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Chapter 1

The world has gone to hell. I thought it was bad before, that was nothing compared to now. An actual real life zombie apocalypse. Of all the ways I thought the human race would get annihilated, this is the last thing I expected.

I was in the states, South Carolina, when it hit. Recruiting for the council. Chaos hit before I found the slayer I was looking for. Instead I met a family trying to survive. They gave me shelter in their home which was in an unpopulated area, we fortified the best we could with what we had. I would take out zombies that were in small packs, I've stayed here for months now with no idea where to go, how to get back to my friends.

The governments shut down air travel when the pandemic hit, trying to 'quarantine' the virus, trying to survive. Unfortunately it had already spread. Since then I had been trying to find a way back to our Scotland headquarters, a pilot and a plane. Just recently I heard word of some air crew surviving in Atlanta at the military checkpoint which has as far as I know has been successful at keeping the zombies at bay.

I was sad to leave the family that was nice enough to take me in after the outbreak, but I had to try anything to get back to my family, my friends. I have no doubt that their alive, everyone there is smart and capable, and no doubt working together as we have been since the hellmouth collapsed. I had to follow any lead.

Atlanta was already overrun by the time I arrived, the airport was a bust. Everyone who knew how to fly a plane were zombie food already. Food, water and medicine became priority one in the past couple of months since the outbreak. These zombies are stupid, easy to fool; they move slowly, only moving fast when they smell fresh meat. I knew I had to get out of the city again, to less populated areas, but I knew I needed more supplies first.

I moved fast, and deadly silent, not letting any zombies know I was there. I hit a pharmacy convenience store, filling a huge duffel bag with canned food and food with long expire times, water bottles, a hot plate, some cooking gear, and all the antibiotics, disinfectant, bandages, and anything else that I thought would come in handy.

After getting supplies I made my way back to my car and got the hell out of dodge.

I let out a heavy sigh when I see the low fuel light up on the dashboard. I'm going to have to stop soon to syphon some gas from the many cars that littered the highway. I slowed to a stop, grabbing my scythe from the passenger seat and surveying my surroundings, looking for any zombies, before getting out of the car.

I walk around to the back of the car, keeping on high alert and open the trunk reaching for the gas can inside. I take it and the hose out before walking to the nearest vehicle. I set down the can and open the panel; I push the hose down into the tank, feeling the resistance of liquid on the way. Here goes nothing, I suck on the other end of the hose until the gas starts pouring and try to move before it hit. I pull away making a face, putting the hose into the can, I hate the taste of gasoline.

As the gas is funneling into the can I survey my surroundings again. The road ahead looked hazardous, cars scattered all over it, in some parts insight there isn't even enough room on the road to drive through. There is still no zombie's insight, which is not completely reassuring; the forest beside the road is thick, making it hard to see through.


That came from the forest, it was faint though, not close enough to cause immediate concern. I look around me again before slowly walking towards the direction of the noise. My scythe is lowered, but ready for action at a moment's notice. I concentrate on listening closer, keeping my eyes peeled for movement.

I walked into the tree line, keeping my steps as light as I can careful not to break any twigs. I pause when I hear another noise, its soft. So soft I can hardly hear it. I keep perfectly still, straining my ears, willing myself to hear it clearer. It almost sounds like crying. I move slowly, quietly through the trees towards the noise.

The noise is getting louder, I'm almost there. It is definitely crying. I pause in my movement right beside a big oak tree, hearing a scraping noise, the sound of dragging feet. I peek around the corner slowly, raising my axe slightly into a comfortable position with both hands.

The zombie is close, looking upwards, gurgling quietly, a blooding ooze coming out of a wound on its neck. He raised his rotting bloody hands slowly, grabbing at a low hanging branch coming from the oak tree. I move silently coming up behind him, raising my hands and bringing my scythe down in a graceful arc, slicing through his cranium. He stills, part of his scull sliding off as he falls to the ground.

I look around, listening for any other undead. When I'm satisfied the coast is clear I move the bottom branch. Peering up into the tree I see a young girl curled up a couple of branches higher. She's dirty, her small face and shoulder length hair covered in grime, her eyes terrified and looking a little wild.

"Are you alright?" I ask in a calm voice, trying not to scare her any more than she already is. She doesn't say anything, just curling up into herself a little more. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm Buffy, and it's safe to come down if you want. It must not be very comfortable up there. What's your name?"

She stays silent a moment longer, but uncurls herself a little bring one hand up to rub her other arm. "Sophia." She speaks quietly.

I smile at her softly. "Are you hungry? I have food at my car. We aren't far from the highway." She starts at the mention of the highway. She starts climbing down the tree slowly, and I take the time to survey our surroundings once again. Still clear.

When her legs hit the ground she nearly falls over before she rights herself. "Are you okay to walk?" I ask her, not wanting to push her when she looks so weak.

She shakes her head sheepishly. "I don't know." Her eyes start to get dazed as she starts to sway. She needs food and water, who knows how long she's been out here.

"Looks like we're piggy backing it." I move in front of her, bending my knee's slightly for her to climb on. "Hold on." I say as I start moving in the direction of the highway. Sophia is not heavy, especially for a girl with super human strength, I move as quickly as I can while staying silent and trying not to jostle the poor girl on my back too much.

The trip to the highway is uneventful; I pause at the tree line. Peering out at the open space of highway, for any zombies and it's still clear. I set her down when we get to my car and she practically collapses into the passenger seat. I quickly grab the gas can from the nearby car, moving to fill my cars gas tank as quick as possible in case we need a quick getaway.

Finishing that task I put the can and hose back into the trunk before closing it and getting in the driver's seat. I set my scythe down between the driver's seat and the door. I lean over reaching into the back seat and open my bag, grabbing a box of crackers, some jerky, and a bottle of water. I pass the food over to Sophia which she takes gratefully. She tears into the food like she hasn't eaten in a few days.

I just sit in the car for a while, waiting for her to finish eating, surveying the highway surrounding the car. It pays to be constantly aware when the whole world goes to shit.

"Thank you." I start slightly when she speaks, not expecting it.

"You're welcome. Can you tell me why you were by the woods by yourself?"

"We were on the highway. My mom, the group we were with. When a horde of walkers came, a couple chased me into the woods and I got lost."

I start the car, driving slowly forward. "If you were lost on this road your mom is probably worried sick. They'll be looking for you, probably still on this road somewhere. Tell me if anything look familiar."

She smiles gratefully a certain light coming into her eyes, hope maybe, and starts to look around as we drive. We are driving for a while when suddenly she smiles looking excited. "We passed this car! I remember the color."

"Are we getting close?"

"We are! We should see the camper soon!" Her excitement is almost contagious; I can feel a smile tugging at the corner of my lips. That stops quickly though when I see the heartbroken look on her face.

"We broke down right there." Sophia's voice cracks when she says it. I slow the car to a stop, looking around for any 'walkers'. In the rearview mirror I see a painted windshield that starts the smile again.

"Look behind you Sophia, that car there." I point out the car as she twists around to see the car from her seat. "It says they'll come every day for you."

Her smile grows again, before fading just a tiny bit. "It's almost dark." She looks frightened again. I'm not worried though, I can keep watch and without lights and the tinted windows we should be fine here for the night.

"Ahh, it's not so bad Sophia, they'll come for you tomorrow, only one more night." She smiles at that, but looks tired; she probably hasn't had a good sleep in weeks. She falls asleep quickly, feeling comforted by the thought of seeing her mother again.