Kiss Me, Castle

Summary: Those times they could have kissed but didn't. Caskett.
Rating: T.
Disclaimer: I do not own Castle or its characters, and this is created just for fun, not for profit.

There was once a Bones story called "The Kiss That Missed," by ForAReason, which was adorable and took all those ALMOST!Kiss moments and actually made them happen. And it was just so much fun, I couldn't resist trying it. So yep: alternate scene endings from various episodes.

Chapter 1: 1x06, Always Buy Retail

My first gun battle -

- Your last gun battle. -

It drives her nuts that he doesn't seem to care that they almost just died. Nope. He's leaning against the wall, sipping champagne, looking rumpled and confident and (she'll never tell him this) so utterly sexy. Seriously. The adrenaline is still swirling through her bloodstream, her mind whirling, and she's having trouble not looking at the way his shirt is unbuttoned right now because he looks delicious.

"I'd say I handled myself pretty well."

"Yeah. You probably saved my life." He's right. She won't grudge that.

" 'Probably?' I definitely saved your life. And you know what that means, don't you?" He's coming closer. He's getting dangerous. "It means you owe me."

Dream on, playboy. "Owe you what?"

"Whatever I want. And you know exactly what I want, don't you?" That makes her flush a little because she starts thinking of lips and tongues and groping hands and bare skin and it scares her how good it all sounds so fast. And he's invading her space, tall, strong, possessive, like he knows what she's thinking.

She's staring at his mouth because she wants it on hers. Right now.

"You know what it is I really, really want you to do – "

His voice trails off and she's not even trying to look away from his mouth right now. Oh God – he's not – is he? – oh – his glance flicks down to her lips, and yeah. She knows what he wants. His face is right there and his breath is hot on her skin, and her lips part without her realizing it, and all she can think is he's going to be a really good kisser...

"Never – ever – call me 'Kitten.'"

He straightens, a smug grin crossing that absurdly handsome face, and strides past her, the undisputed winner of this round.

Kate bites her lip, smiling to herself as she leans against the wall, her blood singing. Castle. Only Castle.

And something inside her snaps.

Because Kate Beckett never, ever lets a self-satisfied ladies' man get the last word.

"Castle," she calls, not giving herself a chance to back out.

He turns, half-out the door, eyebrows raised, still looking pleased with himself. "Hmm?"

She takes two steps, grabs the lapel of his jacket, yanks him to herself, and kisses him full on the mouth.

He's tense from the shock, but it only takes a moment before he responds, kissing her back, and her fingertips are buzzing, her skin electric because his mouth is so warm and she can taste champagne on his lips.

She pulls away, forcing herself to let go, and opens her eyes to find Rick Castle staring at her with a look of utter confusion. He looks stunned and boyish and dazed and he's watching her, wide-eyed, mouth hanging open and she just wants to grab his jacket again and see just how much he really does taste like champagne.

He swallows, blinking at her nervously, and it's all she can do to not kiss away that boyish pout.


The glass in his hand is faltering, and she rescues it quickly, her fingers brushing his as she catches it. "Didn't take you for such a dainty flower."

He just blinks again, and she smirks, because Castle is impossibly cute when he's speechless.

He manages to recover the glass, still gaping at her. She's enjoying the power. And that little hint of something darker in his eyes – something hot, something dangerous and intoxicating and irresistible – she doesn't want to look away.

"Meet you outside, Castle."

She's half out the door when she hears him say, "Kate?"


Something flutters in her chest, but she just pauses. "Yeah?"

"We're even."