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Chapter 1

At a young tender age, people could already see that Hinata had the makings of a prodigy. By the age of two, she had already mastered walking, talking, reading & writing. On Hinata's 3rd birthday, Hiashi planned to tell Hinata that he would like to start her training early. But it was also the same day when Kumo betrayed their side of the treaty and kidnapped Hinata. After the entire incident, Hizashi, Hiashi's twin brother had died and her beloved cousin, Neji whom she had always been close to, had stopped talking to the little heiress. Hinata was angry, she was angry at herself for being taken, angry at Neji for being distant, angry at Hizashi for giving his life away for his brother, Hiashi and angry at her own father for swearing to secrecy that Neji must never know that his father had given his own life voluntarily. Hell, Hinata was angry at everything! But Hinata knew better, she knew that being angry would solve nothing so instead, she made an oath in blood. She swore that she would never be a burden to others; she will become strong and protect her precious ones.

Later, Hinata was seen in the Hyuuga library reading scroll after scroll, book after book. Soon, she had finished reading every single piece of inventory in the Hyuuga library she could also recall any book she had before simply by memory! Afterwards, Hinata approached her parents for training and they agreed. Hinata's mother, Hayami taught Hinata chakra, genjutsu, intelligence and the art of medical ninjutsu. Hiashi taught Hinata taijustu, and Hyuuga clan's techniques. Hiashi also appointed a branch member from the clan, Hiro to train Hinata as well. Hiro taught Hinata ninjutsu, weaponry and kenjutsu.

On March 27, Hinata and Hiro had to the Hyuuga training grounds to train, not knowing that Hayami Hyuuga was to deliver that day. There were complications with the baby which left Hayami dead but her newborn daughter, Hanabi alive. Hiashi howled and cried for his wife's death. The faithful Hyuugas took their leader to his room to rest and waited for his daughter to return from training. When Hinata was told of what happened, she was quiet but tears flowed. She had asked where was her new sister was kept and they showed her to the nursery. Hinata looked over the crib to take a look at her sister. She had dark skin and brown hair like her father and the traditional Hyuuga Clan eyes.

Everyone watched as Hinata picked up her baby sister, "So your name is Hanabi? How nice, do know what it means? It means 'fireworks'. I'm your older sister, Hinata. Hinata means 'placed in the sun'. I didn't know why Mother would call me that at first and when I asked her why, she just said that I looked like the sun. I bet when she looked at you, she thought of fireworks."

The Hyuugas couldn't help but stare at their heiress.

She isn't angry?

She can still smile and talk to her sister so warmly?

"Bringing you into the world may have been the cost of my mother's life but I know she was happy to pay it. All mothers would have. And I promise you Hanabi that I will be a great older sister to you."

The next day, Hayami Hyuuga was buried. Hiashi had cried for his wife before and so did Hinata. They held each other's hand as they watch Hayami being buried.

With Hayami's passing, Hinata had a new instructor, Hanaka to replace her. She also just so happened to be Hiro's younger sister. Hinata soon grew to think of Hana as a second mother to her. Time passed by and at 6 years old, Hinata had fully completed Hanaka's, Hiro's and her father's training. And just in time for the Academy as well.

"Father I don't want to go!"

"I'm sorry Hinata but you must."

"No I don't! Why can't I just graduate early like Uchiha Itachi?"

Hiashi shook his head, "You can't Hinata. Itachi is going down a dark path; he has the burden of being the Uchiha prodigy and Konoha's weapon on his back. I do not want you to be the same."

Hinata pondered over her father's words, "I guess you're right."

"Good, now let's get going."

"Hinata onee-sama!"

Hinata turned to see her three year old sister walking up to her slowly, "Promise to play with me when you come back?"

Hinata smiled and ruffled her sister's hair, "Of course. I'll see you afterwards imouto"

Hanabi grinned and waved to her sister and father goodbye, "Come back quickly onee-sama!"

As soon as they were out of Hanabi's earshot, Hiashi spoke, "I seems like Hanabi isn't a prodigy like you."

"And I don't expect her to be but she picks things up fast and I'm sure she will grow up to be a fine kuniochi as long as she goes at her own pace."


Hiashi sneaked a peek at his oldest daughter, her dark blue hair and porcelain doll skin were all traits that she inherited from her mother, sometimes it scared him how much Hinata looked like his deceased wife. But the difference Hinata and Hayami had was that Hinata thought of long hair as too much of a hassle and preferred it to keep it short. Hinata wore her hair cut into a short, leveled hime-cut style just above her forehead, with chin-length strands framing her face. Hiashi actually secretly hoped that his daughter will grow to love long hair; Hayami was always so beautiful with her long midnight blue hair going down her back.

Hinata meanwhile was dreading to go to the Academy, she was never one for social events as she often hid away from the other kids at the party as she wasn't much for social interactions. Hinata also hoped that no thought she looked weird, Hiro had told her before that many thought of Hyuugas as powerful shinobi but their eyes often freaked them out, some were afraid even. Hinata was wearing a sleeveless cream-colored hooded-jacket left unzipped with a white tank top underneath and navy blue shorts. Hinata thought she looked normal enough but her father spoke to her again,interrupting her train of thought.

"Remember Hinata, it's good to have friends but if your classmates shun you and dislike you, don't work hard to achieve their friendship. Just be you and shine amongst the others okay?"

Hinata nodded and smiled, "Okay Otou-sama."

Hiashi smiled as well, "There's the academy. Now run along and after school, make sure you wait for Hiro to come and fetch you alright?"

"Hai" With one last hug to her father, Hinata was off.

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