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It was about 10.30 when we finally arrived back at Shinogus apartment. My boyfriend and adopted brother (although he had the adoption annulled) had gone to see a comedian who was playing at the local centre just a few blocks away from where Shinogu was staying currently. He shared the place with his friend but thankfully he was out partying tonight and Shinogu said not to expect him back till late afternoon. I unlocked the door and made my way to the lounge room so I could rest my feet. Shinogu quickly joined me, we just sat on the couch for a bit just chatting about what we thought of the show, hugging each other closely not really wanting to leave each others sides. Eventually we decided we should at least get changed into our pyjamas as it was getting late, It wasn't like I had school or any study to do now that exams had finished for the semester and it was the beginning of the weekend tomorrow. Mum and dad had given me permission to stay at Shinogus house for the entire weekend, it was also made even more impressive by the fact Shinogu only had to work one shift for the whole weekend. I went to get changed in the bathroom while Shinogu got changed in his bedroom. After about 5 minutes we both emerged from different rooms wearing our rather childish pyjamas, I couldn't help but blush as Shinogu came out wearing knee length pyjama shorts with small dogs printed on them. It was the first time I had seen him even the slightest bit uncovered. For as long as I can remember I had only seen him fully dressed. I had to admit I was really nervous about this night I was spending with Shinogu, I didn't really think much would have come out of it, but still nervous
"Do you like them?" I asked quickly while I continued to blush and look towards the floor. I was quite self conscious as I was wearing a small t-shirt that had a little brown teddy bear sitting on them, with matching pyjama shorts. I tried to pull them down a bit hoping it would some how make them a bit longer. Shinogu walks towards me and softly grabbed my hands.
"Hatsumi you always look beautiful to me"
I smiled warmly but my temp rose a few more degrees as I again realised what he was wearing and how attractive he was.
"Sorry Hatsumi i didn't mean to make you feel awkward… It's what I'm wearing isn't it...did you want me to go change?"
"No, no, no….you ahhh don't have to….i mean….well… your just really attractive"
I'm glad I got the sentence out because for a moment I thought I was going to stuff it up big time. Shinogu gave me a huge hug
"Thank you"
"For what?"
"For coming, for staying, *he giggled* for being you"
He picked me up in the way you see men pick up their wives after they get married and placed me on the couch then squeezed up next to me. He wrapped one of his strong arms around me and began to rub my arm with the other.
"Tell me if im going to fast or doing something you don't feel alright with… I don't want to pressure you in any way"
I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder. I don't know how long we lay like but I knew I didn't want it to end. I felt so safe in his arms it felt so natural to be with him.
"Did you want me to flick the television on for a little bit Hatsumi?"
"Yeah sure that would be nice"
We ended up watching a late night game show where they were playing a game called 'Human Tetris'. I wasn't really paying a lot of attention, I was focussing more on Shinogu, his deep breaths in and out, the constant rhythm of his heartbeat.
"Wow look at the time… I didn't realise it was so late, we should be getting to bed." I sighed and got up slowly. "Did you want the bed and I'll take the couch?"
"No, no I don't want to kick you out of your own bed."
"hmmm… should we compromise then?"
I just looked up at him in wonder, what did he mean by compromise?
"Well I'll sleep in my bed on the condition you come join me?"
I was a bit shocked really… he had never so straight forward about things like that and I knew he had taken a risk in asking me, and I didn't really care about the consequences at this time.
"Sure" I added a smile for reassurance. Was it a mistake to sleep with Shinogu…. No definitely not. It's not like we were going to do anything and mum and dad would never find out from me, so I guess it's alright. Shinogu lead the way. The bed was small for two people to sleep in, so we had to snuggle but I wasn't complaining. He put one arm under my head and one around my waist. I soon drifted off to sleep where sweet dreams were waiting for me.

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