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Nat and Rosalina reached the apartment without any problems. Alex seemed relieved that Rosalina was okay too. He said he called the guys already, but said that he would call them back to tell them Rosalina was okay.

The next day, after rehearsals, Nat and Rosalina were walking through the studio hallways. They weren't sure why they were but there were quite a few memories associated with different rooms. As the continued walking down the hall, the came up to a door the had a sign reading: Nat Wolff.

"Remember this was your first dressing room?" Rosalina said, stopping in front of it.

"Yeah, I always came here in between shooting a music video." Nat opened the door to find it just like he left it, except without all of his stuff inside. "There's one memory I had in here that's my favorite."


"Our first kiss."

She blushed. "Oh yeah. I'd said because your first kiss shouldn't be with a stranger it should be with—"

"A friend," Nat finished for her.

Neither said anything for a few minutes until they both looked at each other.

A million thoughts raced through Rosalina's mind. I think he led me here for a reason, but why? He brought up our first kiss…he's going to kiss me? I haven't kissed him since…I don't know…a couple years ago? Was that why he kept kissing my head at night? What am I supposed to do? Should I say something—

Nat had leaned down and kissed her.

She put her hand under his chin and kissed back. It seemed unreal at first, especially because this was their first time in a long time. She smiled. It felt good.

He pulled back.

"Hey Nat?"


"I want to say…well…thank you. Because you could've just not believed me. And you stuck with me…and even though I completely over-reacted about the whole Christina thing, and I ran away, you still didn't care. You still hugged me and believed me and cared about me."

"Rosie," Nat said, leading her out of the dressing room. "How could I not care? You're my best friend. You've put up with all the fans pawing at me, and I know they were annoying. Even though, that's basically nothing compared to what's happened, you were still my friend."

"I wasn't a very good friend when I went on that cruise…"

"That's past. We've gotten over that. I forgive you, he's gone, and Josh is gone. Everything is over. It's all in the past. Us being together and the band is now, and that's what we should focus on."

She nodded. "Your right."

They walked through the hallways and back to the main rehearsal room where the band was still sitting.

"Where've you guys been?" Alex asked.

"Just looking around." Rosalina shrugged.

"Yeah, sure," Thomas said.

They laughed.

"Thomas, really?" Rosalina asked, looking at the cello player.

"Well, you never know with you two."

"I'm really glad we're back in the studio," Qaasim said, changing the subject.

"Yeah," They all agreed.

"It seems like yesterday we were in the warehouse with the big chalkboard," Alex said smiling.

"Oh yeah, and we drew all over it," David said.

"That was a really long time ago," Thomas said.

"Yeah, it was when we were rehearsing for our tour," Nat said.

"Oh yeah, and I was only nine!" Alex said.

"We were only twelve," David said.

"I was fourteen," Rosalina spoke up.

"I remember Cooper's first date with Miss Scoggins," Nat said.

"Yeah and he thought he was dying," Thomas said laughing.

"I was nervous!" Cooper defended himself.

They stayed there, recounting the memories of all the times they had together. If you asked them why, they couldn't tell you, because they didn't know. But it was fun just to remember all the good times.


A few months later, Alex's wrist was healed, Rosalina was back to staying at home (although she spent the night at the Wolff apartment a lot), and everything seemed normal.

The band was back on track, thanks to Cooper and they were performing concerts, going to CD signings, doing meet and greets and everything like before.

Nat and Rosalina were going strong, and Nat had finally explained to Christina that he and Rosalina were a couple now.

Josh had been gone for a long time, and Rosalina had completely moved on, but Nat still walked Rosalina home all the time. (Just as an inside joke.) And he made sure to remind her to not run down the certain sidewalk that had added to her problems.

Everything seemed to be, or at least what the Naked Brothers Band considered, normal. No other problems came up, the band was still on the top of the charts, Nat and Rosalina weren't fighting, Josh was no where to be found, and the summer just continued on.

One evening, the band was sitting out on the ledge near the studio, watching the sunset.

"Some summer, huh?" Nat asked his friends.

"Yeah," They all said back.

"Pretty hectic," Rosalina agreed.

"Too many injuries," Alex said.

"Yeah, a little too many," Cooper said.

"C'mon, it wasn't much of a set-back. We're still on top," Thomas said.

"Yeah Cooper, we're still doing pretty well," David said.

Cooper just shrugged.

"Remember when we used to have the No-School's-Fools-Day?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, and your dad tried to prank me," Rosalina said laughing.

"Well, Cooper pranked all of us pretty good," Qaasim said.

"Oh and when you and David shaved Thomas's head?" Nat asked, looking at Qaasim.

"That's a wonderful thing to wake up to," Alex joked.

They all laughed.

"Yeah, and Nat dressed up like a mime," Thomas said.

"I have the weirdest friends," Rosalina sighed, smiling.

"But you loove us!" Alex said smiling.

"Yeah, otherwise you wouldn't be here," Nat agreed.

"I know," She said.

"Guess your stuck with us," David said, shrugging.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Rosalina said.

"Aw, she does love us!" Thomas said.

They band laughed.

From now on, they would stick together. No matter what.

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