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She was falling, falling, falling. The blackness around her seemed to choke her, it all seemed so terrifying. There was nothing beneath her, she could feel that. But in front of her, there was a dancing red flame, so vivid in the darkness. It made her feel comforted, but she didn't know why. She was gripping tight to…she didn't know what. She only knew that if she ever let go, she'd be lost forever. The only thing to do was to brace herself for whatever came next. And what came next was a voice, a familiar voice, echoing out of the darkness.

"Heather! Heather! Will you wake up?"

Heather was jolted awake from her dream by Mr Speare, the maths teacher. He was glaring at her, perhaps wondering whether to give her a detention.

She'd had that dream again. She had it all the time. She didn't know what it meant or what was happening in it, but she had a feeling it had some significance. But to what, she couldn't say.

"Heather, that's the third time this week you've fallen asleep in my class!" Mr Speare scolded "What am I going to do with you? What are you going to do in high school?"

"I don't know" Heather shrugged. She had heard this speech enough times before.

Before Mr Speare could say anything more, Tiffany, the blonde-haired bully in her class raised her hand.

"Maybe you should give her a detention, sir" she simpered, shooting Heather a smug little smirk "After all, it's really not fair on the rest of us if our class gets disrupted this way."

"She does have a point, Heather" Mr Speare sighed "It's not fair on everyone else. I'd like you to write an apology letter to the class tonight, and read it out tomorrow."

"But…" Heather began to protest.

"That's enough! Not another word. And try to stay awake until the end of the lesson, or I will give you a detention."

At interval, Heather and some of her friends were sitting behind the library eating their food and talking.

"I hate Mr Speare!" Heather complained "Do you think he just singles me out?"

"Well, you were the only one sleeping," put in Heather's best friend, Logan, unhelpfully.

"Well, Mr Speare's a jerk! They should have fired him long ago…" defended Michael, Heather's boyfriend, wrapping an arm around Heather.

"What if we put Mr Speare and Mr Denton in a boxing ring together? Who'd win?" joked Stephan, Logan's partner in crime.

"Mr Speare, of course" Logan returned "Mr Denton is crazy!"

"Remember what he did when we put that tack on his chair?" Stephen laughed.

"Imagine what would've happened if he'd actually sat on it?" The two collapsed in laughter.

"Guys, I'm trying to concentrate!" Alice said in frustration, looking up from her English homework and glaring at them "Do I dare ask if any of you did it?"

"Nope" the chorused "But we'll copy from you."

"What are you losers doing?" asked Tiffany, appearing from around the corner, followed by her loyal sidekick, Phoebe.

"We're hanging out, being cool" Stephen said, glaring at Tiffany "Unlike what you appear to be doing."

"Well, you're in our way, so move."

"Yeah, move!" echoed Phoebe, flicking her hair.

"Got a problem?" Heather asked, getting to her feet "I'll fight you!"

"Bring it!" Heather pulled up her sleeves. Tiffany examined her nails.

"Guys!" Alice shouted, laying her hand on Heather's shoulder "Don't fight. You'll get in trouble. You've already been stood down once this year!"

"Yeah, you should listen to your friend!" Tiffany sneered "Wouldn't want to get expelled, would we?" And she flounced off, her hair swinging wildly. Phoebe glared and the group and followed suit.

"What jerks!" Michael said angrily "I would've fought them, and nothing Alice could say would stop me!"

"Well, I'm glad it didn't turn into a fight!" Alice said "And you'd better not forget that we've got the twins at our house tonight."

The twins were Charlotte and Zach, only a year old. Zach was already taking an interest in words and books, and Charlotte was a little bit of an airhead, constantly lying on the floor, throwing tantrums and playing with toys.

"I won't forget, but I really wish they didn't have to come! Charlotte cries all the time, and when Zach's in the other room, I keep thinking he's dead because he doesn't cry at all."

"I like having them" Alice mused.

"Well, we all know that. You're so motherly! You even act like our mothers! You make us sit in the library and do our homework if we haven't done it, and if we swear, you tell us off. You're going to be a great mother someday, but could you lay it off a little?" Alice pouted a little, and returned her attention to her homework.

Heather meandered home with Michael. They weren't dating dating, but they were best friends, and everyone thought they should go out. But they were only eleven and in middle school. There would be plenty of time for dating in the future. They went their separate ways at the corner of Elder street, where Heather lived.

"See you tomorrow, Michael," she sighed "I'll be busy writing my apology letter for Mr Speare. Fun, fun, fun."

"School sucks" he agreed "I can't wait to get out of there. It's just so boring! Who cares about Math and English and Spelling? Anyways, see you later. I need to do that English homework."

"See ya!"

Heather's cat, Crux, met her halfway down the street. Crux was living proof of the statement 'Cats have nine lives'. He'd been hit by cars, fallen off the roof, eaten rat poison, and he was still alive, albeit missing an ear.

"Anything interesting happen today, Crux?" she asked the cat, stroking his neck. He meowed eagerly.

"Well, maybe you had a good day, but I've got to write a stupid apology letter for Mr Speare. Can you believe that Cruxy? And Tiffany and Phoebe are being horrible. Wait a moment, Crux. I've got to check the mail." Heather crouched down and peered into their mailbox.

"Bill…bill…bill…Mum's magazine…ugh, report card…bill. Hold on. What's this?" Her cat rubbed excitedly against her legs.

It was a yellowed letter, heavier than all the others, with a funny looking design on the back, stamped with a red seal. Who used red seals these days? On the front was written:

Miss H. Elliot

10 Elder St


Cautiously, she opened the letter, and pulled out a piece of yellowing parchment, scrawled with green ink.

Dear Miss Elliot, the letter read

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

Author's note: I've had a couple of reviews from people saying that they didn't know which character was which, so I decided to post a little note here telling you. If you got them all right, congratulations!

Heather was Harry (main character to main character, hope that was obvious), Michael was Ginny (he was Heather's boyfriend), Alice was Lily (wasn't entirely sure what Lily was like as a child, so some of you may have mistaken her for Hermione), Tiffany was Voldemort/Tom Riddle (the bully), Phoebe was Snape (the follower), Stephan and Logan were Sirius and James, respectively (the jokers), Charlotte was Ron (not the brightest), Zach was Hermione (already liking books). Crux the cat was simply a cat, although many of you seemed to want to think he was Harry. I have not included Lupin and Tonks in this, and, if I write a sequel, will introduce them then. Please, tell me if you think a sequel would be worthwhile, because I had honestly not even considered it until some reviewers suggested it. But it sounds intriguing. Let me know.