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Chapter 1:

Deal with the Devil

"Look if you came here to gloat, save it." Santana didn't even turn around when she felt the petite brunette pull to a stop behind her. She stiffened her posture, held her head high and turned to look down at the girl. "You think that just because I am finally below you on the school totem pole that you can finally get back at me, isn't that right?" She hissed, causing Rachel Berry to take a step backward.

"Actually, I am still significantly terrified of you, so even if I were the type of person to seek revenge I wouldn't dare do it against you." Rachel took a deep breath and stepped forward back into the Latina's personal space. She breathed out slowly and whispered. "I ran into Brittany in the bathroom and she's crying about how you got kicked out of the house. I came to…"

Santana shoved Rachel out of her way in order to seek out Brittany. Rachel huffed. "I wasn't finished yet, Santana." She called as she followed her into the nearly empty bathroom.

"Britts, it's okay. We'll figure something out. Please don't cry." Santana held the tall blonde close to her as she spoke softly in her ear.

"That was actually why I approached you Santana. I was going to offer to have you live with me."

Santana scoffed at the statement.

"I am serious." Rachel looked as if she was nearly ready to stomp her foot petulantly. "Besides Burt Hummel, my parents are the most understanding in Lima. And given what Finn just did to you, I figured you wouldn't want to stay there."

Santana let go of Brittany and approached the diva. She narrowed her eyes at her. "And wouldn't living with you be the same thing, with Finnwit around all the time?"

"I assure you that will not be the case. I dumped him yesterday afternoon when I found out what he did to you."

Santana regrettably cracked a smile, though it morphed into a dark smirk immediately. "This isn't your way of getting me back in the New Directions, is it?"

"Santana, your talent is missed; however, I am extending an offer of friendship. You are free to decline the offer, but I just wanted you to know that I'm here if you need me."

Santana nodded then took Brittany's hand and walked out of the bathroom. Rachel silently watched them go as a blonde walked out of one of the stalls.

"Aren't you little Miss Accommodating." Quinn jeered as she went to the sink to wash her hands.

Rachel jumped at the tone in Quinn's voice as she slowly brought her eyes up to meet the furious hazel ones. "You heard all that?"

"I was already in here, Berry." The taller girl rolled her eyes as she walked over to retrieve paper towel to dry her hands.

"I am sure you were aware of Santana's plight, and as her friend I'd hoped that you'd step up and defend her."

"I kind of have my own problems at the moment." She replied harshly.

"Yes, I heard what you're trying to do with Shelby. I must say, that you are out of line in…"

"Save it for someone who cares, Berry." Quinn spat out over her shoulder as she walked out of the room.


Later that day in glee, Rachel studied the blonde. Quinn seemed worse of than usual. Even when she pretended to be a rebel punk, she at least let Rachel finish her rambling. But now, she was so distant. Currently Quinn was sitting in the back row, by herself. She didn't acknowledge anyone when they tried to speak with her.

After glee, Rachel walked up to Quinn at her locker. "You do realize that we can't help you through this if you don't let us."

Quinn slammed her locker shut and turned toward the girl. "Don't you already have a charity case Rachel?"

"Yes, I am trying to help Santana. But I also want to help you. That is what friends do."

"Newsflash, Berry, we were never friends."

"Maybe not according to you. But I've always considered you my friend, Quinn." She reached out and touched the blonde's arm causing the girl to jump.

Quinn ripped away from Rachel's grasp. "Stop being such a loser, Rachel, people don't want you around. Okay, they don't want your help. They don't need you."

"Speak for yourself." Santana replied from behind Quinn.

Neither girl had heard the Latina and her girlfriend approach. Santana glared at Quinn and then looked at Rachel nervously. "B was talking to me today, and I was thinking. If the offer still stands…I'd like to stay with you for awhile."

Rachel beamed.

"Not so fast. I have some conditions." Rachel nodded as Santana held out her hand and counted on her fingers. "First, we are not friends. Second, no musicals. Third, if you sing around the house I promise I'll murder you in your sleep. Fourth, you are only allowed to talk to me if I talk to you first. Fifth, we are not friends."

Rachel smiled again. "You already said that."

"She couldn't think of a fifth one." Brittany admitted happily as she hugged Rachel tightly. "Thank you so much, you and I can be great friends though."

"I look forward to it Brittany." Rachel attempted to choke out but was squeezed so tightly she wasn't sure the blonde cheerleader heard her. However the other blonde did.

"Have fun in your house of sin." She muttered as she walked off.

"What was that Q?" Santana snapped.

Quinn actually looked anxious. "Berry, why don't you go with Brittany and get my stuff from her car. Q and I are gonna have some words."

As soon as Rachel and Brittany disappeared out the doors, Santana turned on Quinn and shoved her into the lockers. "What's your problem Quinn? I know I really dropped the ball with you when you got knocked up and homeless. But I really need a friend right now. Do you really hate the idea so much that…"

Quinn swallowed audibly. "No. It isn't you, it's Rachel." She answered quietly, avoiding eye contact.

"Rachel? What'd the midget do to you?"

"Just watch out for her okay, San. She has a way of making you feel special. Like she really cares about you and that you matter. But you're not special to her; she'd do the same thing for anyone else."

Santana saw the tears pooling in the hazel eyes and her anger disappeared instantly. She sighed. "That is actually what I like about her, Q. She is treating me like she always did. She isn't walking around on eggshells thinking I'll crack, or acting all pitying and shit. She's just being Berry."

Quinn closed her eyes and the tears fell out. "Yes, she's just being Rachel."

"Then why the hell are you so mad?"

The blonde opened her eyes, and sighed. "I don't know. I'm so angry all the time. And then this Beth thing, with Shelby."

"Yeah, Q. You have to cool with the crazy. Why don't you just follow us to Berry's house and we can hang out. I'm sure I'll need an extra buffer to stop me from killing the girl."

Quinn forced a smile. "I can't this time. Maybe some other time."

Santana nodded curtly. "But you and I? My being gay. We're good right?"

This time the smile was wide and it was real. "San, I've known about you and Brit for ages why would I have a problem with it now?"

Santana smiled back. Then she raised an eyebrow. "Can you believe Berry dumped frankenteen's ass?"

Quinn shook her head, but the smile was still present on her face. "I can't believe he did what he did. But did you really think that with her two gay dads and her love for all things LGBT that she'd stay with him?"

Santana studied her carefully. Then her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. "Oh my god! You like Berry." She started pacing as her hands waved in the air frantically. "How did I not see this? It's so obvious now. You scream pressed lemon."

"Hello. I am standing right here. And no, I don't like her okay." Quinn pushed herself off the lockers. "I'll talk to you later. And um, sorry about getting kicked out, San. I know how bad it sucks." She leaned in to hug her friend before walking away.

Santana watched her leave as the wheels turned in her head. Quinn was so far in denial that Santana knew she'd have to be the one to help her friend out. And what better way than to befriend the annoying diva and see if she swings both ways? Santana was nothing if not a good friend. And she would get Q her girl, especially if it meant that she didn't have to be one of the only out lesbians at McKinley. Her smirk grew dark as she happily marched out of the school with a purpose.

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