is dirt.

Jiraiya came towards Naruto and help lift him up before saying "Well, I must admit that you did amazing for first timer, being able to summon a Toad at Gamahiro's level on your sixth day, you should be proud"

"And proud I am it's just" Naruto started "It's just not enough, I need to get stronger, that way I would be able to protect those precious to me, like how Ace-Ojii and Luffy-Ojii protected theirs, and Sarutobi-Jii-san too"

"Well, you could always use the Kyuubi's Chakra you know" replied the Sannin

"Yeah, I know but... It doesn't feel right using it, I don't want to end up hurting my precious people by using its Chakra" stated Naruto with conviction

Sighing, Jiraiya told Naruto to follow him for a walk. Naruto, already gaining enough strength to walk beside the Sannin, followed him; maybe a walk is something he need. They stopped in front of a very, VERY deep ravine; Naruto giving Jiraiya a questioning look, was about to ask but was cut off by Jiraiya saying "I know you don't want to use the Kyuubi's Chakra but sometimes, to protect those 'precious to you', you have to do something you don't like" and before Naruto could understand what the Pervert in front of him was saying, Jiraiya pushed Naruto into the ravine while saying "Use the Kyuubi's Chakra and you could survive, it's for your own good, Naruto"

Naruto starred at the Sannin with wide eyes before he screamed in fright at falling from such a height. He continued plummeting down the ravine and tried to apply Chakra to his hands so that he could stick to the walls, but he was falling too fast and the walls were too slippery to be gripped; which left the blonde still falling... He continued to scream but stopped after a minute, catching his breath and summoning a piece of meat he always has in his pouch; he took a nice long bite before he sealed it back and continued screaming.

Jiraiya, seeing what the blonde did when he stopped screaming, sweat dropped at the display 'Really Gaki? Even when you're falling to your death you still have the time and concentration to eat? God, his ancestors must be crazy' thought the Sannin as he was told by Naruto himself about his powers from the Fruit and his ancestors. The Sannin promised to help the blonde with the Flame Techniques once he finished the summoning yesterday and said Sannin was giddy at seeing someone 'control' an element without pushing Chakra or Making hand seals.

Back with Naruto, he was currently 'lying' on his back, trying to relax and go to sleep; maybe a little rest would help him figure things out. It was about a minute later that the blonde finds himself inside his mindscape, a reddish-brown sewer like place that looks as if it hasn't been washed for a decade. The blonde, following his instinct, walked towards a random direction and ended up in front of a humongous gate, so huge in fact, that he could not see the top of it, with a piece of paper with the word 'Seal' holding the gate together. Deducing that this must be the Kyuubi's cage, since there is practically nothing else other than the demon sealed inside of him... right? Naruto took a step forward and neared the Gate. He was about to say 'Hello' but a missive claw struck him in the chest, though it didn't seem to cause any effect as the part that was struck turned into flames, leaving the rest of the body in relative peace.

Naruto looked down at his 'wound', then trailed the claw up to its paw, then wrist, elbow, shoulders, before he set his eyes on one of the most beautiful pair of eyes he has ever seen, if it wasn't emitting any rage, malice, anger or disdain; it would have been the prettiest pair of eyes he has ever seen. Once Naruto got over his shock, he stepped back and let the flames that gather in around the hole 'regenerate' the meat that was there before saying "What the hell is wrong with you? You haven't seen or talked to anyone in fifteen years and then when one person shows up you strike them in the chest? Did the Shinigami took something else besides you physical body or is it just you?" questioned Naruto before he thought 'Thank God I don't have a shirt on, and wow, what magnificent eyes... never knew the Kyuubi was female, huh, must of been that time of the month', little that he know, the Kyuubi could hear his thoughts and was now confused whether she should be shocked, or flushed; shock because here was the very first person to ever guessed that she was a female and flushed because said person just complimented her eyes.

Naruto seeing the look on Kyuubi's face, realized something "You... can read my thoughts... can't you?" he asked awkwardly... which he received silence from inside the cage and knew that he was right... "Damn"

There was an awkward silence between the two as they tried to say something but can't as everytime they open their mouths, they close it back up. A second later, the Kyuubi said in a slight, feminine voice, "You know you're still falling right?"... 'Damn' thought the blonde and was about to say something about lending Chakra but was interrupted by the Kyuubi giggling and said "Worry not Ningen, time here passes by slower than time outside, so it's safe here... for now. And imagine my surprise that my container is the descendant of none other than Monkey D Luffy and Portgas D Ace, what an interesting family you have, Naruto-kun"

"Wait" came the reply from the blonde "You know who my ancestors are?"

"Ahh, Technically I don't BUT, I did know them when I WAS the Juubi No Ookami, I was nothing but a small pup back then" Which she got a confused look from the blonde before she sighed and said "Sit down Kit, it's going to be along explanation" With that, the Kyuubi explained how she was once part of a greater power called the Juubi No Ookami, who's power got divided into Nine Intellectual being that are now known as the Nine Biiju. When she was nothing but a small pup, she was being poached by the marines as they were using here as an experiment on combining Devil Fruits, though she managed to escape and rescued by Ace during one of his travels before he found Whitebeard. "I would have re-combined my powers together but I've been sealed from one container to another that I hardly have five minutes in the outside world. I COULD have forced myself out but, seeing that I have been attached to the previous hosts and seeing your child hood, I just can't. Forcing my way through would only serve as killing you and I would like to avoid that as much as possible"

After hearing her story, Naruto was at awe at her, one for knowing his ancestors and two for being a powerful being that was second to none (until the Rikudo Sennin); though he also felt sadness for her as she was separated from... herself and not being able to fell 'complete', and also a bit guilty that she was now imprisoned in him and halting her from achieving her dream. Getting into conclusion, Naruto said "How about we make a deal" gaining the attention of the Vixen "Since you are currently the most powerful of all demons, you must have some 'qualities' that allow you to defy the laws of nature and similar things like that, right?" getting a nod from the Kyuubi "Then how about this, you upgrade my Mera Mera No Mi to godly level, so Godly that nothing... or close to nothing could kill me, that includes the Biiju being ripped out of you, and you be my wife or 'mate' as you say it, and I'll free you" said Naruto with a large grin at mentioning 'wife' and ungodly power

The Kyuubi stood stock still at what had just been said to her, upgrading the Mera Mera No Mi would be s synch since she has seen what Ace could do with it but becoming his wife, that's something that caught her off guard, nobody, not even some of the male Biiju has ever asked her to be their 'mate' and now, a lowly human, and muscular, handsome, strong and powerful lowly human has asked her to be his mate; in turn she will get her freedom, the thought of freedom made her drool.

She considered her options and decided that marriage was a small price to pay for freedom of over decades of imprisonment. She looked at Naruto, who still has that charming grin stitched to his face, before she glowed red and seem too shrunk in size. Once the glow ended, Naruto opened his eyes and nearly flew back from a nose bleed as the figure in front of him was something that he or even Ero-Jiraiya could imagine; In front of him was a goddess in human form, an angel that fell from the heaven to visit him, a hot sexy devil that came from hell, a- "I think that's enough metaphor for now Naru-kun" said the Kyuubi in a beautiful, melodic voice, a voice that reminded him of a harp, a voice that could soothe the most rampaging of beast, a voice tha- "NARUTO!" screamed the red-head in front of said person.

Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously while saying "Hehehe, sorry, kind of got lost in the moment there". Naruto was now getting a better look at the girl, no women, no angel, yes, angel in front of him. She has fiery red hair, which reminded him of the one from Suna's, that travels down her back and stopped right at the lower back, she has orange-red eyes, 'My favourite colour', he thought, that seem to burn with an intense heat and seem to radiate power. She has a glass hour body that all girls, young or old, would be jealous off, her bust, a Low – Med D-Cup, compliments her rear. She is currently wearing a red, battle Kimono with orange flames on the bottom and flowers above the flame that looks like its slightly burning.

Naruto shook his head to get any dirty thoughts out of his mind, it seems that only six days with the pervert and he already 'contaminated' parts of his mind. Once the thoughts were gone, for now, Naruto approached the gate and leaned in, only to be captured in an intense make-out session by the goddess before him. A few seconds of kissing, tongue battles and groping later, both separated and took gulps of air and looked in each other's eyes before Naruto said "So, is that a yes?" which he received a nod and another kiss on the lips.

Naruto took one step back and said "So Kyu-" He was interrupted by a "Kotome" from inside the cage "Sorry" Naruto said "My name, it's not Kyuubi, its Kotome". Nodding, Naruto continued where he left off "So Kotome-chan, how are you supposed to 'upgrade' my Mera Mera No Mi?"

"Well" drawled out Kotome "I can't FULLY upgrade it until your body could handle the stress, which I estimate to be in another two or three years BUT" she quickly said seeing the saddened look on her now unofficial husband's face "I could tweak it a bit by... say, increasing the propulsion of the flames making it stronger though a bit harder to control but the results would be worth it. Water would also be less of a problem as I will remove the weakness that all Devil Fruit users have, and your flames, with enough power, could probably win over water, though it takes a lot of concentration and strength for you to do that" Kotome finished her explanation and smiled seeing her husband's happy face but suddenly it grew sad as he suddenly remembered what she said "But, If you can't upgrade my Mera Mera No Mi in two or three years, then I won't be able to free you till then. Are you sure you're going to be alright?" Naruto asked, concern for his newly unofficial wife

Smiling at the kindness her new husband has, she walked towards the gate and stopped before she went past the gate, she motioned Naruto to come closer, which he did. Kotome then leaned in and gave a soft, gentle kiss on Naruto's lips before saying "Yeah, I'll be fine, as long as you visit every night and 'accompany' me Naru-kun" she said seductively while opening her battle Kimono a bit, slightly showing her ample breast and quick flash of her crimson lingerie. That was all the motivation Naruto needed as the small mind that have been corrupted by Jiraiya expanded to nearly 2/5 of his mind; Naruto nodded furiously but stopped once Kotome said the next line "Good, now to start the procedure, rip of half the seal, that way I could easily alter your Mera Mera No Mi and maybe create a mental bridge between our minds"

Naruto, following her instructions, ripped of half of the seal and was suddenly hit by a wave of Youki as he felt his body burn, which is funny really because his body is suppose to be made out of fire. Naruto was about to scream in pain but a reassuring look from Kotome stopped him from doing that, he has a 'wife' now, and he shall not show weakness in front of her, he will protect her, she is now part of his precious person.

~ Outside of his Mind ~

We now find the relaxing, freefalling blonde asleep with a big bubble coming out of his noses and he snored loudly; it has been a few minutes since the blonde was pushed down the ravine and Jiraiya was getting nervous, he couldn't see the blonde anymore and don't know what is happening, sure the blonde didn't want to use the Kyuubi's chakra but he never thought he was this stubborn, he could have summoned some of the other Toads that are big enough to get him out of that ravine but after he summoned Gamahiro, 'I don't think he has enough chakra', thought the Sannin

He was about to turn around and explain to his Sensei how he killed the Yondaime's son but stopped when a large 'PUFF' was heard from the ravine. Jiraiya turned around, only to scream in terror as the massive body of Gamabunta came descending towards him. He screamed and ran animatedly away from the Giant cannonball of death that is a Giant Rusty-Red Toad and ducked under a rock formation, cowering all the while as he observed his student on top of Gamabunta and said Toad talking about taking a test to prove that he is worthy of summoning the Toad Clan.

It was a few hours later that Gamabunta has deemed the boy worthy and used his long tongue to lower the completely exhausted blonde the ground and dispelled the same way he was summoned. Jiraiya made his way to the boy leaning against a tree for support and was about to say 'Congratulations' when said blonde appeared in front of him with a fire-covered leg and struck him right in the gonads before shouting "THAT'S FOR THORWING ME DOWN A RAVinee" the blonde fainted in exhaustion as he finished his sentence and succumb to a well deserved rest.

The Sannin, having recovered from the kick due to lots and lots or painful, very, VERY painful experience, looked at the boy with pride.

'You definitely are his son, you're going to go far Gaki"

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