Author's Note: I love Forwood but I just wanted to play around with the possibility of Klaroline. This started out as an exercise in boredom and was only going to be a one shot but then developed into a whole story. I have more written which I will post if I get some good reviews and there is interest.

It takes place after the Homecoming episodes. Just pretend that now the whole town knows about the vampires and are basically staging a fight against them just like back during Stefan and Damon's time in 1864. Also, Rebecca was never staked during the episode and is now off terrorizing the world somewhere else for now.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries. Duh.

The dust from the battle had settled. There didn't seem to be a body count but there were plenty of injured. The humans had already scurried back to safety, admitting their defeat. Daytime always seemed to be the worst. The humans would plan attacks for the day, thinking the vampires would be weaker. But they were wrong. For this particular group of supernaturals daylight wasn't a problem.

Mystic Falls had never been a normal town but now it was barely recognizable. The humans were going to destroy their beloved home in their misguided attempts to protect it. Since the spectacle at Homecoming, there was no way that the vampires could hide from the humans; everyone now knew of their existence. Their discovery of the hybrids only made matters worse. Everyone went into panic mode and the council took it upon themselves to start a war: a war to "win back" their town and make it safe once again from the vampire threat. They had come together, identified their enemies and made plans for attack.

The first blow was a harsh one. It was the assassination of Tyler Lockwood. The council members overtook him one night and staked him while he slept. It was a message. His murder said that no one was safe or discounted, it didn't matter if they were family or not.

This was how Klaus found himself fighting in this town's silly little war. He'd didn't really give a fuck about the vampires there. The Salvatore brothers and all of their friends could rot in hell for all he cared. But he needed to protect his doppelganger, Elena Gilbert, if he ever hoped to make more hybrids. He also considered the murder of Tyler Lockwood a personal blow. Not that he cared for him in particular, but Tyler had been his first successful hybrid sire. Klaus's blood ran through him. Klaus had felt it when he died. Because of these reasons, he found himself making nice with Damon Salvatore and the rest of the sickening goody two-shoes group.

"Jeremy?" Klaus heard Elena call across the town square. From where Klaus stood in the shadows, she seemed to be unharmed. It was frustrating the way that girl couldn't resist constantly putting herself in the line of fire. He was thankful that so far the humans hadn't figured out Elena's true purpose in all this. Otherwise keeping her alive would be that much harder.

"I'm alright Elena," the doppelganger's brother called to her," Bonnie too." The young boy reached down to help his witchy girlfriend to her feet.

Klaus watched Elena jog over to her brother and check him over for injuries. After all, vervain grenades and wooden bullets harmed humans too, even more permanently than they would vampires. It made him think of his own sister, Rebecca. They used to have a similar relationship, always looking out for one another. Maybe a tad more violent though. Rebecca had coldly abandoned him after finding out the truth about their mother's death. He knew she would be back one day for her revenge. Vampires could be very patient. Klaus hated the thought that he would have to kill her one-day in the future but he would do what he had to.

"Elena, fancy meeting you here," Damon Salvatore sneered entering the family circle.

"Don't start with me Damon."

"I thought we agreed you would stay at the boarding house."

"No, you and Klaus agreed," Elena said gesturing toward him. So they had noticed him standing there in the shadows. Klaus stayed put though.

"For your safety," Jeremy chimed in.

"I'm not going to sit in a room tucked away while my friends put their lives on the line and my home falls apart."

Klaus rolled his eyes and leaned against a nearby tree. He was so glad to be hearing this conversation again. Elena would argue that she was an able fighter due to her combat training with Alaric. Damon would argue that she was not. The rest of them would look uncomfortable until Klaus stepped in and backed Damon up. He did need Elena alive after all, even if he was motivated by different reasons. Honestly, Klaus never understood the Salvatore obsession with the doppelganger.

"Did anyone see Alaric?" Jeremy asked cutting off the impending argument.

"Yeah I knocked him around a bit, made it look real, he's fine," Damon replied with a shrug, his eyes not leaving Elena.

Alaric had been playing double agent. He was pretending to fight on the council's side but he made regular reports back to them when he could. Klaus didn't understand why Alaric chose to betray his kind for their sakes. He wasn't related to anyone here, nor was he in love with the doppelganger, and those seemed to be the stipulations for fighting on the supernatural side.

"Wait guys, where's Caroline," the witch, Bonnie, asked.

Klaus's ears pricked. His head whipped up and around in search of her. "No", he thought, "Caroline".

"I don't know. Who saw her last?" someone said.

Klaus tried to think of when he had seen her last. They had been standing outside the Mystic Grill arguing as usual. He and Caroline were on patrol duty that afternoon. There were checking out who was showing their face around town and who might be hidden away planning a sneak attack. All of the council members were accounted for that day. All except Alaric, but he was no one they needed to worry about.

Klaus and Caroline had entered the Grill and all heads turned their way. They were met with more than a few sneers. It was an unusual and complicated war, because the vampires could walk around Mystic Falls freely. The humans couldn't exactly attack them on the fly. The vampires would have them subdued in no time. However now that all the vampires in the town were outted, no one bothered to hide their fear and disgust.

"Probably shouldn't eat anything. I'm sure it's all loaded with vervain," Caroline murmured learning toward him. Klaus hated when she did that. She was always to close, invading his space. She was so intimate with everyone, even him.

He didn't understand why. Sure they were always being thrown together on patrol or covert investigations. Mostly because Caroline seemed to be the only one that could tolerate him. Not to mention none of the others trusted him, so Caroline was always on "watch Klaus" duty.

"Doesn't matter to me, I haven't eaten food in over 300 hundred years," Klaus retorted walking past her and heading towards the bar. Caroline followed him.

"I don't think I could ever completely give up food," the blonde vampire replied tossing her curls behind her shoulder. Klaus hated when she did that too. He caught a whiff of her shampoo, it smelled like strawberries and something else, he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Come back to me in a century and we'll see if you still feel the same way." Klaus reached over the bar and pulled up a bottle of alcohol. Whiskey. It was unopened and therefore unlikely to be spiked with vervain but he didn't want to take any chances. He poured a glass and took a small sip. Vervain free.

Caroline raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me. Haven't you ever heard of ladies first?"

"Indeed I have love. My century invented chivalry," Klaus replied with a smirk. He slid the glass of brown liquor towards her. He'd never admit to checking it for her first.

"Do you think there's anything to eat in here that isn't tainted?" Caroline looked around as if the food would magically appear somewhere around the room. Klaus shook his head and poured himself a glass of whiskey. He noticed her eyes brighten as the bus boy walked by and felt a small stab of jealousy, which he quickly suppressed.

"Oh Matt!" She waved her hand in his direction, "Is it safe to eat anything?" The couple next to her visibly cringed and tried to slink away. Klaus chuckled.

"What's funny?" Caroline turned toward him.

Klaus simply smiled at her. "Nothing love."

The busboy called Matt hoisted his bin of dirty dishes behind the bar.

"So Matt, any chance at some vervain free fries or something?" Caroline tried again.

"Not likely Caroline," the boy admonished not meeting her eyes.

"Nothing at all?" She asked her shoulders slumping ever so slightly.

"That's a stupid question." Matt replied slamming down a glass and rounding away from the bar.

Klaus stood from his bar stool and intercepted him.

"No need to be rude to the lady," he said placing a hand on Matt's chest, peering down at him condescendingly.

"Don't touch me," Matt's jaw ticked as he met Klaus's eye.

"I'm sorry, but what exactly are you going to do about it? Human?" Klaus scoffed.

"Klaus stop it," Caroline ordered.

"Caroline, sweetheart, I'm just trying to teach the boy some manners."

"You're compulsion won't work on me," Matt said not tearing his eyes away from Klaus.

"Oh I don't need compulsion to get you to do what I want."

"Klaus," Caroline's voice was firmer, angrier. Klaus dropped his hand from Matt's chest and felt Caroline pull on his arm. "Sorry Matt. Everyone. We're leaving." With that she tugged Klaus out the door.

"What is your problem?" Caroline yelled at him once they were outside.

"I don't have a problem," Klaus replied.

"Clearly you do. Why do you have to be such a psychopath about everything?" Klaus ignored her headed down the sidewalk. He decided he needed a drink. A real one. One that was red and viscous and came from something that used to be alive.

Suddenly though Caroline was in front of him blocking his path, her hands on her hips.

"You can't be like that. When this is all over I would like to not be looked at as a pariah anymore. I'd like to be able to live some semblance of a normal life here."

"If you think that this is going to end in anyway other than a giant bloodbath then you are in for a huge surprise."

"Why? What are you planning?" Caroline's eyebrows furrowed. For some reason, this line of questioning made him even more frustrated.

"Not me! This town! They won't stop until all of you have either left or been executed."

"That's not true!" Caroline protested, "they'll realize we're still good. We're still the people they care about. We haven't even killed any humans."

"So far. You'll be forced to cross that line soon I'm sure."

Caroline threw her hands up in exasperation. "Why do you have to always be like that? 'Food will suck, this war will never end, everyone will die.' Why do you have to be so bloody pessimistic?"

Klaus smirked. She said "bloody." Clearly she had been spending too much time with him. His English colloquialisms were starting to rub off on her.

"Don't smirk at me like that!" Caroline yelled, her eyes widening.

Then, out of nowhere, Klaus grabbed her by the arms, hauled against his body and kissed her. He didn't know what he was doing. Clearly he had lost his mind. She had just looked so incredibly-what was that word human boys used nowadays- cute. The way her eyes widened in exasperation and her curls bobbed as she shook her head, trying to look fierce and serious. It seemed like the only option was to grab her and kiss her.

Klaus held her arms firmly at her sides as he explored her mouth with his own. Her lips were soft and he slowly slid his tongue in between them. She tasted like strawberries and honey. He heard her moan slightly as he captured her mouth with his. She was kissing him back! This realization brought him back to his senses. He released her arms, knowing that she would push him away. But she didn't. Her free hands slid up his arms and around his shoulders as her head changed angles, allowing him better access.

No, he thought, you have to stop this now. But he couldn't. He was a self indulgent, stubborn vampire and he couldn't stop himself once he had started. He slid his hands around her waist and pulled her closer, invading her mouth with his tongue. Her kisses were passionate, just like she was in life. They had an almost desperate edge to them. He knew that she knew that this was wrong. Obviously she shouldn't be kissing him, he was the bad guy after all. Temporary alliances didn't matter. But she tasted so damn sweet that he was willing to put off those facts for another couple of minutes.

Then he heard it. Something whipping through the air toward them. Moving quickly and noiselessly. Klaus had less than a second to react. He broke the kiss and hauled Caroline out of the way. The glass storefront window behind them shattered.

The two of them turned and looked at the broken window then across the square. Half the town was coming over the hill, armed with guns and grenades. Others started pouring out of the Grill and the nearby shops. It was a full on assault.

Caroline looked up a Klaus. Her expression seemed to say a million things. Confusion, fear, worry. He took her shoulders again and gave her a slight shake.

"Go back to the boarding house, warn everyone. I'll stay here," Klaus instructed.

Caroline opened her mouth to say something, then shut it. "Please don't kill anyone." He smirked mischievously. She cocked her head to emphasize her seriousness and the consequences that were implied should he disobey. Her lips were still swollen with his kiss. There was the brave girl he knew. Quicker than lightening, Caroline dashed off toward the boarding house.

That was the last time Klaus had seen Caroline.