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In front of the infamous barbecue place Asuma always takes his genin to, he bumped into Kurenai and Kakashi with Hinata and Sasuke in tow.


Naru ran to her friends and hugged them tightly, "It's so good to see you!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "We were only separated for a few hours Naru."

"It feels too long!"

Sasuke scoffed whilst Hinata smiled, "So what have you been up to Naru?"

Naru releases her friends and grins at them, "Asuma-sensei is teaching me how to do elemental jutsu!"

Hinata blinks in surprise, "But you're wind so how-?"

"He also has wind affinity" Sasuke tells her.

Hinata looks up at the bearded man in surprise, "I thought Sarutobis are usually of fire affinity?"

Asuma shrugs, "I'm special that way. I have both"

Kurenai meanwhile looked at Naru with many thoughts going through her head.

Interesting...Naru not only does look like the Fourth but they also share the same affinity…

Kurenai turns to see Kakashi's reaction but he was too engrossed in his book causing the black-haired beauty to roll her eyes.


He probably already knew about it anyway…

"So Kurenai, you're training Hinata for her finals?" Asuma asks her, bringing her back to reality.

Kurenai nods, "That's right. She's practically perfect for a genjutsu master."

Asuma agreed, "She definitely fits the mold not to mention the fact that she's a Hyuuga. It's definitely different but no doubt that it will definitely work in her favour."

Hinata smiles at the compliment.

"So Sasuke, what have you done with Kakashi?" Naru asks, curious.

"He's helped me complete my Sharingan already."

Naruto's eyes widened, "ALREADY?!"

Kakashi chuckles then, causing Sasuke to turn and glare at him.

"Hey guys!"

The group of six turned to see Ino and Shikamaru with their fathers.

"You guys eating here too?" Shikamaru asks in his usual bored, lazy tone.

"Apparently" says Asuma as he shakes Shikaku's hand.

Iniochi grins as he shakes Kakashi's hand, "How have you been Hatake?"

"Fine, thank you Yamanaka-san" the one-eyed sensei answers politely.

Taking the opportunity, Hinata studied the clan heads out of curiosity as she had never seen them before.

Inoichi Yamanaka had long, dirty-blond hair reaching into his back, which he wore spiky on top and ending in a long ponytail. He had green eyes and strong facial features, which included a well defined jaw line.

Hinata wondered whether Ino looked more like her mother then. Ino had pretty feminine features plus the shade of blonde she had was different from her father's; Ino's hair was a unique platinum blonde and their eye color was different. Ino's eyes were a pretty blue whereas her father had green eyes. But it was obvious that Ino was definitely her father's girl; they had the same face shape, they smiled the same way and before Ino cut her hair, she had worn her hair in a long ponytail just like her father except for the spikes though.

She then turned her head to study the Nara head.

Shikaku Nara had two scars on the right side of his face which were probably his most noticeable feature. Like his son, he had dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. His ears were also pierced.

Shikamaru is definitely the spitting image of his father…

The other noticeable difference between the two is that Shikaku had a golden sun-kissed skin tone whereas his son had an ivory skin tone.

"Ah, the Hyuuga heiress."

Hinata looks up at Shikaku and nods in acknowledgement, "Sir"

Shikaku's eyes softened realizing that the child had a very mature look in her eyes for someone of her age.

The price for being born a genius

"Shall we eat together?" Iniochi asks, breaking Shikaku's train of thought.

Inside, while they waited for their food; Asuma asked Iniochi & Shikaku how was training with their children so far.

Iniochi grinned proudly as he boasted, "My little girl is very good when it comes to learning her clan's techniques. She's picking up things very quickly."

Asuma frowned, "I do hope you're also helping her with her taijustu. Her taijutsu is pretty average so I think-"

Ino cut in then, "Don't worry sensei! My mother is helping me out with that!"

Asuma looks at her father to confirm this who nodded.

Shikaku coughed then, "Well MY boy is doing pretty good in his training as well"

Ino smirks then, "So sleeping in the middle of you explaining the jutsu counts as good then? Especially when he messes up because he doesn't listen?"

Shikamaru yawns, not caring for the obvious jab whilst Shikaku sighs in defeat and his friend, Iniochi laughs at his plight. It wasn't long afterwards when the food comes and everyone tucks into it.


As they ate, Naru told everyone about her day with Asuma. When she finished, everyone was halfway done with the meal.

"Sasuke? What about you? Why don't you tell us about your session with Kakashi?" Hinata asks.

Sasuke scoffed, "There is nothing to tell."

Naru frowned, "But you said he helped you complete your sharingan!"

Sasuke closed his eyes and when he opened them again, his sharingan was activated and the three tomoe was there for them to see.

"Cool" Naru breaths.

Ino disagreed, "I think it's kind of creepy actually. Those blood red eyes..."

Shikamaru shook his head, "I think Sasuke's normal eyes are pretty creepy already. They're so black."

Naru frowned, "But I think they're a pretty black!"

Sasuke blinked, "What?"

"Yeah! They're so deep, you could look into it forever and ever!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her but turns when he hears Hinata say something.

"Black onyx"


"Your eyes are a black onyx color."

"Onyx is a jewel" Kurenai adds, seeing the confused faces of the children at the word.

Shikamaru then smirks, "So in other words, Naru and Hinata think Sasuke has pretty girly eyes."

Sasuke glares at him whilst Naru and Ino giggle in unison.

Hinata shakes her head, "You know Shikamaru, you do know that you pretty much insulted the Uchihas in general right?"

But before the Nara could defend himself, his father cut in.

"Actually, now that I think about it, Sasuke did look much like a girl growing up."

Sasuke gapes at the clan head in shock, "Wha-?"

"Because you look so much like your mother. It didn't help the fact that while Mikoto was pregnant with you, she kept saying you would definitely be a girl when you were born" says Inochi.

Sasuke's face turned a deep shade of red as everyone at the table including Hinata laughed at the new revelation.

Itachi returned home to the sound of a door slam and his mother giggling in the kitchen.

"What happened Okaa-san?"

"You brother found out I wanted him to be a girl."

Itachi chuckled, "I'll go talk to him."

Sasuke was removing the white bandages from his legs when his brother opened the door.

"If it helps otouto, I did not want a younger sister. I wanted a younger brother. The idea of a little sister sounded very troublesome to me. "

With that said, Itachi saw his little brother smile. He moved to leave but Sasuke called him to stop.




Itachi frowned at the sight of seeing his brother nervous; the older teen entered the room and sat next to his brother on the bed.

"What's on your mind?"

"What are father's plans concerning Hinata?" Sasuke asked.

Itachi blinked, "How did you-?"

"The walls are thin" the genin answered matter-of-factly.

Itachi sighed, "Yes, our parents do want me to marry Hinata."


"You will be the one to lead the Uchiha clan whereas I will lead the new Uchiha-Hyuuga clan."

"Does Hinata know yet?"

"She won't be informed until 16."

"Soo...how do you feel about Hinata then?"

Itachi was taken aback by that question, "I...I honestly don't know."

Sasuke gave him an incredulous look, confusing Itachi.

"Sasuke, do you-?"

"Excuse me"

Itachi turned to see an ANBU agent at the window.

Itachi sighs tiredly, "The Hokage calls?"

"Yes and urgent."

Itachi sighs again and gets up from the bed.

"Take care Nii-san."

Itachi nods at his brother before leaving the room to gather his things for the next mission.

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