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Chapter Thirty Six

New World

The falling world of Cocoon was suddenly alight as a bright light escaped from its cracked surface. The light spread far, stretching similar to giant wings, causing Cocoon to look strangely small with them around.

Then the wings of light enveloped the Cocoon before extending straight toward the world of Pulse, slamming down upon it. Then, it starts to solidify turning into a crystal pillar, holding the falling world in place.

The disaster was adverted.

Cocoon was now safe from the sacrifice of one woman.

Lightning was floating.

She didn't know where she was but she was floating. She was asleep, she knew, but it would seem that everything was fading away. Everything that had happened, fading away into nothingness…

But the soldier wasn't one to let go that easily.

She holds on to those memories of her. They were the only thing that she had right now. Only thing that define who she is now, and who she will become in the future. The soldier feels like she was swimming to the surface of large bottomless waters.

She could see the surface getting closer now, but as it did, her body felt heavier, too heavy to move with her own strength, but she was still trying…she have to swim out…she didn't want to forget…

But her body grew tired with one of her arm aiming straight toward the surface. She started to sink back into the abyss she was trying to escape from. She could feel the sleep coming back…the sleep that promise eternal peace and comfort…

Then someone took hold of her hand.

Lightning glanced up toward the person and blue eyes widening.

The person looked exactly like her and yet, she was dressed in armor. The feathers were flying around her look-a-like's leg and something about her was familiar…

The name came out of her mouth…

"Éclair," she whispered.

Éclair smiled as if happy that she remembers her. Then Éclair started to pull her up, back toward the surface, with such ease, making such a struggle effortless for her and before they could be free of the water, Éclair spoke. Her voice was like an echo…as if she wasn't really there and yet she was.

"Wake up."

Then Lightning breathed fresh hair, feeling her body falling forward as her feet landed upon the grassy ground below her. The soldier was feeling disoriented at first, wondering where she was. But then, it all came back to her.

Orphan's destruction…

Cocoon falling…


She glanced around her wondering what happened to Cocoon when her eyes fell upon the world she once called home. A tall crystal pillar was keeping it up, gleaming in the morning sunlight. She stood there, transfixed at it.

It was adverted.

Cocoon was safe.

"She did it," she whispered, "Éclair had done it."

She awkwardly walked forward, her legs feeling oddly weak, but she still kept her balance. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps.

"Lightning," a voice yelled.

The soldier looked around herself, finding the caller.

It was Vaan and the rest, and all of them were running toward her.

"You're okay?" Vaan asked her.

The soldier nodded.

"H…How aren't you a crystal?" the boy asked her, "I mean, you completed your Focus right?"

Lightning frowned.

"I...I think I was one," she said, "I tried to wake up but I couldn't on my own."

"How did you do it?" Tifa asked.

"Éclair," Lightning said, "Éclair helped me. She saved the world, and yet, she still helped me."

The group was now all looking up toward the pillar which was keeping Cocoon in the sky.

"She did it for us," Paine said, "For all of Cocoon."

"In the end," Zack said, "There was still a sacrifice."

Another silence fell.

"How did you guys ended up here?" Lightning asked.

"All I remember is seeing that brilliant light, and my body felt like i was standing under a warm pleasant sun" Vaan answered her, "Then next thing I knew, I was waking up lying down on the grass."

They were few agreeing sound from the rest.

Lightning touched where her brand was and pulled the sleeve up. The brand was gone, nothing but pure unblemished skin. She wasn't an l'Cie anymore, she was human.

"My brand," she said, "It's gone."

"Well, you completed your Focus after all," Vaan told her, "It had no purpose to stay anymore…unless you wanted a tattoo as a reminder."

The group chuckled around her and then Lightning walked forward looking down at where the brand was hearing the rest following her and then she looked up again, her eyes quickly finding something…more like someone in the distance.

She blinked.

It can't be…she thought.

But that pink hair is no mistake. She recognizes the slim form also…

"Serah," she whispered.

Then she called out.


The pink haired girl in the distance looked up and the joy light up her face like the sun. Lightning ran toward her sister who did the same and when the siblings got closer, they slowed down. The soldier couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"You…You're walking Serah?" she said, "You…You're actually walking?"

Her sister nodded.


"You…You're cured," she whispered.

"An angel visited me," Serah told her, "She kind of look like you thought."

Lightning took her sister in her arms, tears of joy falling from her eyes, feeling the girl's arm encircling her. She had never felt so happy in her life before.

Éclair, thank you…for everything.

Vaan was looking at Lightning reunite with the younger girl and from the identical pink hair it was probably her sister. That caused him to feel a light melancholy feeling making him think of Basch. He thought back to the battle with Barthandelus. He had seen Basch there and knew that his brother will always be with him, even if he was gone right now.

He looked at the pillar.

"You would have loved to see this," he said, "Right Basch?"

He feels a hand took his causing him to glance down toward a mass of steel gray hair.

"I'm sure he would have," Paine said to him.

Vaan smiled giving her hand a short squeeze.

"Yeah," he said.

"Now isn't that sweet," Zack said, a large grin on his face, "You guys sure took your time. If you didn't make up, I would have locked you both in a closet, seriously I mean, I don't take that long to tell a girl I like them…maybe you two would have like a 'Seven minutes in Heaven' after all,"

That caused both Vaan and Paine to blush.

"Stop teasing them," Tifa said, punching him in the shoulder.

"You're spoiling my fun," Zack said, pouting a little.

They laughed a little as they started to walk, and everyone was talking and Lightning was introducing them to her sister, the entire group walking straight for the crystal pillar.

We faced our darkest hour, and we pulled through to face a brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow, where Humanity will look back upon this history and learn that even when you have no path in front of you alone, together we shall built a new one, one that will lead to a better future for us all.

From the memoires of Vaan Bartholomew

Born 3012 B. F.-Died 45 A.F.

Éclair groaned seating up from where she was lying down. Blinking around herself, the woman noticed that she was in a very strange place. The can see the sea water in front of her, crystal branches growing out of them. She stood up, glancing around herself…

W…Where am I?

"You are in the world of the Goddess Etro," a voice told her.

She turned around and found the hooded man standing there. He was dressed similarly to how she had always seeing him.

"Goddess…Etro?" Éclair repeated.

"Come," he said, "The Goddess will see you now."

He turned around and started walking and Éclair followed after him. The two walked through the empty city around them. Éclair can't help but feel a little…strange, they couldn't be the only people that are here is there.

"W…What is this place?"

"When you sacrificed yourself to save Cocoon," the Messenger said, "You passed through the Door of Souls, bringing you here to Valhalla. In this world, the Goddess watches over Humanity, pitied them in their sorrows and helps them, in times of great distress. Your awakening, your struggles, everything was seen by the Goddess."

"You knew that what I was going to do?" Éclair said, "You knew I was going to sacrifice myself for Cocoon."

"Yes," the Messenger answered her.

"Then why haven't you said anything," Éclair told him, "If I knew…"

"If you knew, the right choices will never have been made," the Messenger told her, "You wouldn't have called upon Ragnarok and the Fal'Cie wouldn't have redeemed herself in the eyes of the Goddess. She works in mysterious ways, but always knows that all of her actions were done for the future of Humanity."

The two had arrived in front of a massive Temple. As they approached, the door opened for them, and the two entered inside. They crossed a large room, and Éclair can see more crystals growing from there. Then the two arrived in front of a doorway.

"I will go no further," the Messenger said.

Éclair nodded and stepped through. She can see floating crystals around herself, reminding her of her of what she had seen the first time she had become an l'Cie. She walked on the stone pathway that led her straight toward a chair made out of crystal which was glowing brightly. Éclair can feel the Goddess divine presence, as she approached and the power crossed through her, caressing through her skin…

It felt like a welcoming hug from a mother.

"Goddess Etro," she whispered, as she kneeled down upon the ground.

You have been through much, Éclair Farron, a voice whispered to her, but have accomplished beyond my expectations. You have lost much in your journey protecting the Fal`Cie Seraphelim, and into the next step saving the Cocoon and Humanity.

Éclair lowered her head, feeling the Goddess's power engulfing her form.

Much will be given to you for your sacrifices.

Éclair can feel herself leaving the ground as she floated in the air, a strange power reeling through her form causing her to gasp slightly. Her form was now bathed in a golden light as she hovered in the air.

When the light disappeared, Éclair was now dressed in a white outfit, meshed with gold as two great wings of light grew from behind her. Her pink hair danced slightly as feathers flew around her form.

Now come, child of Destiny, Etro`s voice spoke to her.

Éclair walked toward the seemingly empty throne in front of her, as she put her feet into the air, steps were appearing. Then she continues to walk toward the throne until she was standing right in front of it.

Then Éclair turned around on herself and seated down upon the chair, her eyes closed and leaning into it.

The large clock of Valhalla started to ring with thunderous clang. Éclair seated upon the Goddess throne, both of her eyes closed as power flew through her form. The power enveloping the entire room as gold strings of chaos flew around her body. From below the Throne, the crystal started to shine with a powerful essence.

From the ashes of time, a deity will rise from her crystal slumber. Sacrifices will cleanse her of the line of Humanity, and she will seat upon the Throne of Time, her rightful claim.

Éclair opened her eyes, which were their normal sapphire blue colors and then a golden symbol appeared through them.

The Goddess of Time shall rise at Fal`Cie`s end.

The trace of a smile crossed Éclair`s lips…

A man who was seating upon a large chair opened his eyes, which shine red in the darkness, before walking up, darkness shrouding around his body. He knew something had changed. He could feel it so he sends out his power, feeling out the world around him…

Then a smirk crossed his face.

"It has happened," he said, "The Goddess has risen once more. The eternal Paradox shall be no more, as the spell of Time start to crumble to crystal sands."

His dark power continued to spin around his form.

"The time of the Fal`Cie had come to an end," he said, "The battle for the very essence of Time…shall begin anew."

To be continued…

AN: Alright, this ending i have changed it more than i could count. First time, i had her reunite with Fang which had been brought back by the Goddess Etro but for some reason, it felt...wrong to me, i don`t know why so i changed it to something else and it felt even worse. I was so indecisive with it so i put the ending you`ve just read promising another story.

The last story of this crystal legend that i am writing. And before you start flaming, Eclair didn`t become Etro or something like that, Etro still exist. she had simply passed down the Power to Eclair a power that a previous Goddess had left in her possession...and well, the next story will have more details upon that.

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