Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Bleach. Ok this is my third story. I had some help with this story from SherardF so it wasn't just me although I came up with the idea, he helped me with details. This is a Naruto x Sui-Feng x Yoruichi x Hinata x Sakura Pairing. Here's the summary: After fighting Madara and dying at his hands, Naruto finds himself in the soul society. He wakes up to see he is in a forest, when he looks around he sees a scared 5 year old girl, the girls name is Fon Shaolin, instead of Yoruichi, it is Naruto who trains and becomes captain of the second division. During the winter war, he goes to Kisuke for help, only to receive a strange device to turn back the hands of time…

"Person, Zanpakuto talking"

"Person Zanpakuto thinking"

(1st person)

(Forest near the second division)

I groaned as I sat up, I tried to gain my bearings as I tried to remember what happened before I got here. I looked at my body as I sat up; I wore a red haori with black flames licking the bottom, black cargo pants and the orange and black coat. I concentrated more on trying to remember what happened, and then all my memories rushed into me. I remembered, 'I was in a fight with Madara, I tried to end the war but couldn't, I lost all my precious people. I couldn't save them…all because I wasn't strong enough. From now on I swear that no matter what, I'll always protect my precious people.' I thought sadly as I stood, as I did I heard an 'eep' sound, I looked around to see a girl standing behind a tree looking at me, I quickly put up my famous foxy smile and said "Hey, it's ok I'm not going to hurt you…come on out, I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." She slowly came out and began to walk cautiously toward me. I held out my hand toward her to show that I meant no harm at all to her, although I didn't know where I was i guess I'll figure it out in a little bit. When she was close enough i spoke again "What's your name little one?" I asked her.

"I'm Fon Shaolin mister."

"Hi Shaolin, can you tell me where I'm at please?" I asked her politely. She seemed a little less cautious around me but she's still a little nervous.

"Umm, you're near the second division barracks in the soul society. Umm are you a soul reaper?" she asked, stuttering a little. I smiled a little more and sat down with my legs crossed. She sat down in front of me also in a crossed position.

"No, I'm actually a Shinobi Sage." She looked at me curiously and said.

"What's a Shinobi?" she curiously asked. I smiled at her innocence; I shifted my legs a little more comfortably.

"A Shinobi is an assassin who fights for a village so he can protect it."

"So you died protecting your village?" I nodded swiping a tear away remembering all those I've lost. I sighed. "Are you strong? If you died protecting your village you must really like it." I smiled at her innocent nature; thank lord she never grew up in times of war.

"Yeah I really loved my village, they helped me grow strong, and the only way to grow strong is to protect someone that's precious to you, which is how I grew strong." I smiled and reached into my pocket pulling out a picture. I looked at it and smiled, she tried to look and see what was in the picture. I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice that Shaolin saw the picture. It was a picture of me as a baby with me in my mother's arms. She was looking down at me and smiling.

"That's your mom?" she asked. I just nodded and put the photo away and stood up.

"Instead of telling you I'm strong, how about I show you." She jumped up with a look in her eyes. I smiled and look toward the forest. I started to gather chakra into my hands, after a minute of concentration my chakra formed into a sphere of condensed energy. She looked on with curiosity and I rammed the Rasengan into a nearby tree. Wood was thrown from the tree and soon after exploded showing the destructive power of the Rasengan. "That Shaolin-Chan was the power of the Rasengan. It condenses energy into a ball spinning every which way. That wasn't even 10% of my power though."

"Um Naruto-Sama" Shaolin asked she looked down and played with her feet.

"Yes Sha-Did you just call me Naruto-Sama?" I looked at her curiously.

"Don't be mad Naruto-sama I's just you're the strongest person I know, and you said that you used to be an assassin. I want to be strong like you so when I can pass when I take the test to get into the stealth force. I don't want to fail and be exiled from the family, so please Naruto-sama, and teach me!" I looked at her curiously.

"Why would they exile you from the family for something so trivial?" I asked her curiously.

"It is the way that things have always been in my family, if you are not strong enough to protect the noble Shihion Clan than you are cast out," Shaolin said sadly as she looked down.

"I see." I looked a little sad at this information. 'Family should be cherished, not exiled; well if it helps her keep her family…I'll help her.' "Very well Shaolin, I'll teach you. I promise you, you'll be the strongest in your family, and I never break a promise, ever" Shaolin, who had been waiting patiently and nervously for my response, nearly shot into the air because she was so happy.

"Thank you Naruto-sama I will not fail you!" I smiled at her enthusiasm. 'Although I could do without the Sama, She's extremely loyal.' I thought as a saw her cheering.

"O.k. you should go head back to your family before they get worried. Meet me back here tomorrow at 10:00 ok?"

"Yes Naruto-sama!" she ran off back to her home eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

"You can come on out now, I know you're there." I said while still looking toward the way Shaolin left. I looked the other way to see an old man in a White haori with a cane. I felt power come off in waves but thanks to the Kyuubi I felt very little discomfort.

"What's your name, and what are you doing here?"

"Uzumaki Naruto and I guess I died, I'm not really sure I remember fighting a man named Madara and next thing I knew I ended up here." I said looking at the old man. I slowly began reaching for my Hiraishen Kunai

"Understandable… do not worry I mean no threat to you, you do not have to reach for your weapons, my name is Yamamoto head captain of the Gotei 13, since you are here do you wish to enter the Shinigami Academy?" said Yamamoto looking me over after I relaxed my stance.

"Can you tell me about everything as I'm still new to this." He nodded and began to explain everything, Shinigami, Hollows, Heuco Mundo, I sat listening to all of it absorbing it and noting important aspects of what he was telling me. After the explanation I weighed the pros and cons of being a shinigami. "I'll do it on one condition, I promised I'd teach Fon Shaolin, I plan to keep that promise, I never broke a promise before and I don't intend to start now." He nodded and smiled a little.

"That's a very good trait to have Uzumaki-san, and don't worry starting the day after next week you start the academy at 7:00 sharp, your room is 105 with Rukia and Renji, welcome to the Soul Society Naruto-kun." He smiled warmly like a grandfather. I smiled and just jumped into the tree and lay on the branch I slept soundly on the branch as the old man left.

(Next day 10:00)

Shaolin had shown up on time and waited for her new sensei. She was enthusiastic to learn to be strong, she sat waiting patiently. After an hour of waiting, I finally arrived, she looked angry.

"1st lesson, Patience, in a combat situation you have to keep a level head and wait for the right moment or it could cost you your life." Then all her anger forgotten as I said these words to her, she understood why I was late. "2nd lesson strengthening, you can hit your opponent all you want but it won't do much if it doesn't hurt." i walked over to a skinned tree without its bark, it was perfectly smooth. "Now I cut a tree yesterday so when you strike it won't cut or give you splinters. Now I want you to do a hundred. This is how I trained to become strong, even if it hurt in training, to protect everything I held dear." She nodded and began to punch the tree a hundred times, she had the look of determination, the look to never give up and never surrender. I smiled 'I held that look when I was training to fight Madara. I knew it was that either I trained or die trying.'I looked at her and smiled. 'She's going to get strong, to that I swear it.'

(Academy next week)

After getting my class assignments I headed to my first class which was Hado or Jutsu. On the way there I saw a kid about my age with white hair. I shrugged and headed to class for Hado. When I arrived I saw the same kid next to me. I looked at him and smiled.

"Hello I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He looked at me and gave a small smile.

"Hitsugaya Toushiro." He said respectfully.

"O.k. class today we'll be training with hollow dummies" head out and go find a hollow dummy and begin. We nodded and headed out. We found a dummy hollows to attack with Hado, mine was a bat like hollow but it seemed a little too realistic and then I noticed it came at me with the intent to kill. My eyes widened in shock as I dodged the hollows attack. I quickly began making hand-signs when a purple haired woman and a blonde haired man jumped in front of me and pulled out there Zanpakuto's.

"You o.k. there?" I nodded quickly and tried to calm myself as the two dealt with the hollow quickly. My adrenaline was calming down as I sat against a rock. 'Man that was terrifying.' I saw the two walk over to me. "Hello, I'm Kisuke Urahara" said the blonde with a goofy smile.

"I'm Yoruichi Shihion" Said the dark skinned woman smiling at me.

After that incident me, toushiro, Yoruichi and Kisuke began to train with each other when I wasn't training Shaolin. Speaking of whom, became stronger over the years, if i had to guess she was on par with Kakashi generally. The older she became the stronger she got. The older she got the stronger her feelings were for me and vice versa. I still remember the day she confessed her love to me.


I walked with Yoruichi having a good time. She had asked me to hang out with her a little while. I agreed although reluctantly, Yoruichi was a tad shy nut she overcame it. From a little away I felt Sui-Feng's spiritual pressure. I smiled a little, she was loyal I'll give her that, that's one of her appealing qualities, I'll admit. After a small walk we went back to her place and I dropped her off there. The whole time followed by Sui-Feng, Yoruichi invited me in for a small lunch. I again agreed. After 5 minutes or so we were confronted by Sui-Feng.

"Naruto-sama, I believe that Yoruichi is not a hard worker! She doesn't deserve your praise!" I stood and walked over to her. When I walked over to her I smiled.

"Sui-Feng, Remember, What I told you, don't judge a book by its cover, she is a powerful woman, now I have a question, are you jealous of Yoruichi?"

"Why would I be-"Sui-Feng began but was interrupted.

"Please don't lie to me Sui-Feng, I taught you better. Don't hide your emotions from me."

"I…uhh…yes" she said a little dejectedly. I smiled "Why are you jealous Sui-Feng?" I asked her,

"I love you Naruto-sama that's why, I never loved anybody else!" I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

"I love you too Sui-Feng-Chan, forever, now come and join us for dinner…

(Flashback end)

Though a year later me and Toushiro graduated from the academy, people praised us as prodigies. I smiled at the recognition. I meet Momo after Toushiro became captain of Squad 10. I saw that she had feeling for him he is just too stubborn to admit it. I became captain of the second division a little bit after toushiro became captain. Years passed and Shaolin passed the test into the stealth force and became my Fukutaicho. Years passed and then a few men named Aizen, Gin, and Kaname. I still remember that memory.


she believed Gin was making Aizen to do all those things until I told her that 'Aizen got Shinji and the others exiled because of him and she better not say Gin made him do it because Gin was young kid then' and also he tells her that 'she and Toshiro have feelings for each other but she let the 'so good Captain Aizen blinded her feelings for Toshiro'', when she confronts Toshiro about her feeling and tell him that 'she still love Toshiro but Toshiro spoke coldly to her and saying harsh things like "Oh now you say that you love me after sleeping with the traitor, what happened he wasn't good enough for you"' he kept on going till I told him to stop seeing Momo crying after Toshiro walked away, Naruto comfort the crying Momo when I asked her 'if the stuff Toshiro say is true', Momo shook her head no, because she was saving her virginity for Toshiro because her feelings for him and now he thinks she a slut and a whore she starts crying again until 'I told her I will talk with Toshiro.' After confronting him, I punched him in the face and I began to yell at him for saying all those harsh words to Momo, after a few moments when I told him that 'she didn't sleep with Aizen because she is saving it for you,' Toshiro realized his mistake and took to find and apologize to Momo. After a few moments of apologizing and Momo forgives him. Well let's just say they didn't leave the room for 3 days.

(End Flashback)

I laughed remembering all the moaning coming from the room. I was enjoying the good times. My relationship with Shaolin improved, I even saw her blushing around me. Later she declared her love to me which I happily accepted and like Momo and Toushiro, I didn't leave the room for 3 days. When Toushiro passed by on the 2nd day he said threw the door "Hope you're using protection." He laughed as he walked away. Before Aizen left though Kisuke was convicted of illegal experimentation, I managed to convince Yamamoto that it was Aizen doing the experimentation on hollows, so they were off the hook, I knew from past experience that war was over the horizon. I just hope that I can stop this one…

Ok so this is my 3rd official story. I had some help with it; this one is way longer than my other stories. The person who helped me was SherardF. Ok, so you're wondering why most of it was a wrap up of events? Mainly to quicken to story because this is a time travel story so he won't stay there too long. I love the Tou x Momo pairing, my friend does also I guess as gave me the idea. The first part of the story was to show how he became Sui-Feng's teacher. Next chapter, Naruto, Sui-Feng, Toushiro, Momo and Yoruichi will head back to Konoha to rewrite the past.