Perfect Copy


It's hard to see pain

When it's so a r t f u l l y hidden

But it's hard to ignore

When even your father

Won't look at you anymore


He's been c-u-r-s-e-d

Cursed in the most horrifying of ways

He's her |m|i|r|r|o|r| image

Exactly alike

In mind, body, and power


When people look at him

They swear for a moment

The saw her standing there

Not her son

They always have to ekatelbuod / doubletake


The expectations are horrifying

He has to c^a^r^r^y himself perfectly

Master spells /quickly/

Know the answer to any question

Never |b/r\e(a[k}


But there's only so much pressure

You can force

On a fourteen year old boy

Even if

He's (extraordinary)


He may have her longblondehair

The same color

The same texture

The same length

Exactly copiedcopied on a male body


He may have her face

Exquisite wide blue eyes

Delicate cheekbones

That charming smile

A face that can c a p t i v a t e the world


He may have her personality

Proud, sarcastic, polite

Carrying himself straight

Prepared with a quick retort



He may have her (p)(o)(w)(e)(r)

The most promising

Of all the apprentices

He has the answers

He can fix any problem


But he can only take so much

Before he |b/r\e(a[k}:s


"If Joardan were here"

"You're act so much like your mother"

"You have her eyes"

"He's got Jordan's smile that one "

Expectations and comparisons cause /c\r/a\/c\k/\s/


When you're fourteen

The lastthing you want

Is your mother's [legacy]

You don't want to put up a mask

You don't want to have all the answers


When you're fourteen

And your mother's :dead:

You want to hide your face

And .c.r.y.

Spend time trying to remember and forget


"Power like Jordan's"

"Greatest wizard of his age"

"Now that's Jordan's boy"

"What do you think?"

"Just like your mother"


And all you want

Is s p a c e and t-i-m-e

You want to live your own life

With no expectations

No -guidelines-


But you're Kellach

You have your mother's face

Her pride, her sarcasm, her smile

You have boundless power

You have all the answers


You're fourteen

You're alone

You're father can't bear to look at you

You're breaking inside and you want to cry

But you're Jordan's son, so you can't

Disclaimer: I do not own KotSD

AN: This series is totally underloved. :( Anyways, I was reading The Silver Spell and just started thinking. How awful must it be for Kellach looking almost exactly like his mom? Torin never seems all that close to him at all and it seem like his whole character is an act almost. It's like after his mom "died" he had to take her place. He looks like her, acts like her, and he's powerful. Everyone sort of expects him to have the answers. So I wrote this as an insight into his mind I guess. Hope you enjoyed it!