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Thoughts/dreams or flash back

'Hi.': Inner or demons

Earth, Konoha Lab. Year 3000, 6:00 A.M

"You're kidding me, right?" A petite girl said. She has natural cherry blossom hair, heart shape face, pale and flawless skin and who would forget her rosy pouty lips. Her viridian eyes were cold, long pink eye lashes and her body has all the right curves. Her body she claimed has D-cupped, flat stomach and long legs. She was beautiful. A natural beauty she is.

"Sakura, you know our planet, Earth is too weak against to Queen Karin of Venus. We need to alliance with planet, Jupiter. We don't have any choice but to make a treaty for them." Tsunade stated, seriously.

Currently, Earth is having a war with Venus, Earth's twin. Queen Karin and Princess Ino were mad at Tsunade, Queen of Earth, because Earth didn't Imported their stuff. (Lip gloss, Make- up and such girly- things.)

"Tsunade, there's no way in seven- hells will I- ."

"Sakura, this is very important! Or else those snobby wenches will destroy our god- damn planet!"

There was one long awkward silence until…

"No." Sakura said bluntly.

Holy Christ! This girl is so cold! Tsunade thought. "Or else,"

"Or else, what?"

"Or else, Jiraiya will post you as the model of the new Icha Icha Paradise."

One long quite silent….

"You wouldn't dare."

"We both know I would, Sakura."

Once again, a long threatening silence…

"Fine…" Sakura muttered.

"YAY! Sakura's going to Jupiter!" Tsunade was rejoicing her ass- off.

"Evil old wench." Sakura murmured.

"Come on, Sakura were going to the Leaf X!" Tsunade exclaimed as she pointed at the mini- black jet. "Sakura, when you open this glass," Tsunade pointed the glass. "Inside of it have adequate oxygen for the like eternity." The busty blonde woman said, "It can only fit two people inside there. And you have an enough food to survive."

"….." Sakura said nothing.

"Oh and here's your suit, it's not those weird ass- white marshmallow suits, I got you much sexier." She said. She handed her it.

I hope not that slutty outfit.

Hun, this the Tsunade were talking about here.

Ugh! Remember my 15th birthday party?

I was laughing my freaking ass- off there! Then her Inner put a picture in her mind…


The pink- haired vixen then stormed off to the changing room.

I hope she's not too angry with the suit. Tsunade thought.

~~~~After a hour later~~~~

"Sakura, come on! 15 seconds left!" Tsunade yelled.

Sakura came out the changing room. Tsunade saw her god- daughter's appearance: Sakura's hair was tied up into a high pony tail. She was wearing black leather jacket, tight leggings (up to her toes.), wearing black high-heeled boots and her black biker helmet. (That includes: Signal, scanning and such useful things were built in the helmet. That was invented by Sakura.) It was on her hands. A necklace that looked like a gem, Tsunade gave it to her. It was an aqua- ish and a little hint of ocean's color. Her aura was dark as night yet warm as the sun.

"I'm going to murder you some day." Sakura threatened her god- mother.

"Aww. I love you, too. Now hurry up!"

Sakura hurriedly got into the small space- ship. Locked her seat belt, she checked her engines and the Leaf X's status. Then she wore the helmet. She started the engine. She can hear it vibrating and felt it too. Smell of gasoline and smoke. She only needed her senses for this mission: See, smell, hear, taste and touch.

"Good luck, Sakura." Tsunade stated in her Black biker helmet.

"Yeah… Bye." Sakura whispered. She saw her god- mother swelled up into tears.

"10." Her aunt Shizune said. Her eyes were puffy and her nose was red. She has been crying… Sakura slowly closed her eyes and heard…

"Sakura, you're a disgrace of the family!"


"Sakura… Why? Did you steal him from me? Why? I thought were friends. Why?"


"You, filthy child!"


"Sakura, why did you hurt, Anna?"


"Stop, lying! We know you punched her! Why did you do it?"


"Sakura, stop this nonsense!"


I didn't do it, please. Stop. I didn't do it.


Mother and father, I'm trying my best. Please look at me.




Sakura slowly opened her cold viridian eyes but her eyes suddenly looked so sad…

"Blast off!"

I'm not the weak girl anymore! One tear escaped.

Sakura rapidly pull the trigger and the space- ship blasted off.

"Tsunade, did you tell her?"Shizune asked, desperately.

"….." Tsunade said nothing.

"You did tell her, right?"

Sakura, I hope you'll come out alive! Tsunade thought, anxiously.

~~~~In space~~~~

"Sakura- San, what's your destination?" A male robotic voice came from the radio.

"Computer, take me to Jupiter." Sakura said.

"But, Sakura- San, that's a-."

"Did you hear what I said?" The pinkette demanded.

"Y- yes."

"Then, go!"

"Yes, m'am!" The computer followed his hot (The computer added.) master.

Sakura began closing her eyes….

"Sakura- Chan~~." An ominously voice called her.

"Sakura, don't be like that." She felt his cold hands roaming her body.

"Sakura, you're so tense." The voice soothed in her ear. He began to nimble her ear. She felt his hot breathe on her long neck. "Sakura." He growled.

"S-stop!" She yelled as she woke up. She was trembling and sweating in such fear. Her hands were cold and her eyes were like a child who watched a horror movie. No, it's worse than a horror movie. Worse…

Just a dream, just a nightmare.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just peachy. I think.

She saw the Leaf X's status: Gas: Perfect. Engines: Perfect. Missiles: 100/100. Damage: None. Destination: Jupiter. Kilometers away: 1,003 km. Day: Monday. Time: 10:48 A.M. Days left to reach the destination: 4 more days.

Now, she looked at the radar. She saw a blue triangle (that's her) and two red triangles (ENEMIES) behind her.

"SHIT!" She swore. As she got hold of her wheel (it's more like those non- wheel handles) and she's ready to attack.

This is going to be a bumpy ride!

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