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Senior Year College

Christmas Break

Through texting, skyping, and weekend visits, Rachel and Quinn had managed to get through three and a half years with a long (for them) distance relationship. Now that they were on break for the holidays, they had silently vowed to spend every waking moment together. Though, sometimes even that wasn't enough. It was hard for them to find any alone time, what with their families hounding them for attention and all their friends also home for the holidays. So now that it was New Year's Eve, the girls decided that they'd rent a hotel room for the night. But first, they wanted to celebrate with their friends.

Rachel was on her computer while Santana, Brittany and Quinn were hanging out on the bed in her old bedroom.

"Hey, Quinn! Small Town Son is playing a New Year's Eve show tonight, we have to go!"

Quinn's face lit up at the mention of the band. She looked toward Santana for acceptance, though she knew she and Rachel would be going regardless.

The Latina shrugged, though she uttered with fake annoyance. "I can believe you girls like a country band. I mean, Berry, they don't even play any show tunes."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Santana, you know you were up there dancing with us when they were playing Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC."

Santana smirked at Rachel's small rant. She was getting much better and using fewer words. "Yes, well, why would a country band play AC/DC anyway?"

"Country Rock, Santana. And I saw that you had their CD's on your iPod." Quinn snapped as she walked up to Rachel and wrapped the brunette in her arms. "I'm in, Baby."

Rachel smiled and leaned back into Quinn's embrace. They smiled when they heard Brittany. "You guys are so adorable." She took hold of Santana's hand, her engagement ring reflecting light in the room and drawing everyone's attention. "We're going too; Santana and I need to celebrate our engagement with our friends. We'll make the calls."

Brittany led Santana out of the room so they could go home and get ready for the evening and make all the proper arrangements. When they were out of the room, Rachel turned around in Quinn's embrace so that she was facing her girlfriend. She leaned up and kissed her gently before pulling away. "I can't believe that we're actually alone."

Quinn grinned as she kissed her again. "But your dads are downstairs."

Rachel raised an eyebrow. "That never stopped us before."

Quinn's eyes grew dark as she seized her girlfriend and carried her to the bed. It didn't take her long to remove the brunette's underwear. She kissed her way up each leg, starting at the ankle. She loved everything about Rachel's body, especially her legs. When she finally reached her destination, she brought her mouth to Rachel's throbbing wet core and began to work her magic. Rachel was over the edge quickly and before she was able to return the favor, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Rachel, honey, your Dad and I were hoping to have dinner with you and Quinn before you went out tonight. Could you please come down and join us?"

"Coming Daddy!" Rachel announced and waited for the footsteps to disappear. Then she turned to Quinn. "Good thing he was two minutes later, or he would have heard me coming."

Quinn laughed out loud as she connected their lips. "You definitely need to stop hanging around Santana."

"Actually, I think Brittany is just as bad of an influence when it comes to oversharing about one's sex life."

Quinn chuckled as she shook her head and began climbing off the bed. Rachel's hand on her wrist stopped her. "I'm sorry we were interrupted…" She grinned devilishly. "I promise to make it up to you tonight."

Quinn swallowed audibly. She was already looking forward to their alone time, but now she was bound to be impatient. "Why don't we skip the concert and go right to the hotel, I'm sure Santana will be relieved."

Rachel rolled her eyes as she climbed off the bed. "We're not skipping their show, Quinn." She brought her lips to the blonde's ear and allowed them to ghost the shell of it as she huskily whispered. "I promise it'll be worth your while."

Quinn bit her lip to hold back the moan. After all this time, Rachel was still able to do things to her that she couldn't even understand. "God, I love you." She breathed out shakily.

Rachel kissed her before replying. "And I love you."


The former glee club all met at the Lounge and hand drinks before the band played. Rachel was catching up with Mercedes, Sugar, Harmony and Tina, with Kurt and Blaine while Quinn was talking with Artie, Mike, Sam, Puck and Finn. After a drink or two, they toasted Santana's and Brittany's engagement. It was official now (since no one knew they were already married) and the girls began talking wedding plans and dresses.

When the band started, the group made their way to the dance floor and danced along to the music. Quinn and Rachel slow danced together most of the night, even when the songs were a bit too fast to do so. They reveled in each other's company. No matter how much time they spent together, it never seemed like it would be enough.

"Do you ever wonder about us?" Quinn whispered into Rachel's ear as they swayed back and forth to music only they could hear. "I mean…our future."

"Yeah." Rachel mumbled into Quinn's neck.

The blonde frowned slightly when Rachel didn't elaborate. So she tried to prompt her. "Well, when you do…think about us, what do you think about?"



Rachel pulled away just far enough to look the blonde in the eye. "Do you really want to have this conversation with all of our friends and a couple hundred strangers around us?"

Quinn's gaze bore into Rachel's. "Yes." She replied firmly, her jaw set.

Rachel sighed. "Okay." She rested her head back on Quinn's chest before she spoke. "I think about how I want to share every one of my special moments with you. My debut on Broadway. My first Tony, my last Tony. My Grammy. I want to thank you in all my speeches because I wouldn't have done any of it without you. You told me I didn't belong in Lima and at the time I didn't know exactly what you were trying to tell me. But I get it now. Even when we weren't really friends, you were always the one who believed in me. I want it all Quinn, and I want it with you. I want a family, a future…everything."

Tears were falling down Quinn's cheeks as she held back a sob. She took a shaky breath as she tried to answer her girlfriend. "I don't even know how to respond to that Rachel. I want it all with you too. I want…I want to be there for all of your special moments, and I want to listen proudly as you thank me in your acceptance speeches." She sniffed when she began to have a runny nose. "I'm glad you realized what I was trying to tell you…that day by the piano."

"Quinn?" Rachel touched the blonde's cheek delicately with her fingertips. "Just so you know though, I always believed in you too. All those times…I wanted you back in glee or when I chased after you at Prom. I want you to know that you've always been important in my life…you've always been the person that I knew I wanted with me along the way. I just didn't ever think you'd want to be that person for me."

"Rachel…" She laughed nervously as she tried to wipe at the tears. "I think you were right about not having this conversation now because…well, I really just want to lock you in the bathroom and have my way with you."

Rachel laughed out loud. "Even when I'm trying to be romantic and serious, you only think about sex."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Not sex Rachel, it's just…I don't know how else to express how much I love you."

Rachel buried her head in Quinn's chest and whispered against her. "As enticing as that sounds…a simple 'I love you' would suffice."

Quinn held her tighter. "I love you. No matter how many times I say it, it never seems enough."

They held each other as they watched their friends dancing and laughing and having a good time. But they were brought from their contented silence when the music stopped and a voice spoke into the microphone. "We have a request for a song, but first could Rachel and Quinn get up on stage for a minute?"

The girls looked at each other then at their curious friends. Quinn shrugged at them as if to tell them she didn't know what was going on, but Rachel was already walking toward the stage so she quickly followed.

When they climbed on stage, Kris handed Rachel the microphone and the brunette got down on one knee. Quinn's mouth dropped open in shock as tears stung her eyes.

"Quinn, I just got done telling you how much I love you and what I saw for us in our future. And so, now I was wondering if you'd make all my dreams come true and do me the honor of becoming my wife." She reached in her pocket and pulled out a black box. She skillfully popped it open with one hand and revealed the diamond ring sitting inside of it. "Quinn Fabray, will you marry me?"

Quinn didn't even have to think about it as she took Rachel's hands in hers and helped the girl put the ring on her finger.

Rachel lifted the microphone to her lips with a smirk. "Now, just so I'm clear, and so the rest of our audience can hear…is that a yes?"

Quinn ripped the microphone out of Rachel's hand and brought it to her lips. "Yes!" Then she blindly reached behind her handing the microphone to whoever would take it. Once her hand was free, she took Rachel in her arms and kissed her for all the world to see.

"Well…" Kris spoke back into the microphone. "Congratulations girls. Now, could you all clear a spot on the dance floor and let's give these ladies room to move. This, I am told, is their song."

Rachel and Quinn moved off stage and onto the dance floor as the band began playing their song, "Takin' a Chance." When the song was done, Kris spoke again. "Now, we expect to be invited to play at your wedding."

Quinn and Rachel nodded furiously before they were engulfed by their friends and congratulated. Santana dragged Rachel away from the group. When they were out of earshot from their friends, she spoke. "Way to make my proposal look like shit, Berry."

Rachel grinned at her friend as she wrapped her in a tight hug, which Santana reluctantly returned. When Rachel released her, she replied. "You took Brittany to feed the ducks and re-enacted your first date, she loved it. Besides, you were already married so you knew she would say yes. I needed a grand gesture…"

"Please." Santana interrupted. "Like that girl wouldn't say yes to you. Think about it short stack, she's never been able to say no to you."

Rachel thought about all their interactions. How a pregnant Quinn accompanied her to spy on Vocal Adrenaline. How Quinn helped Rachel test Finn's loyalty. How she came back to glee every time Rachel asked her to. An enormous smile overtook Rachel's features as Santana rolled her eyes. "I can't believe you never saw it. That girl was always crazy about you…she just didn't know it."

Rachel took a deep breath before releasing it slowly. "If you would excuse me Santana, I have a fiancée I want to celebrate with."

Santana smirked as Rachel made a beeline for Quinn. All the brunette had to do was touch Quinn's arm and whisper, "I think we have a hotel room waiting for us" and the two disappeared without so much as a proper goodbye to any of their friends.

They were ripping each other's clothes off as soon as the door closed behind them.

"I love you so much Rachel Berry." Quinn moaned huskily as she stood in front of her naked fiancée. "You don't even understand."

"I think I might." Rachel replied with equal flirtatiousness. She led Quinn to the bed and climbed on top of her as their lips remained attached. When they parted for air, Rachel breathed. "I'd like to show you how excited I am that you said yes."

Quinn's eyes closed on their own accord as soon as Rachel's fingers were inside of her. They made love to each other all night and stayed in bed the entire day, wrapped up in each other's arms. When they weren't attacking each other, they were discussing their wedding plans. Every so often, Rachel would catch Quinn admiring her new ring. The blonde's face lit up every time she looked at it. Rachel linked their fingers, playing with the ring as she spoke.

"Thank you for taking a chance on me." Rachel whispered reverently.

Quinn brought their hands up to her lips, kissed Rachel's palm, and then wrapped Rachel tightly in her arms. "I would do it all over again if it always brought me you."