Author's Note: It has been a while since I've written. It's been even longer (approximately 4 years) since I've written anything related to Jimmy Neutron. But I find it's a show I keep coming back to, that comforts me. For that reason, I'm writing this series of one shots. Most will be fluff. Most will probably be Jimmy/Cindy, though I want to do at least one Sheen/Libby one, and I may even write some pieces about friendship or just humor pieces. I hope you enjoy it.

"I didn't order this..." Cindy said, attempting to hand Sam back the mug of cocoa. He shook his head.

"It was sent over for you, yeah," Sam moved his tray out of Cindy's reach. "You don't want it, you give it back to him yourself. And this time don't spill it on him. The ice cream you threw at him took ten minutes to clean up last time!" He walked off before Cindy could attempt once more to give the drink back.

She sighed. She'd come to the Candy Bar to think. Also, it was the first place she'd thought of storming off to after she'd yelled at Jimmy. Somehow walking across the street to her own house just didn't carry enough weight. Part of her was glad he'd followed her out, but another was annoyed. Sighing again, she grabbed the mug and headed across the restaurant to where Jimmy was sitting, looking nervous and annoyed at the same time.

"You really think hot cocoa's going to make up for it, Neutron?" she planted her free hand on her hip. He looked down at the table. For all his genius, Jimmy was only twelve. He still didn't understand girls. When he didn't answer, she set the cup down and slid into the booth beside him.

"I uh..." Jimmy coughed awkwardly. "Look, Cindy, I'd apologize but I don't know what I did wrong. Could you help me with that part, at least?"

Cindy glared. "You don't know what you did wrong? Spew-Neut-...Jimmy," she corrected, "We were supposed to spend today together. That was what we agreed on, right?"

"Yeah, every Friday night we spend together from six p.m. to eight p.m., central time, currently central standard time..." he was mumbling, trying to buy time. Cindy let him. "Was I supposed to give two weeks notice before canceling? You canceled last week for your tai chi lessons with just a warning an hour beforehand."

"But I did let you know before hand. I didn't make you show up and look like an idiot at Retroland...well, I didn't make you show up at Retroland by yourself, anyway. Sometimes, for such a genius, you can be a pretty big idiot."

"That's an oxymoron, Cindy."

"Well, Big Brain, maybe if you weren't still missing the point, I wouldn't call you an idiot!" her voice was starting to rise with each word.

"So you're feeling upset that I didn't let you know? I told you the last three times. You were fine with it, so I guess I just assumed..." Jimmy trailed off. The last three times she had been grumpy afterwards, but this was the first time she'd marched over to his lab to give him a piece of her mind. Even if she had run off after calling him a jerk.

"Jimmy, are we dating?"

That threw the pre-teen genius right off track. He spluttered for a bit, trying to hide his confusion. ", me, Dating? I..."

"We've kissed. Only that one time, but we started spending time together after that," Cindy said reasonably. "But lately you keep finding excuses to push me away."

"I'm not pushing you away!" Jimmy insisted.

"Uh-huh. Today was really the only day you could do maintenance on Goddard?" Cindy raised an eyebrow. It was Jimmy's turn to sigh.

"Okay. So...maybe I have been trying to push you away, but it's because I still don't know what I'm doing. We spent so long being rivals that even transitioning to friends was rather extrinsic to me. I guess I am kind of an idiot...but only about somethings." He added the last part defensively.

"No argument there."

"So...start over? This can be tonight's"

"All right," Cindy crossed her arms. "But my cocoa's gone cold, so if you want me to forgive and forget, the next one had better be piping hot with whipped cream and sprinkles."

"Sounds reasonable," Jimmy smiled, "but something tells me you won't actually forget."

Cindy punched him playfully in the arm. "Probably not. But the forgiveness isn't coming until I get the cocoa."